Italy Poster Design Collection

On this Graphic Poster Design Collection the main theme is Italy and some of the most beautiful cities of this magic country, the six cities that I chose for this collection are Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Milan and Positano.

Each Poster Design has a unique color scheme to represent the cities colors and the city aesthetic to transport you to these unique and special Italian cities.

The technique that I used on this poster design collection is the digital collage technique to cut some of the most known parts of every city as the Duomo in Milan or the Ponte Vechio in Florence and mix them with other parts of the city to create this aesthetic and transport you to every city.

I used a minimal design style for that poster collection and mix the real photography from every city with abstract and geometric shape to give movement effect, also in this collection it’s very important the use of typography as I used it on every poster from this italian collection.

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