12 Best Printers For Graphic Design in 2024

Top 12 Best Printers For Graphic Design

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Are you a graphic designer seeking the perfect printer to bring your creative visions to life? With a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint the ideal choice for your needs and bring to life your design ideas.


But don’t worry, that is why I prepared this buying guide to help you choose the best printer depending on your needs, budget and type of projects, get ready to dive into the world of printers and let’s start with this list.


Inkjet vs Laser Printer (What Printer is Right For You)

Inkjet printers are known for their proficiency in rendering vivid colors and high-resolution prints, making them the go-to choice for professionals seeking top-notch photo-quality results but laser printers boast unmatched speed and durability, delivering crisp text documents efficiently at the same time that the cost of ink and page-per-month capacity will make laser prints a best option for designers looking for more affordable option.

How To Choose a Printer for Graphic Design

Ink and Toner

Inkjet printers typically utilize separate ink cartridges for each color, ensuring precise color blending and rendering. On the contrary, laser printers rely on toner cartridges containing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) colors, delivering sharp and clear text prints. Understanding these differences can help determine the print quality suitable for your projects.

Toner Cartridges

For laser printers, the choice of toner cartridges significantly impacts print quality and efficiency. Evaluate options based on page yield, print quality, and compatibility with your specific printer model.

Dye-based Inks or Pigmented Inks for Inkjets

Inkjet printers often use either dye-based or pigmented inks. Dye-based inks offer vivid colors but might fade over time. In contrast, pigmented inks tend to be more durable and resistant to fading, suitable for projects requiring longevity.


Consider the size of the printer and how it fits into your workspace. Printers vary in dimensions, so assess available space and choose one that suits your requirements without compromising functionality.


Understanding the paper types your printer supports is crucial. Some printers handle various paper weights and sizes, while others might specialize in specific formats. Ensure your printer is compatible with the paper you intend to use for your projects.


Set a realistic budget based on your needs and the printer’s capabilities. Balance affordability with the features that matter most to your graphic design work. Remember, investing in a high-quality printer can significantly impact the output quality.


Top 3 Printers for Graphic Design

Best Overall Inkjet Printer

Print Technology: 4-color all-pigment 4-in-1 Inkjet Maximum Print Resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi Print Speed: 25 ppm Paper sizes: up to 8.5 x 14 inch Paper capacity: 500

Best Value Inkjet Printer

Print Technology: Inkjet Print Resolution: Up to 9600 x 2400 dpi Ink Cartridges: 6 individual dye-based inks (including gray) Paper Handling: Borderless printing up to 13×19 inches

Best Laser Printer

Print Technology: Laser Print Speed: Up to 33 pages per minute (ppm) Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC Paper Handling: 250-sheet input tray capacity

Processor: M2 Pro Chip with 12-Core CPU RAM: 32 GB Storage: 2TB SSD GPU: Integrated, 19-Core GPU

The Canon Pixma iP8720 is an exceptional inkjet printer designed to meet the demanding needs of graphic designers with its six-color ink system, including gray ink, this printer offers outstanding color accuracy and precision. 


The dye-based inks deliver vivid and vibrant prints, making it an ideal choice for creating brochures, flyers, posters, and detailed graphic designs and its capability to print borderless photos up to 13×19 inches ensures excellent output for large-format projects. 


The iP8720 also provides wireless connectivity, allowing multiple devices to connect seamlessly, promoting workflow flexibility for designers working in collaborative environments.


  • Excellent color accuracy and vibrancy suitable for graphic design projects.
  • Versatile paper handling capability, supporting various media sizes and types.
  • Wireless connectivity for convenient printing from multiple devices.
  • Borderless printing up to 13×19 inches enables large-format design projects.


  • Limited to six ink colors, lacking the extensive color gamut of higher-end models.
  • Relatively slower print speed compared to some other models in the same range.
  • Large footprint may require ample space in a design studio or office.

Print Technology: 4-color all-pigment 4-in-1 Inkjet Maximum Print Resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi Print Speed: 25 ppm Paper sizes: up to 8.5 x 14 inch Paper capacity: 500 Weight: 39.20lbs Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet

The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a powerhouse inkjet printer that caters well to the needs of graphic designers known for its exceptional color accuracy and high-quality output, this printer utilizes PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, ensuring sharp and detailed prints for graphic design projects. 


What makes it particularly advantageous is the EcoTank technology that offers a cartridge-free system, significantly reducing ongoing operational costs for designers with its large ink reservoirs that can hold a considerable amount of ink. The ET-5850’s ability to handle various paper sizes and its automatic document feeder make it a versatile choice, whether working on brochures, portfolios, or detailed illustrations.


  • Cartridge-free printing with EcoTank technology lowers printing costs.
  • High-resolution prints with PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology.
  • Versatile paper handling and automatic document feeder.
  • Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet connectivity for multiple device access.


  • Higher initial investment compared to traditional inkjet models.
  • Large physical footprint may require more space in a design studio.
  • Slightly slower print speed compared to some laser printers.

Print Technology: Dye-Based Inkjet Print Speed: 1.2 ppm Print Resolution: Up to 4800 x 2400 dpi Paper Capacity: 150 Max. Print Size: 13″ x 19″ Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

The Canon PIXMA Pro-200 stands out as an excellent choice for graphic designers seeking a professional-grade wide-format printer as this printer impresses with its ability to produce stunning prints, especially in wide-format sizes, catering perfectly to graphic designers working on posters, banners, or large-scale illustrations. 


Its 8-color dye-based ink system ensures vibrant and accurate color reproduction, which is crucial for graphic design projects that demand precise and vivid color rendering. With its user-friendly interface and wireless connectivity options, the PIXMA Pro-200 offers convenience and versatility, allowing seamless printing directly from compatible devices or cloud services.


  • Exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy with an 8-color ink system.
  • Wide-format printing capabilities for large-scale designs.
  • Wireless connectivity for convenient printing from various devices.
  • User-friendly interface and versatile paper handling options.


  • Might be relatively costly for budget-conscious designers.
  • Larger physical size might require more space in a studio setup.
  • Dye-based inks might have slight durability issues compared to pigment-based inks.


Print Technology: Inkjet (6-color Claria Photo HD) Print Speed: 20 ppm Print Resolution: Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi Print Size: Up to 13×19 inches (wide-format) Connectivity: Ethernet Weight: 18.7 Pounds Paper Handling: Manual feed for specialty media

The Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 is an excellent choice for graphic designers seeking a mid-range wide-format inkjet printer as it is well-suited for handling large-format printing tasks, making it an ideal tool for designers working on posters, brochures, and banners. 


Its 6-color Claria Photo HD ink system produces vibrant and true-to-life colors, ensuring outstanding print quality for graphic design projects. The printer’s versatility extends to its ability to print borderless images up to 13×19 inches, providing ample space for designers to showcase their creativity. Additionally, it offers wireless connectivity, enabling convenient printing from various devices and cloud services.


  • Superior print quality with a 6-color Claria Photo HD ink system.
  • Wide-format printing up to 13×19 inches for larger designs.
  • Wireless connectivity for easy printing from compatible devices.
  • Supports borderless printing for seamless design presentation.


  • Might not be as cost-effective for high-volume printing needs.
  • Large physical footprint might require additional space.
  • Relatively slower printing speeds compared to some other models.

Print Technology: Inkjet Print Resolution: Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi Print Speed: 7 ppm Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB Ink Type: Pigment-based (black), Dye-based (color) Paper Handling: Up to 100 sheets input tray

The HP Smart-Tank printer is an exceptional choice for graphic designers looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly inkjet printer as this printer is designed with affordability and functionality in mind, making it a great fit for designers seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Its innovative tank system allows for easy refilling, significantly reducing the cost per page compared to traditional ink cartridges. 


It’s equipped with wireless connectivity, it enables seamless printing from various devices and cloud services, offering convenience to designers working on multiple platforms. The printer’s high-yield ink bottles and spill-free refill system enhance its user-friendly design, ensuring uninterrupted printing for design projects.


  • Cost-effective printing with the innovative tank system.
  • High-yield ink bottles for extended usage and reduced costs.
  • Wireless connectivity for easy printing from multiple devices.
  • User-friendly design with spill-free ink refilling.


  • Print speeds might be slower compared to higher-end models.
  • Limited paper handling capacity for extensive printing needs.
  • May not offer the same level of print quality as premium inkjet printers.


Print Technology: Inkjet Print Resolution: Up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi Print Speed: 8 ppm Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet Ink Type: Claria Photo HD six-color ink system Paper Handling: 100 sheets input tray capacity

The Epson Expression Photo XP 970 Printer is a top choice for graphic designers, particularly those focused on creating art in the long term as this printer boasts a combination of exceptional print quality and longevity, making it an excellent investment for designers seeking durability and high-quality prints. 


Equipped with Epson’s Claria Photo HD six-color ink system, this printer delivers stunning, vivid, and true-to-life colors, ideal for art prints and creative designs and its compact design makes it suitable for smaller workspaces without compromising on functionality, another great feature about the XP 970 is that it offers wireless connectivity and mobile printing capabilities, allowing designers the flexibility to print directly from their devices, enhancing convenience and workflow efficiency.


  • Outstanding print quality with vibrant and accurate colors.
  • Longevity in terms of print durability for art projects.
  • Compact design suitable for smaller workspaces.
  • Wireless connectivity and mobile printing for enhanced convenience.


  • Limited paper capacity might not be suitable for high-volume printing.
  • Slower printing speeds compared to larger and more expensive models.
  • Higher ink cost when compared to some other models.

Print Technology: Laser Print Speed: Up to 28 pages per minute (ppm) Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC Paper Handling: 250-sheet input tray capacity Duplex Printing: Yes Compatibility: Mobile printing, Cloud-based printing

The Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw stands out as an excellent choice for graphic designers seeking a reliable and versatile laser printer as it’s designed to meet the multifunctional needs of small to medium-sized design studios or freelancers, this printer offers a blend of exceptional print quality and robust features. 


With its intuitive color touchscreen, duplex scanning, copying, and printing capabilities, it provides a seamless user experience at the same time that it offers swift printing speeds, ensuring efficient handling of design projects with high demands for productivity. Its compatibility with various devices and cloud-based printing allows designers to seamlessly print from smartphones or tablets, enhancing workflow flexibility.


  • Exceptional print quality, particularly for graphic design projects.
  • Duplex printing, scanning, and copying capabilities for enhanced productivity.
  • Fast printing speeds suitable for handling high-volume design projects.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and cloud-based printing for convenience.


  • Relatively larger footprint compared to some other laser printers.
  • Higher initial cost when compared to basic laser printers.
  • Potential for higher operational costs due to toner replacement.

Print Technology: Laser Print Speed: Up to 33 pages per minute (ppm) Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC Paper Handling: 250-sheet input tray capacity Duplex Printing: Yes Compatibility: Mobile printing, Cloud-based printing

The Brother HL-L8360CDW stands tall as an exceptional laser printer catering specifically to graphic designers, freelancers, and small design firms as it’s renowned for its reliability and efficiency, this printer excels in delivering high-quality prints suitable for a broad spectrum of design projects. 


Its robust build and versatile capabilities make it an ideal choice for meeting the diverse printing needs of creative professionals offering swift printing speeds and exceptional color accuracy, the HL-L8360CDW ensures that intricate design details are accurately reproduced. Its seamless connectivity options and compatibility with mobile devices make it convenient for designers to print directly from their smartphones or tablets.


  • Outstanding color accuracy and print quality ideal for graphic design projects.
  • Swift printing speeds and high-volume capacity for increased productivity.
  • Wide-ranging connectivity options, including mobile and cloud printing.
  • Duplex printing capability and large paper handling capacity for convenience.


  • Larger physical footprint compared to smaller-sized laser printers.
  • Relatively higher initial investment in comparison to basic laser models.
  • May have higher operational costs, especially if there is frequent toner replacement.


Print Technology: Laser Print Speed: Up to 36 pages per minute (ppm) Connectivity: USB, Ethernet Paper Handling: 250-sheet input tray capacity Duplex Printing: Yes Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

The Lexmark MB2236i stands out as an affordable yet reliable multifunction printer, making it a strong contender for graphic designers seeking cost-effective printing solutions. Recognized for its balance between affordability and quality, this printer offers remarkable performance, particularly suited for small businesses, startups, or individual designers on a budget. 


Its compact design and multifunction capabilities, including printing, scanning, and copying, make it a versatile asset in a design workspace. With its efficient printing speeds and consistent output quality, the MB2236i ensures that design materials and graphics are reproduced with clarity and precision.


  • Cost-effective printing solution with low initial investment.
  • Compact and multifunctional design suitable for smaller workspaces.
  • Swift printing speeds and consistent quality for basic design projects.
  • Easy setup and user-friendly operation for convenient use.


  • Limited advanced features compared to higher-end models.
  • Lower paper handling capacity and print volume capabilities.
  • May not match the quality output of higher-priced printers for intricate design work.


Print Technology: Laser Print Speed: Up to 32 pages per minute (ppm) in both color and black & white Connectivity: USB, Ethernet Paper Handling: 500-sheet input tray capacity Duplex Printing: Yes Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

The Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn is a reliable and high-performance laser printer tailored for graphic designers managing heavy workloads as it’s designed to handle demanding printing tasks efficiently, this printer offers remarkable speed and quality output, making it an ideal choice for professional graphic design environments. 


Its robust build and advanced printing technologies ensure consistent and precise print results for intricate design projects. With impressive color accuracy and resolution, the Ecosys P6230cdn guarantees vibrant and sharp printouts that meet the high standards of graphic designers.


  • Exceptional printing speeds and high-quality output for heavy workloads.
  • Impressive color accuracy and resolution suitable for professional graphics.
  • Duplex printing capabilities contribute to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design.


  • Larger footprint and heavier compared to compact home office printers.
  • Relatively higher initial investment compared to standard home printers.
  • Might be overwhelming for smaller design setups with lower printing needs.

Print Technology: Thermal Inkjet Print Speed: Up to 6.6 ppm (D/A1-size print) Print Resolution: Up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Media Handling: Sheet feed, roll feed, automatic cutter Ink Types: Pigment-based (cyan, magenta, yellow, matte black, photo black)

The HP DesignJet Z6 is a top-tier large-format printer tailored specifically for graphic designers handling poster design and other expansive visual projects, with its cutting-edge printing technologies, this printer offers exceptional print quality and precision, ensuring vivid and high-resolution posters that captivate viewers. 


Its wide-format capabilities allow designers to experiment with larger canvas sizes, enabling the creation of attention-grabbing visuals with stunning detail. The HP DesignJet Z6’s efficient ink system and color accuracy guarantee consistent, true-to-life results, making it an optimal choice for professionals seeking superior large-scale printouts.


  • Remarkable color accuracy and high-resolution output for large-format prints.
  • Wide-format capabilities enable expansive and detailed poster designs.
  • Efficient ink system ensures consistent and reliable print results.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls enhance usability.


  • Higher initial investment compared to standard-sized printers.
  • Larger physical footprint may require ample space for installation.
  • Requires regular maintenance to maintain optimal print quality.

Print Technology: Monochrome Laser Print Speed: Up to 31 ppm (letter) Print Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct Paper Capacity: 250-sheet input tray Duty Cycle: Up to 30,000 pages per month

The Xerox B215 is a budget-friendly monochrome laser printer designed to meet the printing needs of graphic designers on a budget as this compact and reliable printer offers fast printing speeds and high-quality outputs, making it an excellent choice for designers primarily dealing with black and white prints. 


Its efficient design and user-friendly interface make it ideal for small design studios, freelancers, or startups seeking a cost-effective printing solution. The Xerox B215’s compact footprint and versatile connectivity options enhance its suitability for graphic design professionals requiring basic monochrome printing capabilities.


  • Cost-effective printing solution for black and white prints.
  • Fast printing speeds ensure quick project turnaround.
  • Compact design saves space in smaller work environments.
  • Multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi for convenient printing.


  • Limited to monochrome printing, not suitable for color prints.
  • Basic features may not fulfill the needs of complex design projects.
  • Lower resolution compared to high-end printers may impact print quality.



  • Which is better for graphic design laser or inkjet printer?


Laser printers are excellent for high-speed, high-volume printing, making them suitable for text-heavy documents. Inkjet printers are preferable for graphic design due to their superior color accuracy and ability to produce vibrant, detailed images and graphics.

  • What is DPI?


DPI stands for “dots per inch,” referring to the printer’s resolution or the amount of detail it can produce. A higher DPI indicates better print quality, especially for graphic design projects requiring fine details and sharp images.

  • Which are the best printers for high volume?


For high-volume printing, laser printers generally outperform inkjet printers. Models like the HP LaserJet Pro series and Brother HL-L8360CDW are renowned for their efficiency in handling large printing volumes.

  • Is it cheaper to print laser or inkjet?


Inkjet printers tend to have a lower upfront cost but can become expensive over time due to the higher cost of ink cartridges. Laser printers have a higher initial investment but offer lower printing costs per page, making them more cost-effective for high-volume printing.

  • What is the best affordable printer for posters?


Printers like the Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 or Canon PIXMA Pro-200 offer good quality poster printing at relatively affordable prices. They’re suitable for mid-range poster printing without compromising on quality.

  • What is the disadvantage of laser printer?


While laser printers excel in speed and efficiency, they might struggle with color accuracy compared to inkjet printers. Additionally, laser printers can be more expensive initially and might not be ideal for printing high-resolution images.

  • What type of printer is best for graphic design?


Inkjet printers are typically more suitable for graphic design due to their superior color accuracy, ability to produce vibrant images, and suitability for various paper types.

  • What kind of printer do I need to make posters?

Printers capable of handling large-format or wide-format printing, like inkjet printers such as the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 or Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw, are excellent choices for printing posters.



Selecting the best printer for your graphic design needs is a significant investment towards achieving exceptional results. That is why I hope that this guide has helped you choose the best printer from the diverse options available and provided you with insights into the features, benefits, and capabilities of various printers suitable for graphic design projects. 


Investing in a reliable printer is a pivotal step towards ensuring your creative vision comes to life with utmost precision that is why I encourage you to explore the printers recommended in this guide, as each one has been meticulously curated to cater to specific design requirements.


how to choose the best printer for graphic design

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