10 Ways To Become a More Creative Designer

10 Ways to become a more creative designer

Are you out of ideas or do you feel that your creativity is stuck or you are a freelance designer looking to create more creative graphic design projects? don’t worry, on this article I show you ideas for creativity to boost your ideas and learn how to be a more creative graphic designer in your everyday routine.


How Can a Designer Be More Creative?

If you want to become a more creative designer and apply these ideas to your graphic design works, don’t worry, creativity works like a muscle and you can train your creative thinking by practicing every day and using different techniques like reading graphic design blogs or looking design inspiration to have sparks of creativity in your daily routine and working methods,  let’s see 10 ways to be creative.

Read Design Blogs

Nowadays it’s very easy to find useful information about your passion on the internet and get inspired, that is why I recommend every graphic designer to check different graphic design blogs to boost your creativity by watching tutorials, finding new trends, and fresh ideas.


If you want to know what are the best blogs about graphic design, logo design, typography, or the best place to find useful tutorials to improve your design skills you can read my post about the best graphic design blogs.

Read Graphic Design Blogs To Spark creativity


Collect Ideas Where You Are Out

As a graphic designer is important to search for graphic design inspiration but sometimes inspiration just comes to you in unexpected places or moments, that is why is important be always prepared for that moment and be careful about what surrounds you, and take photos of design projects you like, buildings that inspire you, beautiful flowers or great street art that will make you a more creative designer.

Collect Ideas Where You Are Out To Boost Creativity

Visit Graphic Design Websites

As I mentioned early nowadays you can get tons of great information about graphic design and sparks of creativity on the internet, and of course, there are sources where you can get graphic design inspiration by looking at other creative designers’ projects.


There are plenty of websites you can browse, interact and collect ideas from other designers from all over the world, some of the most popular websites for graphic designers are Behance or Dribbble, but there are plenty more, you can find all in my post about the best websites for graphic design inspiration.

Graphic Design Inspiration Websites To Improve Creativity


Learn Graphic Design History

Another great way to maintain your creativity as a graphic designer is by learning about design history, you will learn how graphic design evolved during all these years to become what is today, and you can follow the footsteps of iconic designers or art movements by understanding the meaning and importance in design.


By learning graphic design history you also get useful design tips from iconic artists and designers who shaped this industry and you can apply these tips to your creative career.

Learn Graphic Design History To Creative Designer

Get Inspired by Art

Graphic design has always been linked to art and gets influenced by artistic movements like Bauhaus, if you want to make a twist in your design style or experiment with new visuals you can get inspired by artists from different eras and countries try to implement these ideas on your design projects.


To get inspired by art in graphic design and get a creative boost you can visit museums and take a look at different exhibitions in your city, read books about artists or art movements, or watch documentaries.

Get Inspired by Art To Creative Graphic Design


Connect With Other Designers

We live in a global world where everything is connected and that makes it’s really easy to interact with other designers from all over the world to share your ideas and get inspired by them, connecting and interacting with other designers from different countries will help you get a new perspective about design and will give you a creativity boost.

Connect With Other Creative Designers

Listen To Music

When I’m working on a design project I’m always listening to music to get a creative mood and boost my creativity, that is why I always recommend listening to music and searching for new genres, musicians, or bands to listen to new things that will maintain your brain active and stimulated.


You also can use music to enter the mood for a specific project, for example, if you want to make a happy logo design you can listen to happy music, or if you are creating an alternative poster design idea you can try alternative music, this will help you enter the mood and the ideas will come.

Listen To Music For Creativity Boost


Try New Styles

To understand how creativity works it’s really useful to think about it as a muscle, that needs constant training to improve, if you don’t train it you can feel that your ideas are stuck. To maintain your creative ideas flowing you should try new styles and techniques and get out of your comfort zone, and maintain your brain active.


When you feel that your last graphic design project looks too similar to the previous one, and the previous one, this means that you need an extra boost of creativity, try to add a new design element, or follow a different art direction, this also will help to maintain your work interesting.

Try New Styles For Sparks Of Creativity

Change Your Daily Routine

Your lifestyle is always important to keep your creativity on top as it affects how your brain works, to have a creative mindset your brain must be active and looking for new challenges, that is why if you feel that your days are always the same, it’s time to change your routine and experiment new things.


By changing your daily routine eventually, you maintain your brain active and avoid always doing the same, this will boost your creativity and it will be easier for you to get great design ideas.

Change Your Daily Routine To Become Creative Designer

Take a Break

When you are feeling that your brain is frozen and you are completely out of ideas, then you should take a break, and rest, this can be applied on daily basis by having rest times during your work time and having social or physical activities that will help you disconnect from your work and don’t oversaturate your brain.


Eventually, you should take holidays and disconnect from your work for some days and if you can afford it travel somewhere, this will help to come back with your brain rested and it will be much easier for you to have creative ideas.

Take a Break To Become a Creative Designer


What makes A Designer Creative?

To become a creative designer you should change your mindset and start thinking outside the box to elaborate graphic design projects with a clear objective that are visually original and adds value, with these 10 creativity tips you will become a more creative designer in your everyday.


To improve your creativity you need to train it like a muscle by applying these 10 ways to become a creative designer on a daily basis and stay always looking for new design inspiration and fresh ideas, by training every day you will boost your creativity and your design projects will have more value at the same time that they will become more visually appealing.


Don’t forget to train your creativity every day by reading my other posts about graphic design inspiration.

10 Ways To Become a Creative Designer Infographic
How Can a Designer be more creative 10 Tips

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