Top Video Game Companies For Graphic Design

Top Video Game Companies For Graphic Design

We tend to think of video games as products in motion. As such, they don’t at first seem to be in need of graphic design, so much as they depend on animators and coders. This is true to some extent. At the same time though, it’s worth noting that graphic designers do play key roles in game development and presentation.


As explained in an in-depth piece at WellFed Creatives, graphic design plays into user experience, interface design, marketing, social media, and more; in some cases it will help to define game menus, character visuals, logos, and more. The article goes on to clarify that “any screen prior to actually playing the game” will require graphic design (in addition to all that marketing material).


Naturally, securing a position handling this design for a game developer will require talent, a strong portfolio, and a bit of luck! But to give those who might be interested a few ideas of where to start looking, here are some of the companies we would deem to be among the most impressive from a graphic design standpoint.


Rockstar Games

It’s hard to find a more artistically interesting gaming company than Rockstar these days. From the early Grand Theft Auto games through the universally acclaimed Red Dead Redemption II, this company’s titles have been built on unique, beautiful designs. Everything from menu fonts to character outfits tends to seem somehow cohesive, and the overarching style hovers in a fascinating place between realism and an almost comic-book style. Indeed, it came as no surprise when Goomba Stomp reported that a longtime Rockstar artist had actually come out with “retro-style comic book cover” video game art. All in all, it’s an inspiring company from a design standpoint.


Ubisoft tends to wow with its actual animations and in-game visuals. Series like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry consistently churn out some of the most gorgeous video games in existence. Even with the primary focus on sprawling, detailed worlds in motion though, these games rely heavily on graphic design. They have exciting covers that set the tones for the worlds within; they have logos for everything from game titles to in-game gangs of villains; and they’re marketed very actively, meaning there’s a great deal of social-oriented design as well.


Red Tiger

Red Tiger is a slot machine developer that has fairly recently begun to situate itself among the biggest players in the category. The company’s games appear most visibly at Gala Spins, where titles like Jingle Ways, Pirates’ Plenty, Thor’s Vengeance, and Ali Baba’s Luck (to name a few) largely define the collection. And one need only look at these games on a menu to see that beautiful graphic design comes into play. Red Tiger uses artists to convey themes, suggest excitement, and differentiate its titles in what are typically fairly cluttered selections of slot games.


While Red Tiger is a somewhat up-and-coming slot design company, NetEnt has been a leader in the space for years. And similar to Red Tiger, this company has made excellent use of graphic design to create eye-catching and memorable titles. Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, and Reel Rush are among the most widely distributed slots you’ll find; alternatives like Jungle Spirit and Dead Or Alive feature some of the most engaging thematic artwork. Here too, it’s crystal clear that there is a place for high-quality graphic design.


Some of the best artistic design is ultimately to be found in smaller, independent companies producing games for mobile play and PC download. Independent developers generally need to be unique in order to stand out, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by investing in noteworthy design. ThatGameCompany is a perfect example of this reality in execution. Sky is a cooperative exploration fantasy that was named an iPhone game of the year, and which is founded on captivating graphic images; Flower is a game described as “poetry in motion” by the company; and Journey, the developer’s de facto flagship game, was named by GameRant as one of the 15 mobile games with the best graphics –– and even one of the “best looking games” on PlayStation systems. These games are all stunning in motion, but their stills and covers play key roles in intriguing and attracting players.



These are only a few of many examples, but they do demonstrate the crucial role graphic design can play in video game success. If that idea interests you, we invite you to read up on how to become a graphic designer, study your favorite gaming companies, and start exploring positions!

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