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Welcome to Zeka Design Graphic Design Blog, if you are looking for graphic design inspiration or you are studying graphic design this is your place, in Zeka Design Blog you will find useful graphic design tools and tips for graphic designers to improve your design skills and make your workflow faster.

If you are a company or a small business in my Graphic Design Blog I will show you why it is important for every company to have a great Graphic Design and the benefits to have a Great Logo Design or branding design for your company.

Everything you need to know about color theory

On this blog post, I am going to show you all you need to know about Color and color theory to help you to choose the best color palette for your designs, and yes, Color makes a huge role on Graphic Design because every Color has a meaning and transmit different feelings.

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Ultimate Guide to Study and Learn Graphic Design and everything you need to know

Ultimate Guide To Study and Learn Graphic Design

The first step on this guide is to understand what is Graphic Design, and the Graphic Design definition is the process of visual communication with the use of typography elements, photography and illustration to solve problems or communicate ideas.

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