What is MasterBundles? A Short Guide on Digital Marketplace

What is MasterBundles A Short Guide on Digital Marketplace

MasterBundles is a creative digital marketplace. The mission of the marketplace is to allow designers to sell their passions and their works and receive a steady passive income from them. The product versatility is outstanding, you can sell your graphic design and purchase anything starting with small, creative elements, up to different plugins for the software. 


It’s the marketplace that is interested in promoting promising designers, which can be noticed in their great customer service and low commission rate. This means any designer, photographer, developer, and even newbies in design can enter MasterBundles, upload their products and get 50% from each sale! 


If you have some following on social media, you can build an additional income stream from the MasterBundles affiliate program. You can easily start promoting MasterBundles, its vendors, and their works with referral links. And every referral link you include that leads to a sale will bring you a steady 15% commission. 


Interested in finding out more about this digital marketplace? Just keep on reading.

What is MasterBundles A Short Guide on Digital Marketplace Explained


How to make it as a Vendor on MasterBundles?

MasterBundles has a simple procedure to follow in order to start selling digital products. Their Sell Your Deal form will help you as a vendor to quickly upload products, previews, leave product descriptions, and select proper tags. Your descriptions can be optimized for search engines so that people can easily find your products. 

How to make it as a Vendor on MasterBundles

What advantages will a vendor experience with MasterBundles?


  • Quick submission. The sell your graphic design form will allow you to upload products without any troubles or questions. The various tips about visuals, titles, and tags will help you create the perfect product description.
  • The moderation process. It’s an often controversial topic, but it’s there to make sure no products are plagiarized, and if there is a problem detected the amazing team will do everything to help you rule it out. 
  • Vendor-oriented marketplace. You as a vendor will always get to decide the final aspects of a product if you wish you can listen to recommendations from the MasterBundles team, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Accessibility and user-friendliness. Get access to the vendor account which is convenient, clear, and intuitive. 
  • Easy money withdrawal. After you get revenue from the products you have uploaded, you can get fast and hassle-free access to your money. Several options for money withdrawal are available for your convenience. 

Another important thing to mention about MasterBundles is their customer support. If you have any issues with your account or products, you can get a quick response from the MB support team with helpful tips to solve your issue. 


As a way to promote the best works on the marketplace, MasterBundles has a newsletter, where they share top products from various designers. No matter how long you’re working as a designer, you can get featured in this newsletter so that thousands of subscribers can see your work. 


You just need to upload decent products that show your creativity and style at reasonable prices to MasterBundles. Due to the marketplace’s high competition, your products need to be truly worth it, with unusual designs and low prices, since buyers are usually looking for the cheapest deals available. 

Build up passive income as an Affiliate on MasterBundles

Roll into the affiliate program and earn 15% from all sales you generate. How does it work? 


To become an affiliate you’ll need to create your own affiliate parameter, which gets added to the MasterBundles links. You then get to share this link, and from each purchase that gets made through the referral link, you earn a 15% commission. As long as the referral followed through with your link and made a purchase of any product, you will still receive 15% from the product sale. 


You will also get access to the vendor rating page on MasterBundles, which is a great way to find top-leading vendors to further collaborate with or promote. The rating is calculated in a very complex way, however, it’s very objective and accurate, which works as a great motivation for vendors to become better and be on top of the chart. 

Build up passive income as an Affiliate on MasterBundles explained

When you become MasterBundles affiliate, you’ll have access to an account through which you can track and manage profiles, access reports with insights, and see how many products were sold through your links, etc.


Here’s a comment from a designer featured on a review website: 


“I am just starting out as a designer and looking for ways to monetize my works. I’ve been making different presentation templates for quite some time and many people have told me that they would actually buy these templates from me. That’s why I started searching for a marketplace, where I could share my works. Even though I don’t sell any products on MasterBundles yet, I’m really interested in trying it out and uploading my first products to the website. After reading other reviews online I’ve decided for sure to give it a shot and see if it works out. I’m very excited!”


Wrapping up

It’s no surprise that everyone is constantly searching for additional income, especially in design and other creative jobs, as they may not be as highly paid as engineering roles, for example. 


That’s why you should go ahead and join MasterBundles and start building up your passive income now. Even if you are an inexperienced seller, MasterBundles will help you grow and allow you to make an additional 500-1000 USD, which is incredible! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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