How to Make Successful Branded Videos to Promote Your Site

How to Make Successful Branded Videos to Promote Your Site

Nowadays, many brands and websites don’t benefit from promotion through videos. On platforms like YouTube, kitten and puppy videos are watched with great interest by millions of users, but the same cannot be said for commercials. So, how do you make a branded video so that people watch it and at the same time the advertising message would have an effect?


How to Make a Branded Video?

How to Make a Branded Video explained

Before you plunge headfirst into editing in the program, you need to do some preparatory work:


The overall concept of the video is essential. It determines what kind of visuals are needed and how they should be designed. For inspiration, look at videos of other brands offering similar products, and determine the target audience.


A raw idea is not enough to start; otherwise, you’ll have to re-shoot the material a hundred times or suffer in the process of editing. Describe in detail and sequentially, what should happen in the video. Create a script. At this stage will be visible ill-conceived or not excellent moments that are easier to fix now, rather than during work.

Shooting the video

Is the script ready? You can shoot! If you need a completely budget-friendly video and have a decent video camera, you can do it on your own. Otherwise, it makes sense to turn to professionals. You’ll have to spend money, but the finished video will look solid and impressive.

Remember that branded content is not only videos, but also animations, photos, and texts. They can have an entertaining or educational nature, but with small inclusions of advertising information. For example, with a GIF screen recorder, you can record a fun piece of content from your video and post it on your brand’s social media page as a GIF. The users are much more susceptible to such content, and, being entertained or educated, subconsciously develop trust in the brand.

How to Promote a Branded Video?

Your main need as a website owner is to increase traffic to your resource and get some extra sales. But video is a tool for increasing loyalty and recognition of your brand. Yes, this same loyalty and recognition contribute to sales, but the direct link between the transition from video and order on your site is rather weak. So, concentrate on making your brand recognizable, and slowly but surely the sales will increase.

To engage your customers more, create a page of the website on social media. There you will be able to post news about current promotions, showcase your products, and maybe even post jokes or memes.

After the video is created, uploaded, and starts to get views, you should determine the effectiveness of the video. To do this:

  • Create a special page on your website, which will link to your video;
  • Create hashtags;
  • Specifying the name of your advertising campaign or a referral source in your URL parameters. This way, the name of the source will be displayed in Google Analytics. As a result, you can easily analyze the number of conversions.

All these steps are much more effective than just looking at the video’s view count and trying to figure out how many sales it has brought.


Tips to Make Better Video Content

Tips to Make Better Video Content

Videos you would create for TV and the Internet are two different things. Even though both show people some kind of content, they have a completely different atmosphere. What a person has to watch on TV, they will quickly skip online.

So, what should you do? Mostly, keep it short. A good rule of thumb is a 30 seconds video. However, you have only 5 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. If you have not managed to interest users, they will skip your video.

This is why a good idea for online content is 50% of success. For example, a promotional video about a blender, which with extreme efficiency grinds into small pieces the new iPhone, got almost 65 million views, and the sales increased by 700%.

People also have very little patience with long ads and will skip them at the first chance. Keep your message short, and users will appreciate it. Remember that the shorter the video, the easier it is to make it interesting.

Nowadays, many branded videos are filmed on smartphone cameras. The technology has advanced so far, that you no longer need bulky cameras and professionals to operate them. Of course, you can hire one and get a TV camera, but you don’t need it, especially for Internet video.

Don't Forget about Branding

Writing the script, the shooting process, and editing the resulting material is not only time-consuming but also important. The success of the video also depends on whether you have brought your brand to the viewer’s attention and were able to keep it in the mind of a potential client. To achieve this, just answer the question – can a viewer tell from the first seconds that this video is yours?

To ensure recognition you can:

  • Place a static logo in the top corner;
  • Write your website address in the background of the video;
  • Use branded elements, for example, to dress the hero of the video in a T-shirt with the company name.

Two branded channels similar in quality and content can yield entirely different results if one pays attention to branding and the other does not.


Nowadays, even the smallest websites can create their own branded video. Thanks to the invention of social media, anyone can upload their content. For brands getting traction will be difficult, just remember that it’s a long but sure way to your audience’s hearts. You can increase popularity with a commercial, but it’s very difficult to win love and attention for a brand in the long run. Good content gets people to follow what the brand is doing and allows you to build a loyal audience in the long term.

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