How Unlimited Graphic Design Works & The Top Three Companies

how unlimited graphic design works and the top three companies

When you’re newer in the realm of business marketing and graphic needs for a company, you may not be familiar with what Unlimited Graphic Design, also known as unlimited subscription-based design or flat rate design services, are all about. These useful services are great when you need ongoing graphic assets designed for your company, but they’re also much more than that.


In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What’s included in unlimited graphic design
  • What type of business benefits the most from it
  • Choosing an unlimited graphic services provider
  • The pros and cons of unlimited design subscriptions
  • If the service is worth it, and
  • The top companies offering unlimited graphic design


What is Unlimited Graphic Design?

The premise of unlimited graphic design services is to get as many design assets and revisions as you need for a fixed monthly rate. Typically, the way that works is you submit as many requests for designs as you want, and a certain number of them will be actively worked on at a time, anywhere from one to four. 


Different service providers work in different locations, so you can work with teams from overseas, the US, or both.


Through the service, your business will get to work with a team of designers and avoid the costs and hassles of hiring your own in-house team. You won’t sign a contract with nearly all of the service providers, so you can cancel whenever you wish.


Among significant graphic design trends, unlimited service providers are some of the most popular. They are a great option for startups and small businesses as well as bigger companies and agencies.

What Can You Get With Unlimited Graphic Services?

Here are just some of the types of designs that an unlimited graphic service provider can create:


  • Social Media Posts
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • T-Shirt Designs
  • Blog Post Graphics


Who Benefits from Unlimited Graphic Design?

If you can look at these recurring graphic services and see several that would benefit your business throughout the year, an unlimited plan would serve you well:


  • Graphic designs used each day: These day-to-day designs are the foundation of most graphic needs. These are recurring tasks that continue all year long, such as:
    • Advertising or promotional images: Printables such as banners, flyers, postcards, and stickers, or digital advertising images like Google ad designs.
    • Blog post images: Post or ad images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Website or brand graphics
  • Social media covers and profile images
  • Product images, edits, enhancements, or adjustments
  • Miscellaneous designs, including minor tweaks and updates

How to Choose an Unlimited Design Service

When you’re evaluating an unlimited graphic design company and whether you’ll benefit from one, there are several things to think about, including costs and project types. The following list can help you determine what type of service and company would be best based on your specific needs.


You’ll especially want to consider the output you need, the types of projects you have, and your budget. Here’s a look at those factors in more detail.


What Are Your Specific Projects?

  • What does the schedule for your design projects look like? Do you need projects daily, weekly, or monthly? Or are your projects limited and sporadic?
  • Will your future design projects need several revisions? Are you concerned with how many revisions a design might take?
  • Are you looking for a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time on most projects?
  • Are you familiar with and unsatisfied with working with individual freelancers?
  • Do you need other creative services like copywriting, video editing, or web design? Many providers also offer those services in their packages.

What Do You Want From Their Communication?

  • Is communication with your designer important to you? Do you want to use something like Slack to message each other and get updates?
  • Your designers will be working remotely. Is that okay with you?

What Do You Want From The Cost?

  • What is your current spending on graphic design? Do you have a monthly budget for design work? Will you be combining this service with another? If so, what would your total budget be?
  • If you have current or previous designers, what was the cost of employing them?
  • Is it in the budget to hire a full-time employee or several? Would this offset the cost and time involved with bringing on a contractor or employee?

What Are Their Agency Plans?

  • Will multiple colleagues and staff need to look over and review your designs or work on the projects? Multiple users are an option with several design service subscriptions.
  • Will you also be needing web development or design? Will several projects be more complex?
  • Do you need two or more projects handled simultaneously?

Is Unlimited Graphic Design Worth The Money?

Unlimited graphic design services are perfect when you have ongoing graphic design work and hiring a full-time employee isn’t an option.


If you need a logo, banner, landing page, or infographic, you’ll also likely be:


  • Creating something similar in the future
  • Able to create a budget for each design


In terms of worth, there are two significant factors that can make a monthly graphic design subscription a good investment for your company. They are:


  • Each month you can submit as many designs as you want and get unlimited revisions
  • Instead of paying a la carte, you’ll be paying one flat rate each month


Even if you only went to them for a single design, it can well be worth it because you can cancel whenever you want and will have access to top-notch designers that may have been out of reach previously. You can often pay less overall as well if you’re submitting several designs because the rate won’t change.


To see this laid out more clearly, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using an unlimited graphic design company.


Pros: Here Are The Best Things About Unlimited Graphic Design

  • Less Stress: Because the artists will already be a part of the company, you won’t have to go through the work of hiring and vetting a designer, training them, and potentially replacing them. A top-notch team of designers will be a part of your monthly subscription expenses, and you can request artists that you’re especially impressed with.
  • Cost Savings: With a flat-rate monthly subscription, you save on designs because the cost per project goes down as you utilize the unlimited services. There are no hidden fees, which keeps pricing predictable and manageable. Plus, paying per project would likely cause your budget to skyrocket.
  • Operational Efficiency: Unlimited graphic design companies are all about efficiency. You’ll have a team of dedicated design professionals and a project manager at your disposal. That way, you can focus on other important tasks, which can make running your business that much easier.

Cons: Here Are The Only Downsides to Unlimited Graphic Design Services

  • Communication concerns: Some of the top unlimited graphic design companies can have limited phone communication. If you’re more verbal, that can be an issue. However, that’s not always the case, and some companies, like Flocksy, are embracing various ways to communicate, such as Loom Video Messaging and Real Time Chat.
  • Revisions: Preferences are subjective, and it’s very possible that you just don’t mesh with one designer’s style. Luckily, the top unlimited graphic design services let you easily switch designers if you don’t like the style of the designer initially working on your design.

Top 3 Unlimited Design Companies

Here are the top three unlimited design companies that can help you with your graphic needs and one that can take it even further.



Best unlimited graphic design Flocksy

Flocksy connects businesses and entrepreneurs with the top 2% of talented creatives. At Flocksy, they form a custom team of pre-vetted creatives to work on all your projects. These team members have demonstrated their qualifications and abilities, proving to be some of the most dedicated people in the business. They’ll be there to help you with all your design projects from day one. 


Whether you need a graphic designer, web developer, video editor, copywriter, or voice-over artist, you’ll be able to create a fantastic team you can go to every time you need creative work done. They’ll get to know your requirements, brand style, and objectives to produce just what you need every time. To learn more about the services they offer, unlimited graphic design services page. 


Flocksy will also provide more active projects as you upgrade plans so that the creatives can work on multiple projects at a time.

High Quality With a Fast Turnaround is Flocksy’s #1 Goal

When it comes down to it, high quality is paramount when it comes to creative work. When you don’t receive high-quality work, your company looks bad, and countless revisions slow things down.


Flocksy’s quality and turnaround time are hard to beat because the team will make sure they ask any questions about your project before they start working on it to ensure they’ll provide you with a surefire win. Writers, designers, and whoever you work with will actively seek your insight and tips so that they can create their exceptional results. Best of all, that incredible quality is paired with a 24-hour to same-day turnaround time on most graphics and simple projects, making it easy for clients to get their files on time. What’s more, you can always reach out to your dedicated project manager with any questions, and giving feedback is easy thanks to the Loom video message and Comment-On-Design options.

Zapier Integration and Loom Video Feedback

Flocksy is one of just a few companies on the Zapier marketplace. With Zapier, you can get all your work done and receive updates wherever you want, Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, etc. Using these integrations, Flocksy can meet you where you’re at. Zapier can allow you to manage a project on Slack or create your project’s new cards on Trello as soon as they start.

Flocksy also offers Loom video and audio feedback options. You can snap your screen recording and show your creatives exactly what you mean. It’s a great tool when you think you could explain something better through video or audio instead of typing out what you need.

Long-Term Relationships

Flocksy is all about developing relationships that create better work the more you use them. They’re dedicated to you and establishing a team that you can depend on daily. 


The best part of long-term relationships is that your team will already be familiar with your brand guidelines each time you start a new project. You’ll build a rapport with them and keep your preferences on hand as they work. And because they’re a team, if one person can’t work on a project for whatever reason, another team member can step up and complete the task. That’s a great relief for those of us who have worked with unreliable designers.

Design Pickle

Best unlimited graphic design Design Pickle

Design Pickle is another very popular unlimited graphic design service and offers three-tiered plans for varying levels of work. However, they don’t offer copywriting, web development, or voiceover services. They’ll work through your projects one at a time.


If you need solely graphic design, the lower plans might be a good option for you, but they’re better if you only need graphics coming in on a slow trickle. But if you’re in the market for a well-rounded service, Flocksy would be a better option.


Best unlimited graphic design kimp

Kimp also offers unlimited design and three plans as well. Theirs break down into separate offering categories: graphics, video, and graphics + video. Kimp’s services are similar to Design Pickle. However, they focused on allowing businesses to choose between solely using them for graphics or video or deciding to use them for both.


Kimp’s services can be a good choice when you need to focus solely on either graphics or video. At an all-in-one provider like Flocksy, you could be getting all that and copywriting, voice-overs, web development, etc for a similar price point.


Kimp allows for two maximum active projects and a total of four if you sign up for graphics and video.

In Conclusion

If you’re in need of regular graphic designs, an unlimited service is a great way to go. In-house designers are excellent resources, but not all businesses can go that route. And even if it could be an option, using an unlimited design service can save money, which is never a bad thing.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a creative material creation team that’ll help you work through high-quality assets of nearly every type, an all-in-one service like Flocksy is the way to go. Not only can it be less expensive than hiring in-house designers, but it’ll also reduce costs across the board instead of just in design like the others.

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