3 Graphic Designers Behind The Most Famous Logo Designs

1. NBA Logo Design by Alan Siegel

NBA Logo History and analysis

The NBA logo was designed by the graphic designer Alan Siegel, let’s star first about some information about the logo design of the NBA, the original logo with the red,white and blue colors as we all know was originally created in 1969 as already mentioned graphic designer Alan Siegel. He based his design of one photography of the Los Angeles Lakers player Jerry West, and you may ask, why Jerry West, the answer is that Alan Siegel Was searching photos trough Sport magazines, and then the photo of Jerry West grabbed his attention because it transmit the essence of basketball game with the dynamic and vertical. And the colors used in the logo are the blue, white and red, and Alan Siegel used this colors because the United States of America flag colors.

But at the beginning they only use this new logo design for a promotional purposes and it hasn’t been added to team uniforms since 1980-1981 for a NBA 35th anniversary, but the next year the logo disappeared from the uniform and it only came back at 1986-1987 season and since this year all nba teams adopted the NBA Logo as part of his uniform in the upper-left chest and the right leg of the short, as curiosity, this moment was the first time a major pro sports league adopted the logo of the league in all team uniforms.

Alan Siegel The Man Behind The NBA Logo And His Biography

Alan Siegel was born August 26, 1938 in New York, and he attended to Long Beach High School, after he graduated he went to Cornell University to study Industrial Labor Relations, and we he graduated in Cornell University he attended to New York University School Of Law but he take a break in 1962 because he accepted an Army Commission, when he returned he left NYU Law to study communications, and in his early career he worked in a different communications firms as BBDO, Ruder Finn and Sandgren & Murtha.


Siegel+Gale Foundation

Is in 1969 when Alan Siegel and his friend Robert Gale a designer who he had worked at Sandregn & Murtha whit Alan Siegel created the Siegel+Gale Agency, at the begging the agency clients were interested in developing their visual identity and corporate branding, so Siegel+Gale were focused on the logo design but over the years they start to development of corporate voice and simplification. Some of they most notable client were MasterCard, NBA, Caterpillar, 3M, Xerox, American Express and the New School.

In 2012 Siegel retired from Siegel+Gale and he founded Siegelvision which is a brand identity consultancy that focus mainly on non-profits, educational organizations and foundations.

2. Olympic Symbol Design

The Olympic symbol of the five rings, appeared at the same time as the Modern Olympic games, and the symbol was designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1912 ,the same person who founded the Modern Olympics. The logo design of the Olympic symbol is a five interlocking rings coloured blue, yellow, black, green and red on a white field, the five rings represent the five continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America and the colours of the rings are representing the different competing nations flag at the time.

Who is Pierre de Coubertin ?

Pierre de Coubertin or Baron de Coubertin who born on 1st January 1863 is not a graphic designer, but he was a French educator and historian, but he is most known as be the Founder of the International Olympic Committee and considered the Father of the Modern Olympic games, he was a french aristocratic.


3. Star Wars Logo Design by Suzy Rice

The Star Wars Logo would need a Single post for his own, because his variation through the years and all his history, but where are going to analyze the original logo, created by Suzy Rice and after retouched by Joe Johnston. George Lucas instead of wanted a Sci-Fi logo typography his only request to Suzy Rice was that his new logo need to look “Fascist”, and by the moment that George Lucas request the logo, Suzy Rice was studying German Signature of the 1930s and she used those techniques for the new design, with bold standardized font. harsh lines and severe graphics and it resulted to one of the most iconic logos in history.

Who is Suzy Rice and Her Work

Suzy Rice who studied in Western Illinois University, the university of Florida and the University of California is a Screenwriter, author of fiction, painter and designer. One of the most notorious works of Suzy Rice was the Star Wars logo design, but in her early career she designed the book Dancing Madness Written and edited by Abe Peck, after this she became the assistant art director and designer for the prestigious magazine Rolling Stone, but when she has 22 he took up the position of art director of Seiniger Advertising a Advertising agency based in Los Angeles. in 1976 Twenty Century Fox reached Seiniger Advertising to design his new logo for Star Wars, the agency give this project to Suzy Rice, who created one of the most iconic logos in the cinema design, but her contribution was not credited in the film.

After the logo design of Star Wars, Suzy Rice still worked with Seiniger Advertising and she was responsible for a numerous works as title design and print advertising campaigns for various films, she also designed some number of Record album covers, logo designs, posters and print advertising for the entertainment and healthcare industries, after many years of art director and graphic design work she returned to University of California to dedicate to full-time education.

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