Cherie Paris Logo and Branding Design Concept

Graphic Design and Branding project for a Concept Boutique in Paris called Cherie Paris.

To create the Logo Design for that project I get inspiration on Vintage Parisian women style and fashion, and I combined the face from the woman with a red circle as “Cherie” is a French name and also sounds as Cherry.

I created a Responsive Logo Design, and this Logo Design transforms with different sizes to help customer to see the logo well in different scenarios, I also made 3 different color version from the Logo Design.

The main elements that I designed for that Branding project are 3 Poster Designs, stationery design that include Business Card, Notebook and Half-Fold Brochure and two different Magazine covers for the Brand.

Other elements included on this branding project are the design of 2 Tote Bag, 2 different Label tag, packaging design and Paper bag.

Cherie Paris Modern and Minimalist Logo Design Branding
Cherie Paris Color palette and typography design project
Cherie Paris Modern Responsive Logo Design Branding
Cherie Responsive Logo Design Branding Project Portfolio
Cherie Paris Modern and Minimalist Poster Design Branding
Cherie Paris Poster Design, Minimalist Editorial Design, branding
Cherie Paris Poster Design, Minimalist Editorial Design Branding
Cherie Paris Modern Poster Design Branding Project
Cherie minimalist Business Card Design Branding Project
Cherie Paris Fashion Stationery Design Inspiration Branding Project
Magazine Cover Design Editorial Design Fashion Concept
Modern Magazine Cover Design Editorial Design Concept
Minimalist Fashion Magazine Cover Design Branding Concept
Fashion Brand Editorial Magazine Design Branding Concept
Minimalist Tote Bag Graphic Design Inspiration Branding
Minimalist Label Tag Design Fashion Branding Concept
Packaging Design Cherie Paris Branding Inspiration
Fashion Packaging Bag Design Cherie Paris


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