11 Logo Design Trends 2022

11 Logo Design Trends 2022

Logo design and graphic design is an artistic field always changing and evolving, with new styles and art directions appearing and disappearing every year. Design trends can be temporary or stay for many years as we already saw in previous years.


As I make every year, I analyze and try to predict what will be the next logo design trend in 2022, so let’s start with the biggest trends in logo design for 2022.


Typography as a shape

In 2022 we will see wordmark logos having huge importance for companies and brand identity design projects, but we will see wordmarks in a different form, merging typography and shapes in a harmonious way to create a single element logo.


Usually, wordmarks are composed of typography, but with this trend, we will see a variation of wordmarks introducing shapes as a part of typography obtaining creative and fresh logo design projects.

Typography as a shape Logo Design Trends 2022


90's Nostalgia

For brands that want to transmit bright, rebellious, and energetic feeling in the 2022 ’90s nostalgia trend in logo design will be a big thing, as the ’90s makes a comeback in 2022 it means bright color palettes, abstract geometry, and bold font combinations to create energetic and colorful logos.


The ‘90s will be a huge logo design trend in 2022 and with it we will see many brands looking to attract the viewer’s attention and getting experimental with bright color palettes and abstract geometry.

90s Nostalgia Logo Design Trends 2022

White Space Logos Mixed With Images

In 2022 it’s not rare to see brands experimenting with their logos and incorporating them in a more cohesive way with their branding elements, also using white space or negative space in logo design also is a popular technique to transmit unconscious messages in an artistic way.


But in 2022 white space will evolve and designers will use it having in mind imagery to create versatile and responsive brand logos that can be customizable depending on the needs of the brand in each moment, personally, I find this trend really cool and fresh being able to create really amazing brand identity.

White Space Logos With Imagery Logo Design Trends 2022

Experimenting With Thickness

In 2022 we will see typography design going a step further, with designers playing with fonts and going in more experimental directions pushing boundaries, we can see this reflected in logo design with brands using thin and thick lines for their brand logos breaking all the rules of typography.


In 2022 experimenting with thickness will be a huge logo design trend to create a dynamic feeling and forward-thinking vision creating more complex typographic designs, this trend will especially be visible on font-heavy logos.

Experimenting With Thickness Logo Design Trends 2022


Outlined Logos

With the increasing popularity of flat design aesthetics, outline style also gets bigger, that is why outline logos will be a huge logo design trend for brands looking for a minimalist and clean look.


In 2022 many brands will opt for a more subtle and light visual identity and outlined logo design style is perfect for a watermark or small icon logos, and with the increasing popularity of motion graphics and logo design animation, these types of logos are much easy to animate and obtaining an elegant and modern brand.

Outlined Logos Logo Design Trends 2022

Stretching The Letters

Usually when you start with graphic and logo design one of the biggest don’ts is to don’t stretch fonts, but 2022 is a year of breaking the rules and experimentation for some designers and stretching letters will be a huge logo design trend in 2022.


With these effects designers and brands want to give their logos an infinite feeling, this trend will be applied in different forms and most of them will only stretch some letters of the logo to create a empathize feeling on those letters.

Stretching The Letters Logo Design Trends 2022


Layered Logos

During the last year, we have seen logo designers going creative and experimenting with shapes, fonts, geometric forms, and colors to create eye-catching and modern brand logos, that is why this year layered elements in logo design will be a huge trend in 2022.


We can appreciate that in 2022 legibility is taking a secondary place for some designers and this will provoke more creative and interesting logo projects, with this logo trend we will see color and pattern changes in brand logos with interruption of text, this trend will also be applied with other design trends like typography experimentation.

Layered Logos Logo Design Trends 2022

Blurred Logos

There are always designers who are looking for experimentation and they are looking in more creative ways, usually, brand logos should be easily readable to keep the brand much easy to memorize, but in 2022 this will not be the main priority for some designers experimenting with shapes and movement.


That is why in 2022 blurred logos will be a huge trend among more experimental brands and designers focusing their attention on movement and fluid logos. This trend will be applied in many different ways to maintain the logo legibility but create a memorable logo, which is easier to add animation.

Blurred Logos Logo Design Trends 2022


Experimental Typography

From what we already have seen on this post you probably have noticed that brand and graphic designers will get creative and experimental with typography, branking all the rules about fonts looking for new ways to play with word-based logos.


That is why in 2022 experimental typography will be a huge trend in logo design, and we will see many brands using typography-based logos with different letter heights, unusual lines, creative decorative elements, and fresh disposition of letters to create a surprise effect maintaining the legibility of the logo.

Experimental Typography Logo Design Trends 2022

Geometric Shapes

If you have seen some of the biggest rebrands of the past year you probably have noticed that brands tend to simplify their logos and they choose to incorporate geometric shapes to their brand logos to obtain a simpler and clean looking.


That is why in 2022 Geometric shapes will be a huge trend in logo design with many brands looking for a more minimalist, neat, and discreet look for their brands using circles, shapes, triangles, or lines in different creative ways to obtain a clean and simple visual identity using shape psychology.

Geometric Shapes Logo Design Trends 2022


Simplified Logos

A trend that we saw the previous year that will stay relevant in 2022 and get bigger, is simplified logos. We already have seen big brands making rebrands and adapting their logo designs to more simplified versions to create a more minimalist and clean logo.


In 2022 simplified logos will be a huge logo design trend among big brands looking for a refined and minimalist aesthetic, with more responsive logos, so don’t get surprised if this year a big brand announces a rebrand of their identity with a more simplified logo design.

Simplified Logos Logo Design Trends 2022Simplified Logos Logo Design Trends 2022


In 2022 we will see many comebacks from different decades and their art styles with a modern twist, designers will take inspiration from the past and what already has worked before to incorporate it into our present days, also designers and brands will go creative and experimental with typography and shapes, so free your creativity and get experimental with your next logo idea.


Hope you find this post useful and find logo design inspiration for your next identity project, use these new design trends and styles in your way to creating amazing and eye-catching projects.

11 Logo Design Trends 2022 Pinterest

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