10 Creative Ways to Make your PDF Look Amazing

10 creative ways to make your pdf look amazing

PDFs are known for their less attractive and archaic look, which sometimes makes it difficult for readers to start or stay engaged while reading a PDF file. Their notoriety for lack of flare has been attributed as one of its few setbacks despite having so many advantages, adding to the fact that they lack proper design and takes ages to scroll down, causing a strain on the eyes.


If you are thinking about creating a PDF file, fret not because we have sought and gathered ways for you to turn your PDF into a powerful and attractive online experience that will have readers wanting more of your content. 

So, here are 10 creative ideas for PDF to shine brighter than other document formats and be welcoming to readers, irrespective of what device they may be using.

10 Tips to Make Your PDF Shine

1. Make Your PDF Interactive

An interactive PDF is a document with rich media content, including links, audio and video files, images, GIFs, etc. This is to say that an interactive incorporates all the perks of the format, like the ease of use and security, with other digital web experiences.


For instance, if you publish a catalog, aim to make it interactive by adding product videos, image galleries, items that can be purchased from the catalog pages, etc., to make it dynamic and as engaging as possible.

Make your pdf interactive to look amazing


2. Add Media to Make it More Visual

Making a document more attractive has a lot to do with the visuals, which is the best way for a PDF to shine. Incorporating anything from images, graphs, charts, sketches, etc., can boost readability and help readers understand the content better with a greater appreciation and appeal.


As great as visuals are in improving the overall outlook of your PDF, refrain from overdoing it when too much; visuals do the opposite of what they are intended. So, only incorporate visuals in your Portable Documents Format when they are absolutely necessary, not when they do nothing to enhance your PDF.

Add Media to PDF Make it More Visual to look amazing

3. Use PDF Editor

With a PDF editor, you can carry out major changes in a document, such as adjusting content, margins, layout, etc. And because you no longer need a word processor or other page layout software to edit a document once in PDF, PDF editors like FormatPDF come in handy.


Some significant changes you can do to a Portable Documents Format using PDF editors, range from compressing and organizing files and organizing and converting a file to another format and vice versa

Use PDF Editor to make it look amazing

4. Make it Corporate

Another way to create a gorgeous PDF is by using the standard font style and size throughout the text and breaking up the text to make it look as corporate and essential as possible. These creative ideas for PDF also come in handy when you intend your Portable Documents Format file to be considered by serious-minded people, which is why you must make it appear as corporate as possible.


So, to keep people keen on reading your text, use standard font styles and size and stay consistent, and break up texts using white spaces and headings. Headings are ideal for breaking up text and giving the reader an idea of what is being discussed in a particular body of text.


However, heading can quickly be a turn-off when done too much. So, please keep it to H1, H2, H3, and H4 max, and maintain a maximum of three fonts within one text.

Make your pdf corporate to look amazing

5. Format Your PDF Using Notebook Style

A background appears behind the text or images on a PDF page, and it can either be a simple solid color or a picture. And tweaking a background is one of the creative ideas for PDF to attract and engage readers. Also, a Portable Documents Format supports one background per page, but you can replicate your chosen background on every page.


So, one of the creative ideas to make your PDF pop is choosing a paper background that will make the document look like a notebook and give the reader the feeling of reading a hand-held note.

Format Your PDF Using Notebook Style to look amazing


6. Incorporate Stories to Keep Readers Engaged

Stories have a way of bringing facts to life and making an abstract concept concrete. Adding stories to your PDF will lend more meaning to the concept you are describing and help the reader recreate the scenario you are trying to portray in their minds through imagery.


Incorporating stories in your file is one of the creative ideas sure to make your Portable Documents Format stand out. As a result, reader engagement is guaranteed, and your text will be better understood and appreciated.


So, the next time you create a PDF, why not tell a relatable story to boost your concept further and give your content a facelift?

Incorporate Stories to your PDF to Keep Readers Engaged

7. Add Watermark

Although a visible watermark cannot prevent unauthorized use, it can prevent or make it difficult for anyone to claim your work. A watermark can be in the form of a text or an image that appears either in front or behind your document, like a stamp of ownership.


 Apart from being one of the creative ideas for PDF to enhance its appearance, its primary purpose is to identify the owner of the document. The presence of your watermark will deter people from copying and sharing your document without your permission or as their own, and make your PDF stand out as a valuable piece of work that is not to be tampered with.

Add Watermark to your pdf


8. Use a Lead Capture

A lead capture is a form of landing page specially designed to capture information about your leads, such as name, email, phone number, etc., through a lead capture form that will be used to foster a thriving relationship with your leads. Adding a lead capture to your Portable Documents Format is one way to enrich and make it stand out.


The goal of adding a lead capture to your document is to turn them into customers, especially if you run an eCommerce site. And there is a variety of lead capture software available online that can help you create lead capture pages free of charge.

Use a Lead Capture in your pdf

9. SEO Optimize for Google Ranking

Tons of files are shared online every second, and some of these files share identical contents like the one you intend to share. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that when a user searches for a topic, your content is on the front page of any search engine, which is what is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


So, how do you make sure your PDF is search engine optimized for Google ranking? By doing some things which include compressing your file using a PDF compressor, optimizing images and fonts, optimizing headings and meta description tags, making your document adaptable to all devices, etc. 


Therefore, SEO optimization is one of the creative ideas for PDF to shine bright and put it in a better position of ranking on every search engine, so it doesn’t get carried away in the tsunami of look-alike files available online.

SEO Optimize your pdf for Google Ranking

10. Lock Your PDF with A Password

Locking a PDF file with a password is another tool that lends credibility to your Portable Documents Format enough to make it stand out. It can be used to bar unauthorized people from accessing and reading the document, especially if it is sensitive and has confidential information. A password helps to protect that confidentiality.


Another importance of locking your PDF with a password is to protect the document from copyright infringement. This usually involves adding password protection to prevent unauthorized users from copying, printing, or reproducing your document.

Lock Your PDF with A Password



Overall, when it comes to creating beautiful PDFs, it is all about content arrangement and visuals. These will enrich your content, make them attractive, and most importantly, make people engage with it.

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10 creative ways to make pdf look amazing

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