Best Online Color Tools for Graphic Designers

Best Online Color Tools To create Color Schemes In Graphic Design 2021

The difference between good design and great design sometimes can be the chosen colors, for that reason is very important to have in mind color theory during our designs to create the best color palette for every graphic design, that is why today I will show you the best 5 free color tools that every graphic designer should know.



First of my list, is Khroma, where you have endless combinations of color to pick the best color palette for your design.


How is Khroma working?


Khroma is the AI Color Tool for designers, where the first step is choosing 50 colors that you like, that step is important to Khroma because with that election of colors, khroma will train their color generator algorithm to create a endless combinations of colours personalized to you by your favourite colors.

Best Online Color Scheme Generator Khroma Graphic Design

In the Poster option, you can see the two colors generated together and see which combination you like the most, 


If you like any combination created by Khroma you always have two options on every color combination created, you can save it as a favorite, and if you click on details you will see the colors parameters.


Now, the gradients are the new colors and they are everywhere, and you have endless opportunities with gradients, and with the gradient option you can create tones of great gradients.

Best Online Color Gradient Generator Khroma Graphic Design

The image option works really great if you are creating a poster or ad and you want to give that colorful effect, with this option you can preview different color combinations for your photos.


The last option to showcase your generated color palette is the palette option where Khroma generates for you a selection of 4 colors that work well together with your designs.


If you want that your design has a red color or another specific color, you can use the search option, where Khroma filters your results by that colors, but it also can filter by specific colors, hues, tones, tints or combinations.


With bias % you can control the accuracy of your generated color combinations, high bias is more accurate to your elections, and with low bias, khroma will give you more diversity of colors.


The best part of this tool is that you can add to favorite all the combinations you like and saw them at every moment.


The last option to showcase your generated color palette is the palette option where Khroma generates for you a selection of 4 colors that work well together with your designs.

Best Online Color Palette Generator Khroma For Graphic Designers

2. Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a great tool where you can search inspiration for different color palettes, in Color Hunt you can search for already created color palettes by other users and like them. 


You can filter by New color palettes, trendy colors, popular color palettes that have most of the likes, and if you feel lucky and want to see what fortune prepares for you, you have the random option.


You can also create your own color palettes and share with the community who can give your color combination likes and share it.

Best Online Tool Color Palette Generator Color Hunt for Graphic Design


3. Culrs

Culrs is also a great color tool for every graphic designer, if you are struggling to create a color palette for your design, culrs helps you with that, it has tones of color combinations and you can choose by 4 different categories, Analogous, triad, monochromatic and tetradic.


A cool thing about Culrs that I really like it, is that when you choose any of that categories explains to you the meaning of the different color combinations, a function really helpful for beginner graphic designers that are learning.


I really like Culrs because is a platform created by two designers who will help you to avoid the process of create the color palette, because they do it, they already have created more than 500 color palettes with all the Hex Codes.

Best Online Tool Color Palette Generator Culrs for Design Inspiration

4. Coolors

Maybe coolors is the most known color tool, but it’s also a very useful tool because makes the process of creating a color palette very quickly, when you enter the generator, you press the spacebar and coolors generate a color combination.


When you saw one color that you like, you can block it, and press again the spacebar, and coolors will generate a color palette working well with the color that you have chosen.


For every color generated you have 4 options, first mentioned is to block that color, but you also can drag it, adjust the different parameters to create your color, and finally, you have the alternative shades option, where you can choose different shades of that color.


In Coolors you also can saw the color palettes created by other users on the explore page, where you can filter by latest, picks and the best, and choose your favorite color palette.

Best Online Tool Color Palette Generator Coolors for Graphic Designers

5. Color Leap

Color leap is a little bit different from the other color tools for graphic designers, and I really like it because now you are making a travel to the past and the different ages of art and graphic design.


Let’s explain how color leap works, you need to choose one era from all the options you have.


The cool part of that app, is that when you choose one era, you have a description of the colors used during that ages and why were used, a really cool feature in color leap to learn some history of art and graphic design. Also, you have different examples of posters from that ages and the color palette used on them.

5 Best Online Color Tool Inspiration Color Leap



Hope you find this post about the best online tools to create amazing color schemes useful and get inspired to create unique color palettes for your next graphic design, and if you want to get more color inspiration you can check my other articles about color.

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