12 Graphic Design Trends 2022

12 Graphic Design Trends 2022

The new year 2022 and as I made the previous year I made a collection of posters to showcase what will be the next graphic design trends this year, hope you find great design inspiration in this post and take advantage of these new trends, let’s start with the list.


90s Nostalgia

Some years ago we have seen 80’s making a come back in graphic design with gothic serifs and vaporwave scenarios, but in 2022 is the turn for the 90s nostalgia, this year we will see a comeback for primitive internet frames, 90s patterns, and bright color schemes to give us memories from childhood


And the main concept behind this trend is to idealize this decade giving you the feeling of nostalgia, so get prepared to see graphic design projects with retro aesthetics inspired by the nostalgia of coach surfing, 90s MTV programs, video clips, and the childhood of millennials.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 90s Nostalgia



If we saw the past year that minimalism was a big graphic design trend with clean layouts and avoiding extra elements, this year we will see the opposite, being a huge graphic design trend in 2022 the maximalism, and graphic designers will look for more opulent layouts rejecting austere brand systems and flat geometrics.


With maximalism style in 2022, you will see graphic design projects using bright and powerful colors and many brands will opt to use monochromatic color palettes to attract the viewer attention with an energetic and vibrant feeling, also brand will use bold fonts many times combined with these bright colors, this style will be used in brand identity design systems, logo design, poster design, and typography.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Maximalism

Vibrant and Colorful Typography

As we saw with the maximalism trend, typography also will get influenced by this trend as typographic styles will get exaggerated looking to captivate movement and amplify their personality using creative ways to apply typography.


Also, we will see this exaggeration in typography also getting applied in color looking for more vibrant color schemes mixed with sharp shapes to create strong, vivid, and contemporary typography design that we will see applied on movies, series, poster design, web design, or brand identity design projects.

2D/3D Mashup

Saying that 3D design will be a trend in 2022 won’t be correct, as it is an already established graphic design type and style used in infinite variations and forms, but what will be a huge graphic design trend in 2022 is to merge 3D visuals and elements with 2D shapes and illustrations.


Graphic designers and 3D designers will get creative in 2022 on the 3d field merging illustrations and 2d elements with 3D elements and we will see this trend applicated in different design fields like illustration, animation, typography, app design, and web design.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 2D and 3D Mashup


Experimental Typography

The world is becoming more global and brands are more focused on online markets, being harder to rely on words as the meaning could vary from culture to culture, that is why some graphic designers instead of seeing this as a problem see it as an opportunity to focus on form over legibility creating more creative typography.


Experimental typography will be a big graphic design trend in 2022 where graphic designers will look to create creative fonts and experiment with shapes and form, and there is no limit in this trend as it will depend directly on graphic designer imagination. Experimental typography will be applied in logo design, web design, poster design, and brand identity design systems.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Experimental Typography

Glass And Crystals

With the improvement of 3D design and the software evolution making it more accessible to more designers we saw a huge increase in 3D design, and last year we saw that glassmorphism was a huge trend in graphic design, and in 2022 we will continue with glass effects in graphic design and crystals.


In 2022 we will see many graphic designers bringing realism into 3D with glass and crystal effects to give you a clean and beautiful aesthetic, this graphic design trend will be really influenced by holographic effects using these both effects to obtain incredible results in many types of applications.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Glass and Crystals


Riso Print Style

Originally risograph technique was created for administrative uses like office copying but artists find this technique really interesting and start using it as a tool to create artwork with an abstract feeling and graphic designers find it a good tool to create creative and eye-catching ads with vivid colors.


In 2022 this technique will be back and graphic designers will start using it as you can’t produce those vivid colors in other printers, also another interesting fact about this style is that it’s very common that the prints came with imperfections as ink bleed, alignment issues or rough textures giving you a unique and vibrant artwork, and it will be applied in typography, animation, packaging, print design, and web design.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Riso Print Style

Art Deco

If you have read the previous trends you already have noticed that vivid colors, psychedelic style, and wild design will be a big thing in 2022, but not everything will be wild, bright, and rough as Art Deco will be a big graphic design trend in 2022 using clean layouts, strong lines and taking in practice graphic design principles.


Art Deco style appeared in the early 20th century as a philosophy that stands for values like innovation, modernism, dignity, and resilience in response to the art nouveau style that was popular during this century. Graphic designers in 2022 will apply this style using geometry and symmetry creating aesthetically pleasing projects in poster design, web design, or illustrations.


Holographic Design

The holographic design style is a diffraction of light which creates a really attractive and modern look is this is the reason that recently we have seen this effect being applied in product design, stationery, shoes, and fashion design, but this effect will evolve during 2022 being a big thing in graphic design.


In 2022 we will see holographic style applied in logo design, app design, web design, and animation creating eye-pleasing designs. This graphic design trend will be applied using 3D design giving you feelings of futuristic and high-tech aesthetics.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Holographic Design

Psychedelic Style

If you want to travel back to the 1960s in 2022 psychedelic style will make a comeback to become a huge graphic design trend because of the rise of the new counterculture. Get prepared to see acid trip poster design or mind-bending color palettes during 2022.


Graphic designers will get inspired by psychedelic poster design father Wes Wilson and bring into the design a carefree spirit with bright color schemes and complex abstractions to transport you again to hippie years.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Psychedelic Style



Anti-design trend is maybe one of my favorites from this list, as it’s more focused on the concept over the visual and usability, and during the last decade app design and web designers were looking to improve usability to help any user understand their interfaces and make it more accessible to them.


We all agree that this is a good thing, helping the user understand the interface, but due to many conventions and rules about usability makes many websites and designs along the digital landscape look too similar, that is why some graphic designers and creatives want to push their ideas out of these boundaries and create the anti-design.


Anti-design has a lot of things in common with the Brutalist style which was a big trend the last year, but they are not the same thing. In 2022 we will see design projects using asymmetry, bare interfaces, crowded elements, and clashing colors in protest to traditional design principles and aesthetic tastes.

Graphic Design Trends 2022 Antidesign

Motion Design

We already are seeing that motion graphics are getting more popular over the years and brands are conscious that they are trying to integrate this graphic design field into their brand identity and visuals to create a movement feeling and more dynamic visuals.


In 2022 motion design will be a huge graphic design trend among brands looking to innovate and engage with their consumers using animations that uses storytelling to transmit their brand values. Graphic designers will use motion graphics in logo design, visual identity, animations, and web design.



Hope you find this post useful and get inspired by my prediction of graphic design trends in 2022, and of course, besides the ones that appear on this list predicting the future is hard, that is why in 2022 there will be more design trends appearing that are not in this list, and also you can hire an outsource graphic design company to apply these trends on your brand.


Get inspired by these design trends and create amazing and modern graphic design projects!

12 Graphic Design Trends 2022 Pinterest

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