Free Design Software for Students & Educators

Free Design Software for Students & Educators

Computing technology is being used as instructional software and utility in the learning process by teachers and learners in modern society. The availability of good-quality design tools can go a long way in determining the education sector, especially when it comes to areas that major in creativity, like architectural and engineering drawings and graphic design. Fortunately, many free graphic design software tools are even created specifically for educators and students while providing features of advanced paid programs.


Adobe Illustrator

The most relevant tools you’ll be using for any form of creative visuals on the website and graphic designing, illustrations, prints, photography, and movie and TV sectors will all be Adobe. Quite shocking that someone has no clue about some of the products that Adobe Graphics company has to offer. These service items have long lists, and newer ones are added every day. Illustrator is needed for many other tasks, and it is a paradigm of vector work. A few examples that students may develop for digital art and designing interfaces for graphic design websites for students or complicated visualization for the game industry are:


  • Logos.
  • Icons.
  • Typography.


The main functionality of the software is to produce vectors, or lines and shapes, that are essential for graphics. The special aspect of vectors is that whatever the size and magnification of the images or pictures, depending on the type, their quality is out of the question. But it is important to know that despite being a tool with paid plans, you get a week’s trial to try it for free, which will work perfectly for students and educators.

Adobe Express

The graphic design for teachers usually should include fonts, Adobe Stock images and videos, music, designs and templates, actions, promotions, and more, which are available in Adobe Express and can be used without charge. Besides everything else, you can showcase the new lavender latte that your coffee business has produced through a delightful Instagram story. Also, you can: 


  • Create a tempting Facebook status that will be liked by many to advertise the seasonal merchandise that your jewelry business sells. 


  • Post a message in regard to your show or upload a simple message such as ‘I’m going to post some advice soon,’ during your Snapchat story so that you can engage with the fans. 


  • Share and print a well-designed banner or cover for your website, YouTube channel, and social sites account to have a better online presence. 


  • Create your post company logo or modify your existing one. 


Simple to develop social media content may be valuable to various sorts of enterprises, including the food business like restaurants, buying facilities including shops, professional businesses including legal advisors attributes, and accountancy firms.



Canva for education – absolutely captivating visuals in your classroom and easier collaboration and communication through creative designs. The software, in particular, has a Canva for education (accessed September 10, 2020) version that is completely free to teachers and students in K–12 (primary and secondary). Both you and your pupils can choose from thousands of great teaching twigs or templates or start from scratch and build from the ground of your concepts. There are so many, and they range from slide-show presentations, poster creation, information graphics, completion of worksheets, project work, and lesson planning. You should recommend pupils use Canva to produce their best final work. It comes with an easy drag-and-drop edit option, which can be useful when creating or modifying content for lessons or activities interesting lessons and activities can be created, or kids can be allowed to express themselves and tell their own stories.


It is crucial to foster the existing and nurture new ideas, learn how to solve new problems, to design and create effective visual communication for the further productive life of our kids after school. It does this by making it easy to build, tailor, and complete posters, films, collaborative assignments, and quite a lot more. Also, you can impact more people or, at least, students in one particular location as a teacher by offering them valuable comments.


Before you proceed with the integration of this wonderful educational design and technology into your classroom, there is a need to ensure that you make efforts to understand this new and interesting discipline. For a beginner, the Tinkercad in its “Learning Center” is the best place to start with. Each of the six tests takes several minutes to complete, and after you have gone through all of them, you are introduced to all the functions of the application. It is still somewhat unexpected when people seem to be surprised by how easy it is to get started using Tinkercad, truly, it could not be easier. Also, do not forget that the introduction of modern technologies into the classroom process should not automatically make you an expert on these issues. It may be very comfortable not to assume you need to know the answer to all instances of a problem. As it is always said, learning with classmates is not a bad thing at all! Tinkercad is suitable for all learners from KS1 and above, and it can be very useful in the introduction of pupils to 3D modeling. Anytime, from anywhere, students are capable of accessing this cloud-based, cost-free, and open-source.


You may redistribute free design programs like this one, as well as both the source code and binaries, as you modified them. Well, it doesn’t matter if you are in graphics design, photography, illustrations, or any form of science, GIMP provides you with many enhanced tools to enable you to accomplish your work. The freedom of these free graphic design tools has been beneficial in times like these in many ways to the users, most specifically GIMP. They belong to a large and active community where people who develop this software are keen to address their needs, and other members contribute further assistance, they are no longer prisoners of whimsical decisions made by owners of proprietary software. Apart from official help and tutorial PDFs, there are numerous helpful tools – people have translated documents, lovers of the software have produced many helpful tutorial papers, and lastly, due to the open-source nature of GIMP, many developers have contributed several plug-ins to enhance the performance of the application!



These design tools, as well as AI essay writing, empower users to create visually appealing designs and compelling written content effortlessly. They both may be beneficial to you if you have many things on your list during the school semester. Of course, these tools can be very useful depending on the situation when or if you create resources for students, families, or coworkers. Of course, there are a plethora of opportunities, regardless of whether you decide to use an application on your mobile device and come up with inspiration or open your Chromebook and use a slide design tool like Adobe Firefly. Perhaps using one of the tools listed above this school year will help you save the time that you could otherwise spend creating images with which you can explain something to kids!


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Free Design Software for Educators

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