Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2022

Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2022

Do you know how the top sellers know everything about Amazon products and get the highest revenue? That is no magic or secret. Just download and install an Amazon seller tool and get ready for the competitive market.


You have probably designed a nice site, uploaded eye-catching images of the products by an eCommerce image editing service, and still don’t have many sales. The reason is maybe you haven’t done much keyword research or analyzed your competitor perfectly. These Amazon seller tools guarantee you to make out the most of any product.


To be upfront in the competitive market, you need to find the best Amazon seller tools. So, which are the best Amazon seller tools in 2022? In this article, I’ve discussed some tools that may help you to boost your business. Let’s dig in.


Helium 10

If you’re looking for the best Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 is one of them indeed. It’s not just a tool, it’s a combination of 10 tools that helps you in different ways.


You can do keyword research, listing optimization, Amazon niche research, inventory management, competitor analysis, PPC management, fraud prevention, and so on with the help of this tool.


There are many plans available to get this tool. The initial rate starts from $37 per month and its interface is very simple. It’s designed in a way that any seller from beginners to advanced Amazon sellers can get it started.

best amazon seller tools Helium 10


Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another best Amazon seller tool that can increase efficiency and sales with some exclusive features. It was initially a product research tool that emerged as a great Amazon seller tool.


It can manage your inventory, provide key metrics for the best position of the product, optimize product listings, and so on. The Supplier Database and the Promotions are the two most interesting features of this tool.


If you want to find the best suppliers then you can use the feature Supplier Database. You can deal with first-class products by contacting reputable manufacturers. On the other hand, you can start your campaigns easily in a minute by promoting the products directly from Jungle Scout with the Promotions tool. It basically gives you every feature you need as an Amazon seller.

best amazon seller tools Jungle Scout


Octoparse is great for Mac users as well as Windows users and this tool is a totally free web crawler. It can extract data from customer reviews, product details, and customer profiles.


It also gives Amazon web scraping templates containing extraction data fields. Using this, sellers get benefitted from data scraping without configuration or coding. The data can be analyzed through CSV or Excel or HTML form and you can decide the exact market strategy you prefer in a minute. If you have any doubt, you can watch their tutorial on Youtube.

best amazon seller tools Octoparse


If you want a tool that provides you with every advanced feature you need for selling products on Amazon, MerchantWords can be it. It helps you to increase your sales by finding profitable products and competitors.

You can also create campaigns by using this tool. Besides, you can rely on keyword research and product research tools and by using them, you can uncover product opportunities and find products easily.


Classic search, ASIN lookups, digital shelf, create and store keyword lists, emerging trends, etc. are some of the excellent tools of MerchantWords. You can discover several marketing opportunities, emerging trends, new niches, and top-ranked products by using these tools.


However, there are many plans for getting this tool. The silver plan costs $35 per month and you can check other plans on its official website.

best amazon seller tools MerchantWords


Zonguru is a great Amazon seller tool that is budget-friendly. It has fifteen different features including keyword research, product research, follow-up email sending, tracking Amazon sales, and many more.


You can get important data such as monthly search volume, metrics for competitiveness, and revenue generated by a single keyword from the keyword research tool. By using the niche finder tool, you can find profitable products from the market. Also, another tool named the Love-Hate tool helps you to filter them depending on their reviews.


Moreover, you can research the products on the Zonguru Chrome Extension. In its business dashboard, the business-related metrics can be found and the product reviews of other costumes can be notified immediately through product pulse.


Also, you can ask for any product review when anyone buys it through the review Automator feature. All these facilities can get only $39 per month with a 7-day free trial offer.

best amazon seller tools Zonguru

Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App is an official app introduced by Amazon that can be used for free. Everything about Amazon Seller Central like daily sales, shipments, and inventory can be known with the help of this tool.


This is an amazing app that leads you to any information about Amazon products. By scanning the barcode of the product, you can see its profitability, number of sellers, best seller rank, and so on.


Also, you can contact your customers and make lists of the products you want to sell through this tool. The interesting thing is, you don’t need a laptop to use this tool. You can use it through your iOS or Android mobile device by just downloading it. I say this is the perfect tool for every seller.

best amazon seller tools Amazon Seller App


Feedback Whiz

If you’re in any eCommerce business, you would know how important it is to maintain the reputation of the business. Customers usually intend to read the reviews before buying any product and if they find any negative reviews they normally avoid purchasing that.

To keep a good reputation, Feedback Whiz plays a great role by tracking and automating the review in the favor of your business. Isn’t it great? As monitoring all the reviews is quite possible when the business expands, this software can do it perfectly.


Also, you can manage orders, automate emails, get in-depth analytics, monitor notifications, and so on. This tool offers you everything you need for smart business management as well as increasing sales.


It has a plan that is completely free, also, paid plans are available for extended facilities. The ultimate plan costs $139.99 per month.

best amazon seller tools Feedback Whiz


What are the best Amazon seller tools in 2022? Well, the tools I’ve listed above are indeed the best of all tools. If you want one specific, you can go for Helium 10 but all the tools have exclusive features and a complete package that a seller needs. You can also try different tools as some of them are free for a particular time of forever. Let me know which tool is your personal favorite or simply share your thoughts.

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