8 Logo Design Types Every Designer Should Know

8 Logo Design Types and How to Choose your Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

Logo design is a key branding element on any company or business and brand logo will help brands to transmit their message and philosophy, but not all logos are the same, and on this blog post I will show you the 8 logo design types, how to identify them and how to choose what logo fits more for your brand logo!


1. Emblem Logo

Emblem logos are the oldest type of logo design and they include a symbol, font or icon with seals, crests and badges. The emblem logos are perfect for a traditional look and you can see them in different organizations, schools, government agencies, football clubs and auto industry.

Despite their traditional feeling many companies have effectively modernized their traditional emblems and fit them to the 21st century, but because of their higher detailed nature and the fact that the name from the company and their symbol are rigidly entwined it can make emblem logos less versatile and responsive than other logo design types.

Emblem Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

2. Abstract Mark

Abstract mark logos consist in a pictorial symbol but they avoid literal representation from any image, instead they create their brand logo through abstract geometric forms to symbolize their company, these type of logo design are unique tailor-made symbols to represent your brand.

These type of logo design works very well because they condense your brand into a single image, but as they avoid to look a like something recognizable they are unique icons. These logos benefit is that you are able to convey what your company does and their philosophy in a symbolical way without relying on cultural implications, they achieve this by the use of color psychology (which you can learn in this post) and form.

Abstract Mark Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

3. Mascot Logo

Mascot Logos includes illustrated character or person who will act as visual representation of your business, this character illustration will be your brand spokesperson, and much advertising from this brand will be centered around this character.

Mascot logos are great family-friendly logo option and it can help your brand to engage with your audience and create an unique branding, and usually companies whose main audience is families and children use these types of logo design.

Mascot Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

4. Wordmarks or Logotypes

Wordmarks or logotypes are font-based logo design type which focuses on a business name with particular typeface which express the company philosophy and feeling, and many big companies and brand uses this type of logo design as for example Coca Cola, Google or Uber.

This logo design types work really good when your company or brand have a catchy or distinct name and you can focus your branding on that memorable name, this catchy naming combined with a strong typography creates a strong brand recognition. As these logos are strong focused on name, they need to pick correctly their font or create a brand new to capture the essence of their business.

Wordmark Logotype Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog


5. Pictorial Mark

Pictorial marks also called logo symbols are icon logos or graphic-based logos, and these logos are usually representation from a real-world objects, which could help companies to tell their story and what they do.

We can see this type of logos on brands like twitter or apple. These logos are only an image, and for big brand and really known companies these logos work very well due to they emblematic branding and people can easy identify the company by looking at their image, but this also can be a problem for new companies or brand with low recognition to use these types of logos due that viewer can’t identity their image with their brand.

Pictorial Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

6. Lettermark Logos

Lettermark logos also called monogram are logos that are formed by letters usually brand initials. Lettermarks are commonly used by companies with long names with 2 or 3 words on their names, and due to branding purposes and make their brand easily to remember they choose to represent their brand logo with their initials.

As it happen with Logotypes, monograms are typography-based logos and uses a few letters, that is why is important for them to choose the right font to show what your company does and make it legible, also these types of logo design tend to simplicity.

Lettermark Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

7. Combination Mark

Combination marks as their name indicates consist on combining a wordmark or lettermark with a pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot logo. The brand image and the text with brand naming can be laid side-by-side, stacked on top of each other or can be integrated to create a new brand image.

The combination marks are my favorite logo design type because your brand name is easily associated with an image or your mascot logo and their work together to reinforce your brand. As these type of logos uses an image and text it helps to associate your brand with that image and in the future these brand can exclude their name from the logo and only rely exclusively on a logo symbol.

Combination Mark Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog

8. Letterform Logos

Lastly but not least, there are Letterforms logo design types, which are the more minimalist version of monograms, also known as letter logos. Letterform logos only uses one letter, usually the initial letter of the brand, and these brandmarks need to be bold and beautiful to make it easier to the viewer identify these single letter with your brand.

Due their minimalist anatomy letter logos are easily scalable and responsive, and they work perfect anywhere from digital scenarios as web or social media and printed materials.

Letterform Logo Design Types and How to Choose Brand Logo, Graphic Design Inspiration Blog



Hope you find this blog post about the different logo design types useful and help you to differentiate them and choose what logo design type do you want for your business!, if you liked this post you also will enjoy this post where I will show you the 7 Qualities to make a great logo design!

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