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We live in a world full of companies and brands, and everywhere we go we see hundreds of logos from companies, but we forget the most part of them, and you might ask why this happen and how your logo design can avoid that, don’t worry, on this post I will explain you 7 tips to know what makes a good logo design.


01. Simple

You need to know that many people will focus on your Logo during a short time, and we need to play with this when designing a logo and keep it simple to help people memorize your Logo in a easier.

If we have a lot of elements in a logo design this can make that the people see too much information going on and too much information to memorize for them and this can cause that they will forget your logo faster, avoid this effect by only focusing on the most important parts of your brand’s personality.

Simple Tips Good Logo Design Blog Post

02. Relevant

The second point that makes the difference between a bad logo design and good one, is that you need to be relevant, I mean, your logo design needs to trigger different emotions and brands personality to your consumers and grab their attention.

To understand it better, your logo design must stand out from your competitors to be a good logo design.

Relevant Good Logo Design Blog Post

03. Memorable

Remember what I said in the first point?, yes, that a good logo design needs to be simple to help people memorize it, and yes, this is the third point, a good logo design stays in people heads and this will help to recognize your brand easier.

Memorable Good Logo Design Blog Post

04. Timeless

The fourth point is also very important and many brands fails in that by falling on graphic design trends and search for the “momentum”, but trends change every year, or maybe faster, and that will provoke that your logo design feels obsolete in a short amount of time.

To avoid that, when you are designing a Logo Design, forget about trends and only focus on your brands message, keep it simple and make your logo timeless.

Timeless Good Logo Design Blog Post


05. Versatile (Responsive Logo)

This point is very important, your logo design must be appropriate in every situation, size and variation, you need to show your logo design clearly everywhere, and you can make it by creating a responsive Logo design.

Versatile and Responsive Good Logo Design Blog Post

06. Color Psychology

Every color has a meaning and triggers different emotions, so it’s important to use the color scheme wisely to help your logo transmit the emotions that describes better your brand. If you want to know more about color theory you can check this post where I explain you everything about color!

Color in Good Logo Design Blog Post

07. Be Unique

This point can be very logic and easy, but what I want to say with that point is that if you feel that your brand is unique or you have the best products, this also needs to be visible in your logo design, you need to communicate your brand ideas, philosophy and objectives through a logo design and help people associate your logo with message and what you want to communicate

For example if you are the owner of an airplane company, avoid using an airplane in your Logo, most of them already have one, and you don’t want to be known as “another airplane company”.

Unique Good Logo Design Blog Post Article


In conclusion, all of this points have the same objective, make your brand recognizable through time, and if your brand wants to be unique, you need to show people that through your Logo and communicate your brand philosophies.

7 qualities of great logo design infographic


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