Most Used Graphic Design Terms About Branding

Most Used Branding and Logo Design Terms in Graphic Design Explained

There are many terms in graphic design that defines techniques or elements, some designers can be confused abut them, that is why I made this post where I will show you the 10 most used graphic design terms about logo design and branding and their meaning to help you use them correctly.



A logotype is the name of a company designed in a visual way, this means that the name of the company is their Logo, for example, Ikea or FedEx.

What is a Logotype Branding Design Terms Logo Design Tips

Logomark or Brandmark

Logomark or brandmark is when a company uses a symbol to identify their brand, for example, Apple logo or Nike with the swoosh, the brandmark can be accompanied with the logotype but not always.

What is a Logo or Brandmark Branding Design Terms

Combination Mark

A combination mark is when a brand combines the logomark and the logotype in their logo design.


An icon is a symbol that represents a real, fantasy, abstract entity or action in a visual way.

What is a icon graphic design terms

Style Guide

A style guide or brand guideline is a set of standards and usage tutorial for a logo design and branding project to help the client to understand where and how to use the logo design and provide uniformity to the brand.

What is style guide or brand guide graphic design terms



Grid is a framework that divides the space by columns and rows, the grid helps the graphic designer to align and place elements quicker and neater seeing perfectly the design structure.


The brand is more than a Logo Design, brand is all the concepts, ideas, and emotions that your company wants to show and transmit. A brand is the mix of all the concept details, all the images, texts, words, content, etc.

What is brand in graphic design terms explained

Brand Identity

Brand identity is all the visual elements that surround the company, this can be the logo design from your company, the business cards, packaging, uniforms, etc. The idea of the brand identity is that all the visual elements of the brand work together to transmit your ideas, emotions, and message.

What is brand identity in graphic design Logo Design and Branding terms


Thumbnail Sketch

Thumbnail Sketch is usually used in the logo design process, and the thumbnail sketch is potential design concepts for your brand created by hand to visualize different ideas for the brand logo.

what is a Thumbnail Sketch in graphic design branding terms


A mascot is a logo design that contains an animal or character and this is the main element of the logo, mascot logos are usually used for sports teams as Basketball and we also can see them on E-sports logo designs.

What is a mascot logo branding terms in graphic design



Hope you find this post useful and discover the most used graphic design terms about Branding and Logo Design and learn they meaning, and if you are interested in learning more about logo and brand design I recommend you to read these other articles.

10 Most Used Graphic Design Terms in Branding

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