10 Best Logo Design Books

TOP 10 Best Logo Design Books for Graphic Designers in 2021

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In this new blog post, I made a selection of the 10 best Graphic Design Books to learn everything about Logo Design and get the tone of design inspiration and discover the best graphic design tips!


The first of my favorite books to learn Logo Design is Logo Design Love by David Airey, it’s the perfect book to start your collection and as many have described is one of the best logo books in the market today.


If you are looking for one book to learn about Logo Design this is your book, because this book will show you the right steps to create a successful logo by illustrating the process from the first ideas in your sketchbook to the final print you will send to your client.


With this book, you will learn the first steps about creating a logo design and how to transform it into a complete brand identity project, you will also learn the difference between a good logo and a bad one and how to create an iconic logo design with 31 useful design tips to create a timeless logo design that stays on time.

  • Publisher: Peachpit Press
  • Author: David Airey

If you want to learn more about Logo Design History and you are looking for the perfect Logo Design Guide this is the book you are looking for! This book written by Michael Evamy is the perfect graphic design resource to make you a better designer.


This graphic design book contains over 1,300 symbols and logotypes from different ages arranged in 75 different categories depending on their basic visual form. What makes this Logo Design book so special is that it includes brand and identity design works from some of the best graphic designers of the past such as Paul Rand and the iconic Saul Bass, but this book also contains some of the most exciting contemporary graphic designers.


If you want the perfect Logo Design Guide, learn the history about logos and learn new identity design styles this books is made for you.

  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
  • Author: Michael Evamy

There are plenty of infographics on the internet about the evolution of some of the famous logos during the years, but this logo design book was written by Ron van der Vlugt collects 100 of the most famous brand logos and explains the evolution of their logos in this book.


Logo Life is the perfect resource for any Graphic Designers because it shows you a chronological and step-by-step how these well-known brands have developed and change their logos and why.


Also a interesting thing about this books is that it includes most of the first companies logos and you can see how they changed to their present logos, one example that you will find on this books is Apple first ever logo design which it’s completely different from today’s logo.

  • Publisher: BIS Publishers
  • Author: Ron van der Vlugt


Logotype is a Graphic Design Book written by Michael Evamy and it’s the perfect visual guide for Logotypes, this book is focused on Typography in Logo Design as visual symbols in the design.


If you are looking for Typography elements used as a Logo reference book, this is the book you are looking for to get logo design inspiration for Typography elements. This book collects different word marks, monograms, and single-letter marks used as Logos and will make it easier for any designer to choose the right font for their next Brand and Identity Project.

  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
  • Author: Michael Evamy

Symbol is a Logo Design book written by Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman and this book is the perfect guide to use as a reference guide for symbols used in Graphic Design.


This book collects over 1300 different symbols in different groups according to their visual characteristics and makes it easier for any graphic designer to look for design inspiration for their new brand and identity design project!

  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
  • Author: Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman

This book written by Michael Johnson is the perfect step by step guide to create the best Brand Identity Design projects, it’s a must read book for any Brand and Identity designer and the best way of discover the best graphic design tips for design students.


In this book, Michael Johnson divides the branding design process in five key steps, which are Investigation, Strategy and narrative, design, implementation and engagement and he explains how they work using visual elements with over 1000 brand identity projects to make it easier to understand this process.

  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson
  • Author: Michael Johnson

I already have mentioned this book written by Alina Wheeler in my post about the Best Graphic Design Books, and if you want to learn everything about Brand and Identity Design this book is a must-have in your shelves.


On this perfect brand and identity design guide Alina Wheeler divides the process into five different stages starting with the brand development and ending with the implementation of your Logo Design in different branding elements.


What makes this book so good to learn logo design is that is divided into three different sections where you will learn abound brand fundamentals, basic process and you will learn with different case studies.

  • Publisher: Wiley; 5th edition (October 16, 2017)
  • Author: Alina Wheeler


This Graphic Design Book written by Steven Heller is a great choice if you are looking for logo design inspiration and discover the history behind 50 of the most famous logos and a brief description of them.


This book contains 128 pages where you will discover more than 50 different logo design projects including the BP Logo, and how they were created, and why these logos worked so well for ages.

  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
  • Author: Steven Heller

Pentagram is one of the most known Graphic Design Agencies in the world and they have released this book that showcases more than 400 different logo design projects made by Pentagram during all these years.


All the Logos from this book are ordered by name and date, and this book gives every Logo Design individual page and a brief description of them and if you are looking for Graphic Design Inspiration from one of the most known design agencies this is book is for you.

  • Publisher: Pentagram Design
  • Author: Pentagram Design

Logo Modernism is also one book that was featured on my post about the best Graphic Design Books, and this book written by Jens Muller and published by Taschen is the perfect visual reference if you are looking for Logo Design Inspiration.


This book collects approximately 6000 different trademarks registered during 1940-1980 divided into three different categories, geometric, effect, and typographic. With this book, you will discover how modernism affected Graphic Design and how corporate identity was born.

  • Publisher: Taschen
  • Author: Jens Muller



I hope you find this blog post where I showed you the 10 best books to learn everything about Logo Design useful and improve your next brand and identity design projects!, and if you want to see more post about graphic design books I recommend you these articles.

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