7 Graphic Design Tips for Every Website

7 Graphic Design Tips for Every Website

Having a good website is fundamental for any business to reach its audience, generate leads or tell its story, the goals of a website can be different for any brand, but what is common among all of them is that its website must cause a good first impression and offer a good user experience.


It’s important that your audience identify easily the key information from your website or the call to action, to achieve this graphic design can be very useful, from the design perspective and theory, in this post I will show you some useful design tips that can improve your website and the experience of your users, let’s start.


Create a cohesive design layout

When designing a website it’s important to sketch and have an idea in mind before starting and define your color palette in advance, to identify which would be the primary, secondary, and accent color to use to highlight important parts of your website and make it easier for the viewer to identify all the elements of your website, you can apply color theory and choose a cohesive color palette.

Create a cohesive design layout

Keep Minimum Amount Of Fonts

Another important tip to maintain the cohesion of your website is to choose in advance which fonts you will use across your web, and avoid using tons of different fonts as this will make the viewer confused, instead choose a font for the title, a font for sub-heading and a font for the body text, also you can apply font psychology and use it through your website, to improve your website cohesivity.

Keep Minimum Amount Of Fonts


Use easy-to-read fonts

You want visitors to come to your website and know more about your brand or business, so it’s important that the information you want to provide them is easy to read, that is why you should use easy-to-read fonts and avoid too decorated fonts that might get harder for the viewer to read.


Instead of using decorative fonts, you should use a bold and strong font for the titles to focus the viewer’s eye there, and much minimalist and clean font for the body text making it easier to read.

Design Tips for website Use easy-to-read fonts

Use Eye-Catching Designs

To create a good website it’s important to create eye-catching designs and use images that are related to your brand and website to make the viewer much easier to identify what is your brand and website about, as images are more powerful than words. To create an eye-catching design you can use CSS effects and filters and impress your visitors.


Having eye-catching designs that encapsulate the ideas of your website will improve the user experience and overall will make your website look beautiful and much more professional.

Graphic Design Tips for website Use Eye-Catching Designs

Use White Space

A common design mistake when creating a website is to add hundreds of elements, and colors and fill all the gaps in your layout, this mistake can cause your website to be perceived as ugly and not user-friendly being hard for the users to identify the important content, to avoid this, you should apply white space in your website and this will make much easier to focus the attention in the important parts of the website increasing user experience.


Another advantage of using white space on your website is that it makes it look more sophisticated, as you give the information, designs, or image room to breathe and create a clean layout.

Design Tips for website Use White Space

Use Visual hierarchy

As we saw during the post to create a good website is important to make it easier for the viewer to identify the most important information from your website and if they find it quickly this will improve their user experience, to achieve this, you can apply Visual Hierarchy principles like size, scale, color and contrast, spacing or typographic hierarchy.


By applying visual hierarchy you will be sure that the most important parts of your website are easy to find and by following these principles you create an easy road map for the viewer guiding them through your website.

Design Tips for website Use Visual hierarchy

Keep It Simple

A good tip when designing a website is to keep things simple, reduce the elements to the minimum, and avoid a saturated layout will make it much easier for the viewer to identify the important content of your website and in general improve their user experience, a good trick is to apply Minimalist principles and keep only elements that add value to your website as images or text.


Another great trick to maintain your website minimalist at same time eye-catching is to review it once you have finished and try to remove elements that you feel don’t add any value or useful experience, with this trick you will be sure to only maintain key elements of your website.

Design Tips for website Keep It Simple



As we saw during the post giving your audience a good user experience is fundamental to having a good website that achieves your goals, and graphic design can be very useful for that, on this post I give you some easy design tips that can improve it and make it easier for your audience to identify the important content from your website, hope you find this post useful.

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