Mac tricks that will help you be more productive

mac tricks that will help you be more productive

When you want to be productive, you mostly take a look at your office space, desk, and everything else. You optimize it for productivity, declutter it, and take all the essentials near you so that you do not spend time looking for them. But when it comes to using your laptop or computer efficiently, you might only close unused tabs and that’s all.


However, if you have a Mac, you probably know that it is very powerful and you can use it to make yourself more productive. It has a lot of nice features that turn out to be really helpful when you try to focus and work on your tasks. So, what are the tricks you can apply to use your Mac efficiently and productively?


The Focus Feature

One of the first tips that are really helpful when you try to concentrate is to use the Focus feature. This is a really nice one as it helps you filter the notifications you get that would otherwise distract you from your work.


You can customize it however you want and get notfications only from specific applications or people. The best thing about this feature is that if you have an iPhone, your mac will automatically mirror your focus settings and features on your phone. So that you can be sure you will be even more productive as your phone will not distract you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the nicest things about mac is that it has lots of shortcuts. Depending on your task and what you have to do, if you use the shortcuts, you might not even need a mouse. Which is great and it helps you save time and be more efficient.


You have shortcuts for the operating system you can use on your mac, shortcuts that you can even customize. But most apps and tools you might install and use on your laptop have lots of integrated shortcuts as well. These are time-saving and they can help you tremendously in being more productive and efficient.

Decluttering Desktop

There are two types of people in the world: those who have a desktop full of files and icons and those who have it free. If you fall into the first category, you might notice that your efficiency and productivity are affected. Even though you know the place of each file on your desktop, having it so cluttered simply makes your mind busy.


Visual clutter is putting a toll on your productivity, but you can declutter your desktop and make use of smart folders and color codes. Decluttering will help you remove malware from Mac too, which is extremely helpful and it keeps your laptop in shape. Sometimes, this malware can make your laptop work slowly, which will make your work slow too.


Managing Windows

You probably know already that you have a lot of shortcuts to just switch between windows and apps really quickly on your Mac. However, when you work and have lots of windows open with many tools and things you need to follow, you might easily get lost in finding the ones you need. So, one tip would be to just manage the windows you have open efficiently.


A tiling window manager would help you tremendously with splitting windows quickly and it will boost your productivity tremendously. There are many other tools you can use for managing open windows, such as Amethyst, BetterSnapTool, or Magnet. You choose the aspect ratio and the windows you want to be split, so it will be so easy to just work efficiently on your Mac.


These tools help you focus your attention easily, as many people simply divide it between multiple tasks. If you do not have a monitor and you have to constantly change between windows, it will simply decrease your productivity and efficiency, so better apply this tip and trick to maximize your productivity.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking to be more productive and to learn how to focus their attention on their tasks and what they need to do. However, we live in a world of distractions. And even though you declutter your desk and have all the essentials close to you, productivity might still not be at its maximum level. But, Mac has many features that can help you do exactly this.


And if you learn how to use it at its maximum capacity, your productivity will be instantly boosted. Learn how to split and manage your windows so that you avoid losing time switching between them, which is especially time-consuming if you do not have a monitor. Use shortcuts as they help you not use your mouse so much, declutter your desktop and always use the focus feature.


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