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What is Branding and Identity about?

First, brand identity are all the elements that a brand or company creates and use to express they philosophy, their goals and their essence in the way the brand want to transmit all these elements to their consumer. Branding is the marketing practice to shape the perception of your company from the customers and the world.

Once we already know the definition of what is a brand identity, now you need to know why is important to have a good branding and identity design of your brand. The identity of your brand will be associate to your company, your product and how the audience will feel about your brand, so you want that your brand have the best branding, to build more connection and loyalty with your customers.

Who you are?

This question may seem a little bit philosophical, but actually in branding and identity design, this is the most important question, because, how you will transmit your brand philosophy, your mission and your personality, if you don’t know it, so, before start designing your brand logo and you company stationery, first we will need to answer what is your mission, your values, your brand personality, how you differentiate yourself from your competitors and your brand voice.

Once we have all this answers we can create the perfect logo design to your company and great branding to show the audience your company philosophy and why your company is better than your competitors.

Logo Design

Every brand wants to be recognized and keep up during the time, that is why is very important to create a great logo to communicate the philosophy and the idea of the brand.


The time goes by and the trends change, and for every brand is important to stay on the eye that is why is important to make a rebranding, to keep the brand modern and fresh through the years.


Your brand needs to be recognized that is why is important to have a name that stay in the mind of the future clients and the verbal identity is the way the brand describes itself and its products.

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What elements include Branding and identity?

The first important element is the typography of your brand, you need to choose the perfect font for how your brand wants to tell about you, and that is important .

The color palette of your brand is also important, because every color has one meaning and cause different emotions and feels to audience, and the difference of choosing one color to another can have a big impact on the perception of your brand.

The shape of your logo is also important, a good logo design need to transmit your brand essence in every way, and forms can play a huge role in how your audience will react ro your logo.