Top 9 Best Computers for Graphic Design in 2023

Best Computers For Graphic Design in 2023

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If you are a graphic designer, video editor, 3D modeler, or digital artist, you understand the pivotal role that a reliable computer plays in our creative field as our work heavily relies on this essential tool, making it crucial to invest in a high-quality computer that can elevate our output and workflow. 


The wide variety of options available in the market might seem overwhelming at first glance, but don’t worry as I’ve meticulously curated a list of the best computers for graphic design to help you simplify your decision-making process by identifying the ideal computer that aligns with your specific needs, work requirements, and budget considerations. 


So, let’s dive into the selection and find the perfect computer tailored to enhance your creative journey!

Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023) (Best Computer For Graphic Design)

Microsoft Surface Studio 2  (Best Windows PC for Graphic Design)

iMac (24-inch, 2021) (Best All-in-one computer For Graphic Design)

Dell XPS 8960 Desktop (Best PC for Graphic Designers and Video Editors)

Lenovo Yoga 7 AiO (Most Flexible Display)

Mac Mini M2 2023 (Best Compact Option for Graphic Design)

HP ENVY 34 All-in-One (Best iMac Alternative with 5K Display)

HP TP01 Pavilion Business Desktop (Great Computer for Graphic Design on a Budget)

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R15 (Best for Gamers and Graphic Designers)


Top 3 Computers for Graphic Design

Best Windows PC for Graphic Design

Processor: Intel Core i7 RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1TB GPU: Dedicated, ‎NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Best Windows PC for Graphic Design

Processor: M2 Pro Chip with 12-Core CPU RAM: 32 GB Storage: 2TB SSD GPU: Integrated, 19-Core GPU

Best affordable Computer for Graphic Design

Processor: Intel Core i5, 10th Gen with 6-core CPU RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1 TB GPU: Integrated, Intel UHD Graphics 360

Processor: M2 Pro Chip with 12-Core CPU RAM: 32 GB Storage: 2TB SSD GPU: Integrated, 19-Core GPU

The Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023) stands tall as an exemplary choice for graphic designers boasting the cutting-edge M2 Pro chip, it delivers exceptional processing power and graphics capabilities great for designers looking for the best performance as it will help run your design software smoothly and quicker thanks to it’s Integrated, 19-Core GPU.


Apart from it’s powerful performance that can easily run 2D illustrations to 3D models smoothly it all comes in a very compacted size being a great option for designers who has limited workspace but want the best tools,


Another thing you should consider before investing on this computer is that you will need to separately invest into a good monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other needed hardware, but if budget is not a problem for you and you are looking for the best equipment for your design projects you definitely should invest on Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023).


  • Impressive M2 Pro chip for powerful performance.
  • Compact design, ideal for space-conscious users.
  • Exceptional graphics capabilities for design applications.


  • Premium pricing.
  • Accessories need to be bought separately.

Processor: Intel Core i7 RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1TB GPU: Dedicated, ‎NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

If you think about a computer for graphic design you might think on Apple, besides being the most popular option among graphic designers, some might prefer working on Windows, and for windows enthusiasts the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the best option right now in the market, offering you a incredible performance thanks to it’s Intel Core i7 processor and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics.


But what makes this computer so special for graphic designers is its incredible 28” PixelSense Display with 13.5 million pixels that has touchscreen capability and combined with the Surface Pen makes it a great tool for graphic designers offering an interactive canvas that responds with precision perfect for artists.


Definitely if you are a graphic designer who likes to work with Windows or looking for a touchscreen monitor the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the best option for you.


  • Stunning PixelSense Display for vibrant visuals.
  • Versatile Zero Gravity Hinge for flexible usage.
  • Powerful specs for graphic-intensive tasks.


  •  Limited upgradability due to the all-in-one design.

Processor: M1 chip with 8-Core CPU RAM: 8 GB Storage: 512 SSD GPU: Integrated, 8-Core GPU

The iMac (24-inch, 2021) continues Apple’s legacy of design excellence. This all-in-one computer features a stunning 4.5K Retina display that supports 1 billion colors, providing an immersive canvas for graphic designers and with the M1 chip at its core, this iMac delivers remarkable speed and efficiency, handling graphic design tasks, editing video or 3D models with smooth and efficient performance.


This computer is made by designers and apart from the incredible display and th powerful processor the iMac 24-inch 2021 has 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, USB 3 ports and 512 512GB SSD storage that for some designers can get limited if they are used to handle heavy-sized files, another thing to have in mind is the 8GB of RAM that might slow down your workflow in heavy multitasking operations.


If you already have some Apple products like the MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone this all-in-one computer will be a great investment due to the connectivity options making your workflow much faster. Definitely if you like Apple products and you are looking for an all-in-one computer the iMac 24-inch (2021) is a great option for you.


  • Brilliant 4.5K Retina display for vibrant visuals.
  • M1 chip for impressive performance.
  • Sleek and space-saving all-in-one design.


  • Limited upgrade options.


Processor: Core i9-13900K RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1 TB GPU: Dedicated, RTX 3070

The Dell XPS 8960 Desktop caters to the demands of graphic designers and video editors alike thanks to its good refresh rate offering you a powerful performance thanks to its Core i9-13900K processor and Dedicated, RTX 3070 Graphics perfect to handle heavy multitasking with speed and efficiency.


If we talk about storage this computer has you covered with 1TB SSD for lightning-fast boot times and quick file access to ensure you a highly competitive workflow and paired with the 32 GB DDR5 RAM gives you excellent performance on high resource-intensive design processes like video editing or 3D modeling.


Another great feature about the Dell XPS 8960 Desktop it’s the ability to upgrade it, ensuring it’s longevity, so if you are looking for a powerful computer to held intensive design tasks like video-editing or 3D modeling and the option to upgrade it in the future, this computer is the best choice for you.


  • Robust Intel processor for high performance.
  • Adequate RAM for multitasking.
  • Thoughtful design for efficient cooling.


  • May be considered bulky by some users.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1 TB GPU: Dedicated, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060

Lenovo’s Yoga 7 AiO offers flexibility in design and functionality offering you a great graphic design performance, some of the key aspects of this All-in-one computer is the incredible 27-inch UHD 4K touchscreen with a resolution of 3840×2160 making every detail crips and vibrant perfect for designers looking to take care of every detail.


Also, the Lenovo Yoga 7 AiO offers you a powerful hardware like the AMD Ryzen 7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU and 32GB of RAM to handle intensive design taks like 3D models, high-resolution video editing or running multiple Adobe programs like Illustrator or Photoshop.


But what makes this computer so special it’s the flexibility that it offers you thanks to its rotatable hinge that makes tilt, touch, or turn the screen as you need, so definitely if you are looking for a grat All-in-one computer with incredible flexibility this computer is the best choice for you.


  • Flexible and adjustable display.
  • High-resolution screen for vivid visuals.
  • Ample processing power.


  • Limited upgradability.


CPU: Apple M2 Max chip with 8-core CPU Graphics: Integrated 10-core GPU RAM: up to 24GB Storage: up to 2TB

If you have a limited workspace and you’re looking for a small and compact computer that offers you a great performance you should check the Mac Mini 2023 M2, boasting the M2 Max chip, this desktop delivers impressive performance and efficiency along with the Integrated 10-core GPU capable of handling every graphic design task.


Also this Mac gives you plenty of RAM up to 24GB capable to run every design software with smooth and quick response, definitely this computer is great for graphic designers with limited desk space but looking for powerful tool that delivers the best performance.


  • Impressive M2 Max chip performance.
  • Great option for small workspaces.
  • Compact design.
  • Ample connectivity options.


  • Limited upgradeability.
  • Too much power for beginner designers.

Processor: Intel Core i7-12700 RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1 TB SSD GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics

The HP ENVY 34 All-in-One is an impressive alternative to the iMac, boasting a large 5K display with a resolution of 5120×2160 that offers stunning visuals and a wide workspace for graphic design tasks, and when we talk about performance, this computer offers you Intel Core i7-12700 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics perfect for tasks like video editing or 3D modeling.


Another great feature of this computer is the 32GB RAM perfect for a smooth workflow and 98% DCI-P3 color accuracy that makes your artworks vibrant and true-to-life, making it a perfect choice for designers seeking an all-in-one solution, but if you rely on touch interfaces, the lack of touch screen might be a setback and you would prefer other options from this list.


  • Large 5K display for detailed work.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Powerful performance for multitasking.


  • No touchscreen capability.
  • Limited video input options.

Processor: Intel Core i5, 10th Gen with 6-core CPU RAM: 32 GB Storage: 1 TB GPU: Integrated, Intel UHD Graphics 360

If you are a graphic designer looking for a good-performance computer for your work but yet don’t want to spend ton of money, HP TP01 Pavilion Business Desktop is a great affordable option for you, offering you Intel Core i5, 10th Gen with 6-core CPU and Intel UHD Graphics 360 to run design software smooth.


Another great aspect about this computer is the amount of storage that it has up to 1 TB SSD and 1TB HDD perfect to save your design projects, also it has up to 32GB of RAM that will help you work on your design projects quickly, but the downsides is the single HDMI video output that might be a stepback for graphic designers looking for 2 monitor setups.


Overall if you are a beginner designer or just looking for an affordable but yet powerful computer for graphic design the HP TP01 Pavilion Business Desktop is a great option.


  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Suitable for entry-level design work.
  • Good connectivity options.


  • Moderate performance for intensive tasks.


CPU: Up to AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Graphics: Up to GeForce RTX 4080 16GB GDDR6X RAM: Up to 32GB DDR5  Storage: Up to 2TB SSD + 2TB HDD

If you are a freelance graphic designer or working from home who loves to spend your free time playing games and want a computer capable of running graphic design software and games at the best level at the same time, don’t worry, Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R15 or Ryzen Edition R14 are your best options.


This computer offers you up to AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU, up to GeForce RTX 4080 16GB GDDR6X graphics, up to 32GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD + 2TB HDD storage at it’s highest configuration, offering you an incredible performance for high-demand design tasks like 3D modeling or video editing at the same time that gives you best gaming experience.


Definitely if you are a gamer and a graphic designer looking for a computer capable of giving you the best experience in both areas, the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R15 or Ryzen Edition 14 are your best options.


  • Best option for gamers and designers.
  • Powerful components.
  • Great variety of options to choose from.


  • Can get expensive on the highest configuration.


How to choose a computer for graphic design

Understanding Your Needs

To choose the best computer for graphic design first of all is important to determine your usage requirements. Consider the types of projects you’ll handle and software compatibility, as you might require a more powerful computer if you are planning to do 3D modeling or play video games than if you only will work with 2D illustrations or simple images.


Another factor to take in mind when choosing a computer is if you would need mobility or not, in this case you would prefer to invest on a professional laptop allowing you to work anywhere.


Key Takeaways:

  • Assess your specific design demands.
  • Identify if mobility is necessary or if a desktop suffices.
  • Consider software compatibility for your projects.

Processor (CPU)

The CPU is the computer’s brain, impacting overall performance. Opt for a high-speed processor with multiple cores to handle design software efficiently.


Key Takeaways:

  • Select a multi-core processor for enhanced performance.
  • Choose CPUs from trusted brands known for reliability.

Graphics Card (GPU)

Graphic design heavily relies on GPU capability. A dedicated graphics card with ample VRAM is crucial for handling intricate design software and rendering tasks effectively.


Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritize GPUs with adequate VRAM.
  • Opt for dedicated graphics cards over integrated ones.



Ample RAM is essential for seamless multitasking. For graphic design, a minimum of 16GB RAM is recommended, but 32GB or more ensures smoother operation.


Key Takeaways:

  • Aim for a minimum of 16GB RAM, but consider 32GB+ for efficiency.
  • Higher RAM enhances multitasking and design fluidity.


SSDs (Solid State Drives) are preferred over HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) for faster data access. Prioritize larger SSDs for system speed and smooth file handling.


Key Takeaways:

  • Choose SSDs over HDDs for faster read/write speeds.
  • Larger storage capacities aid in storing design files efficiently.


Having a good screen is essential for graphic designers, the minimum resolution is at least Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, but higher resolutions, such as 4K is better as it delivers enhanced visual quality.


Key Takeaways:

  • Aim for at least Full HD resolution for clarity.
  • Higher resolutions provide better detail for design work.


Color Accuracy

Color accuracy is really important to deliver optimal graphic design tasks, that is why you should invest on a computer or monitor with at least 90% sRGB color spectrum, but if you rely more on color it’s a good idea to look for a display with Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 coverage.


Key Takeaways:


  • Make sure your computer has at least 90% sRGB color spectrum.
  • Calibrated displays ensure accurate color representation.


Another factor to have in mind when choosing a computer for graphic design is your budget, as if you don’t have any limitation on what you want to invest you can go to the top options like the Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2023), but if it’s not the case and you have limited budget you need to think carefully on what tasks you are going to do, and balancing performance and cost efficiency like the HP TP01 Pavilion Business Desktop, which is an affordable yet powerful option.


Key Takeaways:

  • Balance performance needs with budget constraints.
  • Consider future-proofing your investment for long-term usability.



  • What makes a computer good for graphic design?


A good computer for graphic design typically boasts a powerful processor, ample RAM, a high-quality graphics card, and sufficient storage. Additionally, a high-resolution display with excellent color accuracy is crucial for visual-oriented work like graphic design.

  • Is Mac or PC better for graphic design?


Both Mac and PC have their merits, and the choice largely depends on personal preference and the software ecosystem you’re most comfortable with. Macs are known for their robust design and creative applications, while PCs offer a wider range of customization options.

  • What kind of computer is needed for graphic design?


For graphic design, a computer with a strong CPU (processor), dedicated GPU (graphics card), ample RAM (memory), adequate storage space (preferably SSD), and a high-resolution display with accurate color reproduction is recommended.

  • What is the best computer for a beginner graphic designer?


Beginners can opt for computers with good processing power, a dedicated GPU, at least 16GB of RAM, and a high-definition display. Computers like the MacBook Air, Dell XPS, or HP Pavilion series are suitable for novice graphic designers.

  • Is Core i5 good for graphic design?


A Core i5 processor can suffice for basic graphic design work, but for more demanding tasks involving complex projects and larger files, a higher-end processor like Core i7 or above is preferable.

  • Is Intel or AMD better for graphic design?


Both Intel and AMD offer processors suitable for graphic design work. Intel processors generally excel in single-core performance, while AMD processors often provide more cores at a competitive price, making them efficient for multitasking and rendering. The choice ultimately depends on specific needs and budget constraints.



Choosing the right computer for graphic design is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact a designer’s workflow and productivity, the featured computers in this guide provide a blend of superior performance, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, catering to the diverse needs of graphic designers. 


Each computer offers a unique set of advantages, ensuring a smooth design experience and by understanding your specific requirements and considering the technical specifications highlighted in this guide, you’re poised to make an informed decision. 


Remember, the best computer for graphic design isn’t solely about the most powerful hardware but the one that perfectly complements your creative process, allowing you to deliver your best work consistently.


how to choose the best Computer For Graphic Design

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