Music Poster Design Collection

On this Graphic Poster Design Collection the main theme is Music as is one of my passion and I like to discover new artists, so that is why I decided to create this collection and show you six really talented artists from who I get the inspiration for create this Posters.

On Music Poster Design Collection I wanted to play with movement and experiment with different shapes and forms to create more dynamism to every Poster Design, that is why I used a lot of abstract shapes to give that dynamic effect and the Poster has life.

The full Poster Design Collection have a Minimalism Graphic Design style with abstract elements and a lot of geometric shapes, I used the digital Collage technique to mix the real life photographs from the artists with the abstract and geometric shapes that surround them to make it one.

The first artist that I choose for that collection is Los Angeles Based singer Sunni Colon, on this Poster I get inspiration from his single Psicodelic and I choose a color palette where the primary color is the purple and the secondary color is yellow to give more contrast in some parts of the composition.

The second artist from that Poster Design Collection is the English singer Natalie Rose Findaly more known as Findlay, and the song I used to get inspiration for that Poster is Waste My Time, the color palette from that poster design is light blue and to give contrast I used a Pale Orange color, and on this Poster Design I also used the Glitch effect in some parts of the Poster.

The Third artist is the South African singer Nakhane and I get inspiration from his single Clairvoyant, the color palette from that Poster Design is a light violet and pale orange/red color and I used a vivid Green to give some effects to the poster.

The fourth artist is French Singer Lou Doillon with I get inspired with her single Burn, the color palette from this Poster Design is Purple Color and I used Light Green to give more contrast to the composition.

The number five is Mahmood Italian singer which I get inspired by his album Gioventu Bruciatta, and the color palette of  this poster is Mainly Yellow and Red with some light blue effects.

The Last artist I choose for that poster design collection is Billie Eilish and I get inspired by her last single Bad Guy, the main color of this poster is Dark Blue and I used pink and yellow to give more contrast to the composition.

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