Color Poster Design Collection

On Color Poster Design Collection the main theme is the color, and the idea was to create a Poster Design Collection using real photography from people and surround them with Color and create that colorful vibe and in some way this fantasy, all the Graphic Poster from that collection have a photography from people as main element and the Photographs chosen in this Collection are old, to give that Vintage Style.

Every Poster as mentioned has as main characther the real photography, and it’s surrounded by geometric elements as circles and rectangles and also abstract shapes to give more dynamism and movement to the composition, I also give the photographs color filter to give more depth to design and more connection with the colorful shapes.

The Graphic Design Style used on this Poster Design Collection is a minimalism graphic design style and modern style, the idea was to give more protagonism to the main character and surround it with different abstract shapes and geometric elements to give that color vibe, and the Color Palette used for that poster design collection is a mix of vibrant colors, the primary ones, with more light and pale colors as secondary colors.

To create Color Poster Design Collection I used the Digital Collage technique and style to mix different elements from real photography from people but at the same time I also like to add abstract shapes and geometric figures as circles and rectangles to my poster designs and mix the real world with more fantasy and color.

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