Best Online Graphic Design Courses for Beginners

Best Online Graphic Design Courses for Beginners

Do you want to get started in the exciting field of graphic design but don’t know how? Don’t worry; this blog has all the information you need to find the best online courses for beginners. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your skills, these courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know. So relax, make yourself a coffee, and start with the first course on our list. Additionally, if you’re seeking assistance creating visually engaging presentations to showcase your newfound graphic design skills, consider utilizing services that can satisfy a student’s request to make my PowerPoint for me to streamline the process and enhance your professional presentations.


Coursera - Graphic Design Specialization

The Graphic Design Specialization course on Coursera is highly recommended for beginners in the field. It provides a solid foundation in a fun and engaging manner, making it one of the top choices for those new to graphic design.


  • Flexible Learning: You have the freedom to learn at your speed. If you have a busy schedule, this course can greatly help. You can pause the lessons when needed, return to them at your convenience, and review the material as often as necessary.
  • Practical experience is emphasized in the course through hands-on projects, allowing students to apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios. This approach enhances understanding and helps build a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Upon finishing the course, you will receive a certificate that can be included on your resume or LinkedIn profile. This is a valuable way to demonstrate your commitment and newly acquired skills.


Coursera’s Graphic Design Specialization is an excellent first step if you’re eager to venture into graphic design. It’s more than just acquiring new skills; it’s also about the satisfaction of building something from the ground up. Who knows – this program could be the beginning of your path toward a thriving career as a graphic designer!


Udemy - Graphic Design Masterclass

The Graphic Design Masterclass on Udemy is the next recommended online course for beginners in graphic design. Known for its ability to help beginners become professional designers, this course may be the ideal choice for you.


  • The course provides in-depth coverage of design principles, from the basics to advanced concepts. Topics include color theory, typography, layout design, and other areas. It serves as a comprehensive resource for all your graphic design requirements.
  • Practical Uses: This course goes beyond just teaching theoretical concepts and instead focuses on demonstrating how to put them into practice. Hands-on projects simulate real-life situations, giving students a better understanding of how to utilize their skills in the real world.
  • You will have access to the course for your entire life after you sign up. This allows you to go back and review the lessons whenever you like, even after finishing the course. It’s similar to having a graphic design mentor at your disposal around the clock!


You may be amazed to discover that you have the skills of a professional designer once you finish this course. It is specifically created to provide the necessary tools to produce impressive visuals. If you want to delve into graphic design, the Graphic Design Masterclass on Udemy may be the ideal option. Remember that practice is essential for improvement, so do not hesitate to try new ideas and let your creativity shine.

edX - Graphic Design

Next, we have the Graphic Design course available on edX. This course is highly recommended for those new to graphic design and value flexibility. Wondering why? Here are some key reasons.


  • Flexible learning allows you to study at your speed with edX. You are not constricted by specific class times, allowing you to fit in a lesson whenever you have spare time. It is akin to having a private tutor who can accommodate your timetable.
  • The course is created by prestigious universities and taught by professionals in the industry, guaranteeing that the material is high-caliber and up-to-date with current industry standards.
  • Engaging Lessons: Instead of just watching videos, you will actively participate in interactive lessons that include quizzes and projects to enhance your understanding of the concepts.


Picture yourself having the ability to craft your logo, make a poster for a band you love, or even construct a website. In the edX Graphic Design course, you’re not just gaining knowledge but actively producing. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your adventure into graphic design with one of the most beginner-friendly courses available! The world of color, typography, and layout is ready to delve into.

LinkedIn Learning

Next in line for the top graphic design online courses tailored for beginners is the “Becoming a Graphic Designer” course provided by LinkedIn Learning. While some may associate LinkedIn with job searching, they offer top-notch courses in various skills, including graphic design. Here are a few reasons why you should consider checking out this particular course:


  • Practical Abilities: This course is designed to equip you with the skills that employers value. By the end of the course, you will be well-prepared to start your career in graphic design.
  • The course is part of a Learning Path consisting of interconnected courses that aim to guide you from a beginner to an expert. Think of it as a map for your educational journey.
  • Experienced professionals who have worked in the graphic design industry for many years serve as the instructors. They possess a deep understanding of the industry and are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge to you.


If you are committed to pursuing a career in graphic design, this course could be ideal for you. You will not only learn the fundamental principles but also receive instruction on how to put them into practice in practical scenarios. Although it may require perseverance and commitment, LinkedIn Learning will support you well. So why not give it a try? Ultimately, the most reliable method to shape your future is by taking action, isn’t it?


Skillshare - Graphic Design Basics

Let’s transition to the following standout course on our compilation of top graphic design online courses for beginners: Skillshare’s Graphic Design Basics! You may already be aware of Skillshare as a diverse learning platform that covers subjects ranging from pottery to coding, but have you considered the excellence of their graphic design fundamentals course?


  • This course is ideal for beginners in graphic design, as it covers the fundamentals and progresses at a manageable pace. You don’t need any previous experience to enroll.
  • Brief and to the point: The lessons in this course are short and easy to digest, allowing you to learn at your speed without feeling swamped, unlike other courses that can seem never-ending.
  • Hands-on assignments: You will have the opportunity to develop your designs as you progress in your learning, providing a practical application for your newly acquired skills. It is always enjoyable to witness your creations take shape and become real.


Starting to learn something new may seem intimidating, but with Skillshare’s Graphic Design Basics course, it doesn’t have to be. You will receive instruction from a professional in the industry and have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge. Therefore, why not begin your graphic design adventure with Skillshare?

Shaw Academy - Graphic Design Course

Continuing our search for top-notch online graphic design courses for beginners, we have now arrived at the Graphic Design Course offered by Shaw Academy. Known for its excellence in online education, Shaw Academy’s graphic design course maintains its strong reputation.


  • Beginning Course: This course is designed to provide a strong base in graphic design, covering various topics from design history to current techniques. It is ideal for beginners wanting to establish a solid understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design.
  • Live, interactive sessions are a standout feature of this course, allowing you to ask questions and receive instant feedback. It provides a classroom-like experience without the need to commute.
  • Upon finishing the course, you will be awarded a certification. This certification can be a valuable addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile, showcasing your newly acquired skills.


If you are ready to begin learning graphic design, Shaw Academy’s Graphic Design Course could be the perfect opportunity. Remember that everyone starts as a beginner, so why not establish a strong foundation with Shaw Academy?

Domestika's course, "Introduction to Graphic Design”

One more highly recommended online course for beginners in graphic design that should be included on this list is Domestika’s Introduction to Graphic Design. This is an excellent starting point for those new to the design field.


  • Basics Plus: Domestika’s course teaches the fundamental concepts of graphic design and includes additional content such as art history and theory. This provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?
  • Practical Assignments: This course offers real project opportunities you will engage with from the start. It provides a valuable hands-on learning experience.
  • This course is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and German. So, you can participate in the course no matter which language you prefer.


The Graphic Design course offered by Domestika is perfect for beginners looking to venture into the design field. It provides a hands-on approach to learning and allows students to work on real projects. If you’re eager to explore the design world, why not plunge in with Domestika?


Canva Design School

Canva Design School’s Graphic Design Basics is highly recommended as one of the top online courses for beginner graphic designers. With its easy-to-use interface and wide selection of design templates, Canva is a popular choice for those new to graphic design.


  • Simple Education: This class offers an enjoyable and uncomplicated method to understand the fundamentals of graphic design. Canva’s interactive design tool ensures that learning is engaging and keeps you interested throughout the learning experience.
  • Brief and effective: The lessons are short but impactful. They simplify complicated design ideas into easy-to-understand pieces, making them ideal for beginners who may feel overwhelmed by lengthy lessons.
  • Free Access: That’s correct! Canva’s Graphic Design Basics course is completely free. It’s a great opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, right?


If you are searching for a fun, easy-to-use, and affordable way to begin learning graphic design, the Graphic Design Basics course offered by Canva Design School could be the perfect choice. Are you prepared to start creating with Canva?

FutureLearn - Graphic Design

One of the top choices for beginners looking to learn graphic design online is the Graphic Design course offered by FutureLearn. Known for its high-quality educational material, FutureLearn’s graphic design course is highly regarded.


  • FutureLearn provides a special learning opportunity with its interactive features and peer review process. You can be part of a dynamic learning environment by participating in discussions with other learners, sharing your work, and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Practical tasks in the course simulate real-life design projects, allowing students to apply their newly acquired skills in a real-world setting. This hands-on approach ensures that students are not only learning but also gaining practical experience.
  • Skilled educators: The Graphic Design course on FutureLearn is taught by seasoned experts in the industry. This allows you to learn from individuals who have been in your shoes before and have achieved great success in graphic design.


FutureLearn’s Graphic Design course is an excellent option for beginners, offering a strong basis, hands-on learning opportunities, and real-life projects. Are you prepared to explore the captivating realm of graphic design with FutureLearn?

NYIAD - Graphic Design Course

Now, let’s focus on another top online graphic design course for beginners: the graphic design course offered by NYIAD. NYIAD is a well-respected institution in the art and design field, and its online courses maintain that same level of reputation.


  • At NYIAD, you can take a fully online course at your own speed. You can study according to your schedule without feeling pressured or falling behind. Your learning experience is all about personal growth and progress.
  • One distinctive aspect of NYIAD’s program is the individualized mentorship offered to each student. Each student is assigned An experienced industry professional to provide personal feedback, guidance, and encouragement during the course.
  • Upon finishing the course, you will be awarded a certificate from NYIAD, which can enhance your visibility in the job market.


If you are searching for a flexible and supportive platform to begin your graphic design career, NYIAD’s Graphic Design Course may be the ideal option. Are you prepared to establish yourself in the graphic design industry with NYIAD?



Embarking on a journey to learn graphic design online opens up a world of possibilities for beginners eager to delve into this dynamic field. The courses highlighted in this article offer a comprehensive introduction to graphic design principles, tools, and techniques, empowering individuals to unleash their creativity and pursue their passion for visual communication. Whether you’re a budding designer looking to hone your skills or someone exploring graphic design as a new career path, these courses provide the perfect foundation to kickstart your journey. 


From mastering essential software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to understanding design theory and principles, each course equips learners with the knowledge and confidence to create captivating visual content. With flexible schedules, accessible resources, and expert guidance from experienced instructors, these online courses cater to learners of all levels, making it easier to embark on your graphic design adventure from the comfort of your home. So why wait? Enroll today and unlock your potential as a graphic designer.


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Best Graphic Design Courses for Beginners

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