11 Graphic Design Trends 2023

11 Graphic Design Trends 2023 by Zeka Design

We start in 2023 and we had a year to see different styles and visual trends coming thanks to creative graphic designers pushing the limits and experimenting to create eye-catching designs as the graphic design industry is always evolving to always keep modern and fresh designs.


If you saw my post about graphic design trends in 2022, you might see some familiar trends on this post, as some of them came really big and will stay trendy during 2023, while others will evolve and come back in different forms and shapes, and as it’s already a tradition, I created a poster design collection inspired on these trends to help you showcase what are they about, so let’s start with the graphic design trends in 2023.


Reimagined Risoprint

In 2022 we saw that the risoprint style was a big trend in graphic design, but what is the risograph technique? it was a printing technique used in the mid-80s developed by Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan, and it become really popular as it made really cheap to bulk printing by using dots and desaturated colors, creating a granny and double exposure aesthetic that revived last year.


During 2023 the risoprint trend will continue among us, but with a creative touch, as graphic designers and digital artists will use the risograph technique to create surreal visuals adding grainy and noisy textures into minimalist designs, so in 2023 reimagined risoprint will be a huge trend mixing simplified shapes with grainy textures.

Reimagined Risoprint Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


During the last few years, there is an increase in the popularity of mysticism, this also affects graphic design with the use of iconography that can be related to astrology and divination, so during 2023, we will see more design with a high amount of symbolism including zodiac signs, lotus flowers, and sacred geometry.


This trend will be used as a visual way to escape earth using calming color palettes, and light and delicate lines with organic curves that will evoke a feeling of peace and hope, also with this trend you will see more designs incorporating celestial elements like the moon and stars.

Mysticism Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


Minimal Vintage

Minimalism is a graphic design style that is trendy for many years now, and also nostalgia feeling is always there remembering the old days when everything was simpler and happy times, this also applies to graphic design as designers and artists look to their old projects and have the feeling of putting more soul into them.


During 2023 these two elements will merge together to create a new way of understanding minimalism and nostalgia, that is why during this year, we will see more designers using minimalist mottos of only maintaining the essential elements in their compositions with a vintage style that remember when designs were made by hand, this combination will give us clean, sophisticated and timeless designs.

Minimal Vintage Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design

Airbrush Surrealism

Airbrush is an air pressure-based spray used by artists to create accurate and consistent surfaces with a high level of realism, allowing artists to add light strokes, blurry edges, and minor details with a free-hand technique, and this technique will be paired with a popular trend in graphic design that is surrealism.


That is why in 2023 airbrush surrealism will be a huge graphic design trend merging surrealist layouts with 80s airbrush technique to create a surrealist design with a retro filter that produces a translucent effect that evokes this disoriented feeling of surrealism, this combination of styles will produce artworks with a soft glow that recalls us to a dream.

Airbrush Surrealism Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


Foil Printing

Gradients were a big trend some years ago and they came to stay for a long time, but designers and brands are always looking for new ways to implement those gradients in more creative ways and make them look cooler, that is why in 2023 a big trend that we will see is foil printing technique to produce print materials look more luxury and stylish.


One great thing about foil printing is the limitless amount of possibilities you have, so in 2023 you will see print materials with full gold foil to give them a luxurious and sophisticated feeling, but if you want to give your designs a modern and futuristic aesthetic, you can use multi-colored foil making your design really eye-catching.

Foil Printing Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design

Acid Graphics

During past years we can see a revival of the Y2K style and 2000s aesthetic, and during 2023 we will continue seeing this trend in fashion, art, and graphic design, but in 2023 this trend will evolve into Y2K grunge or Acid graphics, this trend consists on the use of grimy textures, chrome metallics, broken grinds, and amorphous shapes.


Acid graphics trend will be related also to nostalgia with the goth subculture born in the late 90s that nowadays is gaining more followers as it has a resurrection in Instagram and Tik Tok. Talking about visual style, acid graphics due to their messy, gloomy, and crowded nature will be used with other styles like Anti-Design and Brutalism that we saw in previous years gaining more popularity.

Acid Graphics Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


If you saw my post about graphic design trends in 2022, you will notice that Maximalism is making the list again, and that is because during 2023 we will see this trend growing among designers who want to escape from minimalist designs and opt to implement a quite the opposite by rejecting the basic rule of minimalism, “less is more”, instead their main rule will be “more is more”.


Maximalism style is all about using all the space you have in your canvas, so we will see during 2023 designs using bold color palettes, layered photography, bold typography, and repeating elements to grab your attention and avoid any white space, also to fill all the gaps in your layout you can play with typography switching from condensed and expanded to obtain a Maximalist design.

Maximalism Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


Bold Minimalism

As we saw early in this post, minimalism is already a well-established style in graphic design but designers always are looking for new ways of implementing it in their designs, that is why during 2023 we will see the already mentioned minimalism vintage, but also during 2023, a big trend will be bold minimalism.


Bold minimalism refers to an industrial design style that uses clean and simple lines, and as a minimalist style it follows the main motto of functionality, in graphic design, we will see this trend applied in layouts with essential elements with minimum decoration adding dramatism to these elements to create visual interest. In this trend typography will play a huge role as designers will use quality fonts and shapes to create interesting visuals with minimum decoration.

Bold Minimalism Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design

Prominent Photography

In 2023 photography will be a key element for graphic designers and brands as sometimes an image can tell more things in less time than text, that is why brands will use photography in a creative way to connect with a story or evoke different feelings and graphic designers will play with those photos to create layout more focused on it.


Photography has always been a key element of graphic design, but in 2023 it will take another step, and brands will avoid boring product photos, instead, they will use images that tell stories using people, nature elements, and other elements to evoke feelings, also you will find more creative ways to use photography in graphic design as 3D images, interactive elements or AR.

Prominent Photography Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design

Mixed Dimension

In 2022 we saw a big trend in mixing 2D elements with 3D designs, and in 2023 we will see a variation of this trend of merging elements from different dimensions or fields, in 2023 the focus will be more on photography, and as we saw early on this post photography will be really important for brands, and you will see it used in different creative ways.


One of these creative ways of using photography in graphic design will be the use of mixed dimension style, where the designer will get creative and merge artificial elements with the real world, this means that we will see photography used with digital illustration, 3D shapes, or geometric shapes to create this real-artificial contrast obtaining an eye-catching design.

Mixed Dimensions Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design

Abstract Gradients

Gradients in graphic design are not something new, as they were a big trend some years ago, and stayed to these days evolving every year, to always stay fresh and give your designs a modern look.


In 2023 gradients will evolve into abstract gradients to stay trendy and give your designs a modern and fresh look, these gradients will have organic forms and a weightless feeling, to also these types of gradients will be paired with noisy edges to create fluid and eye-catching designs.

Abstract Gradients Graphic Design Trends 2023 Poster Design Inspiration by Zeka Design


Wrapping Up + Infographic

Graphic design trends are a really useful tool to understand how this industry is evolving every year and push designers to stay always creative experimenting with new techniques and improving their styles, so you can use these trends as graphic design inspiration and incorporate some of them into your own style.


These are some of the biggest graphic design trends in 2023, but as graphic design is always evolving don’t get surprised that during the year new trends and visual styles came through and get the main focus. Hope you find this post useful and get inspired by these eye-catching design trends and get ideas on how to use them with my poster design series.

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11 Graphic Design Trends in 2023 Infographic

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