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What is graphic design about?

First of all, we need to know what is graphic design, also known as communication design, graphic design can take physical form as business card or virtual form as a banner for a website, graphic design is the art of projecting ideas and messages in a visual way through visual and text content with images, words or graphics, also the purpose of graphic design can be everything as for commercial purposes for any company or business, educational for colleges or educational organizations, cultural for museums, movies, or music and political to transmit any message or idea.

Now, that we already know a short definition of what is Graphic Design, we can talk about why is important graphic design for a company or any business, as we mentioned design is the art of transmit ideas, and for a company it is important to transmit the philosophy of their brand and let know their future clients why they need their product.

Graphic Design is very important at the beginning of any company or business, because the logo design will be one of the most recognizable element from your brand and you will want that people will known your brand and your philosophy only seeing your logo, you also will like to create connection between all the graphic elements of your brand to make it more credibility and professional.

In Zeka Design we can help you to reach your future clients a feel attracted to your brand through professional, clean and powerful design.

What services you can find in graphic design

Editorial Design

Editorial design is a graphic design field that combines clever compositions, editorial layout and creative typography, these all elements mixed makes a huge role in the way we want to share information to your audience, in Zeka Design we focus on creating a clean design with powerful message to make your future clients more easy to engage with your product.

The editorial design field we care of Book Cover Design, Magazine layouts design and creating powerful catalogue to showcase your products in the best way according to your branding design.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design is a way of graphic design focused on help your company to sell your products or services , advertising design is a mix between graphic design and marketing to create the perfect graphic ad to create more engagement with your niche customers.

As advertising design focus is to let know your future clients about your products and persuade them to buy your product or service, is very important the marketing approach in the design and make it look fun and professional including the benefits to your customer about buying your product, and all of these is made by creating the right sales tactic and marketing plan.

Corporate Design

A corporate design is all the graphic elements involved in a brand to make it work all together and let your clients recognize better your company, that elements includes the logo design, the name of the company or institution, envelopes, forms, folders, broucheers and all the elements used by your company inside your office and for your clients.

It’s very important for any company create a good Corporate design, this make your brand stronger and look professional, using the same color palette, patterns and your unique design, all these elements need to transmit your mission and ideas in the best way possible.

You want that your brand logo transmit your philosophy and reach your potential clients with strong and powerful graphics to keep growing through the years with great Corporate Design.

Design For Events

If you are planning to make a event, is very important to take care of the design of every elements, all the elements related to your event needs to work together to transmit the vibe and the ambient of your event, and you need to target your audience correctly to engage with them and make them want to go to your event.

Design For Web

If you are looking for give your web site design a unique look and more personality, the best way to do is by creating custom icons and illustrations for your web, with custom graphic design elements in your site you can differentiate from your competence and give your brand design more strong and power.

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Different Types of Graphic Design

Visual identity graphic design

A brand visual identity is a form of communication between a organization or company to its audience by graphic elements, the idea of a good visual identity is that the company can show their personality, tone and essence through different graphic design elements and visuals as images, shapes and color.

Good visual identity graphic design is a work between the graphic designer and the company to transmit the philosophy of the company through different graphic design elements as logos, typography, color palettes and image libraries in the best way to show the brand personality. A visual design identity also include the design of standard business cards and corporate stationery at the same time that the designer develop a visual brand guidelines to help the brand to use their graphic design elements in the best way to engage with their audience

Marketing & advertising graphic design

It is important for a company to show their product or service in the best way to their future clients, and at the same time the way they show their product needs to follow the visual identity of the brand. The graphic design in marketing has a huge role because a graphic designer needs to show the product of the company in a creative way and tell them the advantages of that product through visual design elements.

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