Brand Design Process

Branding is not only your Logo Design, brand and identity design convey your goals and your brand voice into visual elements.


For a successful business is important to have a great product but also show your customers that your product is the best choice and connect with them sharing the same values and vision.


That is why having a strong brand identity design is crucial for every company and I will help you build a unique brand design that connects with your values and make it relevant to your clients.

1. Connect

The first step on my brand design process is to connect with you and hear your idea and goals with this project.

2. Define Ideas and Strategy

Once we start talking about the project, we will discuss the idea behind your brand and what strategy we will follow to build a strong brand identity aligned with your values.

3. Research and Competence

When we have a clear vision on the strategy to follow, the next step is to make a complete research of the market, analyze the competitors and create a buyer profile.

4. Study

When we have all the data required for the project, the next step is to create the first concept that reflects your brand values, message, and voice at the same time that we build a strategy to differentiate your brand from competitors.

5. Identity design

Once the visual mood board and the strategy is clear it starts the designing process where I design the Logo Design for your brand and the branding elements that will support the brand.

6. Presentation

When the brand identity design process is finished I send you a presentation to introduce you to the visual elements of your brand and how they connect with your audience, differentiate you from your competitors, and transmit your brand essence.

7. Improving Details and Brand Guide

Once the last details of the branding project are polished I send you the final files and a Brand Style Guide with all the information and guidelines on how to use your brand visual elements to create a cohesive graphic design style.

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