Best Way to Optimize Your Website for SEO in 2023

Best Way to Optimize Your Website for SEO in 2023

The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. Every update on the search algorithms changes the game. And you must stay up to date with the latest SEO best practices if you want to optimize your search engine ranks and increase traffic. This article will explore some SEO tips you can adopt for your website. But before we delve deeper, let us first understand the basic concept of SEO.


Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The organic search channel is an extremely powerful tool. It holds enough force to drive enough traffic and revenues. Smart brands leverage the power of search engine optimization as a competitive advantage to tap into the power of organic search traffic.


But what power does SEO hold to gain such extreme regard? The fact that search engines intentionally drive people to SEO-optimized websites makes SEO a more robust digital marketing strategy. According to BrightEdge Research Report, organic traffic from search engine optimization is 1000% higher than organic traffic from social media.

The Best SEO Practices for Your Website

Most website owners know they need a sound SEO strategy, although some do not know how. In this section, we will explore some of the top SEO practices for your website. While this list could have been longer, I have focused on the most pertinent SEO aspects that will give you the ranks immediately.

Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

From the SEO perspective, LSI keywords are the search terms related to your primary keyword(s). LSI keywords help support your content by adding more context and making it easier for users and search engines to know what your content is about. Taking this post as an example and assuming “Optimize website for SEO” is our primary keyword, examples of suitable LSI keywords would include the following:


  • SEO best practices for 2023
  • Tips to optimize websites for SEO
  • SEO tips for higher ranking

As you can notice, all these phrases are suitable for the primary keywords. They should appear somewhere in the content. Search engines like Google rely on semantically-related phrases to understand content subjects. Google will display results based on these results. As the best SEO strategy, ensure you adopt LSI keywords when creating your website content.

Leverage the Power of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are worth a podium prize. They have become so popular these days and are integral to every search engine result page. According to a Semrush and Brado analysis, 19% of search engine results pages have featured snippets.


Featured Snippets are expanded snippets appearing in the first search engine result pages. Their purpose is to answer the users’ needs right there in the SERP. With featured snippets, users do not have to visit a website to find what they are looking for.


Featured snippets impact search engine optimization in two ways. First, they give website owners a golden opportunity to acquire more clicks from organic search results without necessarily topping the SERPs. A study conducted by Search Engine Land shows that featured snippets get approximately 8% of all clicks. In other words, if you can get your content in the featured snippet, you can significantly boost your organic click-through rate.


The second way featured snippet impact SEO is by increasing no-click searches. Featured snippets provide the answers a website browser is looking for; therefore, the website user does not have to click on any result.


Here are some tips to optimize your website for featured snippets:

  • Write website content that answers questions
  • Optimize your website content to rank at the top
  • Provide short and crisp answers to the questions
  • Include a FAQ section on your content
  • Add table of contents with anchor links
  • Optimize images for featured snippets


Enhance User Experience

Website user experience is a broad subject, just like SEO. The two subjects go hand-in-hand regarding increasing visibility in search engines. Top-ranking web pages blend SEO best practices, including intuitive UX design.

Long before UX started playing a vital role in SEO, most web designers focused on creating websites and website content for search engines rather than searchers. However, search engines have changed the rules of the game and now focus on user behavior to offer the best search results. Search engines pay more attention to how users interact with a website. If the data they gather is not in your favor, you can bet that your SERPs ranks will drop.

In addition to looking at user experience from broad perspectives, there are specific UX factors such as mobile compatibility, interface design, and web speeds. To enjoy top-ranking visibility, you should start thinking about the user, not the search engine.

best seo practices Enhance User Experience

Optimize Your Core Web Vitals

In our previous point, we discussed the importance of user experience in SEO. But how can one measure user experience? User experience can be measured using core web vital. Core web vitals are part of Google’s website experience signals.

Core web vitals measure a website’s interactivity, visual stability, and visual load through First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), respectively. Although core web vitals do not carry as much weight as far as ranking is concerned, Google reps have referred to them as tiny ranking factors and tiebreakers. A few studies, such as the ahref’s study, have also found a positive correlation between core web vitals and high rankings in search engines.

Build Link Building

Link building is what its name suggests. It is the process of getting more links to your website. Link building has a significant impact on your SEO rankings. However, please understand that it is not all about pointing links everywhere and anywhere on your website. In fact, such a scattergun approach could hurt your ranks.

The best link-building strategy is to create content that invites organic links. It would also help to do more robust internal linking by pointing your web pages to other pages within your website.

Links earn credibility for your web pages. The higher the number of quality links directing to your website, the more credible your website will look. And if link-building could prove to search engines that yours is a credible website, search engines are more likely to reward you with high rankings.

Craft Top Quality Content Around Shoulder Niches

Creating high-quality content is one of the most vital tips for boosting your SEO rankings. Quality content is enticing, captivating, and free from errors. Such content motivates website users to keep coming for more. It also portrays your credibility to search engines, which will then reward you with high search engine rankings.

“But mine is a boring niche. How can I create captivating content?”

There is no such thing as a boring niche in the eyes of an experienced content creator. Creating quality content around shoulder niches could be an excellent option. Shoulder niches refer to closely-related topics that you can easily create captivating content around. If you are having trouble creating content that ranks, you can hire an expert content writer to do the task for you.


The Power of Voice Search SEO

Devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming rampant worldwide. According to a Google report, 20% of searches in the Google app are done by voice. Other than the popular Siri, most modern website users will prefer using these devices to conduct voice searches, even as these devices continue to increase in popularity. As a good SEO optimization strategy for your website, it would be best to adopt a voice search optimization plan to reach more voice searchers.

Now, note that people do not speak the way they type, and therefore you will have to account for voice search queries in your SEO strategy. For instance, most people frame their searches in the form of questions. For example, as an alternative of saying “Technical SEO tips for 2023,” they will say: “What are some of the technical SEO tips I should adopt in 2023?” It intends that your SEO strategy needs to be more informal queries, just like in the case of featured snippets.

Here are some tips for voice search SEO you can implement for your website:

  • Optimize your content for featured snippets and the ultimate position zero spot
  • Focus on semantic search
  • Create valuable and informative content
  • Make sure your brand name is easy to understand
    Create a
  • Frequently Asked Questions page

Relevant Meta Titles and Descriptions

Another perfect way to optimize your website for SEO is to describe its intent clearly. Meta titles and descriptions will help you do just that. They give you a way to define the contents of your web page to your visitors and search engine bots. They help people learn more about your website and its contents without necessarily having to visit your website.

It would be best to make your titles and descriptions as catchy as possible. Bare in mind that you are competing with other websites on the same query, so you have to be as compelling as possible. Also, remember to incorporate your keywords in your meta titles and descriptions.

Pay Attention To Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a way you can help search engine bots crawl your website content. It is one of the best techniques to optimize your website for SEO. Some of the elements for optimizing your website for SEO include the following:

  • Use SSL Certificate- For better technical SEO optimization, using an SSL certificate is necessary. It is necessary to have a secured website starting with HTTPS. To enable HTTPS on the site, a site owner should install SSL certificate on the server.
  • Have a clear and elaborate sitemap – The sitemap, tells Google to crawl the site effectively. The sitemap offers information about a webpage, videos, images, etc.
  • Mobile-Friendly – SEO-optimized websites should be mobile-friendly as most users now access websites through smartphones and tablets.
best seo practices Pay Attention To Technical SEO

Conduct Regular SEO Audits

An SEO audit is one of the most fundamental principles of SEO that help achieve the ultimate goal of SEO. It will help you find possible website errors that could harm your rankings. Running periodic SEO audits will be an excellent idea.

Long Tail Keyword Phrases

We all know keywords as the core of search engine optimization. Without keywords, optimizing website content for search engines would be hard. Working with long-tail keywords is an effective SEO strategy you should consider adopting. But what is a long-tail keyword?

As the name suggests, a long-tail keyword is an extended version of a short-tail keyword. Although long-tail keywords tend to have a lower search volume, they bring a lot of traffic. Remember, most people will type long phrases when searching for website content. Including long-tail keywords in your content will make your website visible to users. You are giving users what they want, and they will likely return to your website. This will significantly impact your SEO.

Generate Effective and Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks could dramatically improve your visibility in search engine results pages. Backlinks, sometimes called inbound or incoming links, are links created when a website links to your website. They create a channel between two websites. They are perfect signals to search engines that others vouch for your website content. Google will surely reward you for such links. All you need to do to earn these backlinks is to ensure you create valuable content worth linking to.

Images in Your Marketing Strategy

Images play a critical role in making content appealing and exciting. They help readers gain a deeper understanding of your content. Through increased reader engagement, images will impact your SEO. They make people stay on your website longer, consequentially reducing bounce rates. These are some of the algorithms Google uses when ranking websites.

best seo practices Images in Your Marketing Strategy


Follow the Google Algorithm such as BERT & RankBrain

Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers (popularly abbreviated as BERT) allows Google to process words in search queries. This approach makes it easy for Google to understand the whole context of a phrase contained in a search query. RankBrain, like BERT, directly impacts SEO. Some of the ways to optimize content for BERT and RankBrain include making simple and succinct content, using topic clusters, and being keyword-specific with every content you create.

EAT and Quality of Content

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness. Google pays significant attention to content quality when ranking websites. EAT-optimized content should be high-quality, transparent, and created from a positive brand reputation. You should also leverage user-generated content, build authoritative backlinks, and create a positive brand reputation. Remember, if you cannot do the work yourself, be sure to hire a professional content creator.

The Bottom Line on SEO Best Practices for Your Website

There is growing competition for top spots on search engines. For your website to rank high in search engines, you must be on top of your game. This article has explored some of the best SEO tips you should adopt to boost your rankings in search engine results pages.


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