Yaroslav Iakovlev

I’m a Graphic and Brand Designer based in Valencia, Spain who started working in 2015, and in 2018 I started making Poster Design Collections to master my design technique and skills.


I also share my graphic design knowledge in my blog which I started in 2019 where I write about graphic design principles, design tips, logo and branding concepts.


If you are looking to connect your brand with design and transmit your brand values to your customers I can help you with that, as I say Creativity Has a Process, and with good research and applying design theory principles I will help you connect your ideas with visual.

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How i can help you?


Basketball Fan

When I was a kid I played in Valencia Basket Academy for some years, and during my childhood, I always was in a Basketball Team, now I just play it as a hobby, and my favorite team since I was a kid is Boston Celtics, I’m a Celtics and Larry Bird Fan.


When I have the opportunity and time I’m always preparing my backpack and traveling everywhere, I’m already have been to Germany, Czech Republic, Scotland, Italy, Russia and still visiting Spain and the place where I live Valencia.


One of my favourite hobbys is take my Nikon and walk without any route and take photos of everything I view, I make street photography when I’m travelling but most of my photos are from natural landscapes.


Since kid I have a great passion for music, listening to every genre from Rock, Disco, Pop, Hip Hop, Techno, Jazz, and many more, I’m always looking for new sounds. An interesting fact about me is that I’ve worked as DJ and Producer making my own tracks.


I know every league and most of the teams from every world as I’m obsessed with knowing curious facts about football and how it can affect people, also since a kid I was fascinated with badges and uniforms, and my favorite team is Valencia FC, where I from, but I mostly like to watch English Football and my favorite English team is Nottingham Forest.

Favorite Movie

Friday night is my time to watch a movie, I try to watch new movies from different countries, but there are some movies that I’ve watched several times being The Lord Of The Rings trilogy my favourite movies.

Graphic Design Blog

If you want to read some of my articles about Graphic Design, Logo Design or Branding, you can check my blog and get some design inspiration.

Now, Tell me About You

I already introdouced myself and you know me better, now it’s your turn to introduce yourself and let me know how can I help you.