11 Design Tips For Successful Small Business Logo

11 Design Tips For Successful Small Business Logo

A logo design can be really important in the success or failure of your business, and you might ask why?, the answer is really easy, logos are used as a visual representation of your business telling the viewer what is your brand about and what makes it unique, is the first thing the customer will see about your brand and make a first impression.


Knowing that it’s important that you use your business logo as an introduction to your brand that connects with your target audience, but this task can be challenging at the beginning, but there are some tips that will help you build a good logo for your business, let’s see these tips.


How Important is a Logo for a Small Business

A logo design is the central piece of a brand identity design system, and it’s used as a visual representation of your brand values, message, tone, and story, as the human brain processes images way faster than words, so you should create a good logo design that tells the story of your business to connect with your customers.


And as early mentioned, your logo will be the first thing the customer will see about your business and will judge your whole business through the logo, so you want to have a good first impression and connect with the customer to give your product or services the first try, now that you know why having a good logo for your business is important, let’s see the design tips to create a successful business logo.

Understand Your Brand Identity

To create a successful logo for your small business the first step is to understand your brand and what are the traits that make you unique and different from your competitors, as logos are used to create the first impression of your brand, you want to use this first impression to connect with your customer.

That is why before start designing your business logo you should make research and learn about your business to discover your unique traits, identify what is your brand personality, brand voice, tone, who is your target audience, and more. To make this process easier, you can imagine that your business is a person, and think about how you want other people would perceive your brand as a person.

Understand Your Brand Identity Small Business Logo Tips

Avoid Niche Clichés and Boring Designs

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses made is to underestimate the power of a good logo design on their business and take the easy path to use cliché or literal elements on their logos, like using a surfboard for a surf brand, this will make your brand look boring and without personality.


Instead of relying on cliché elements that will make your business look the same as your competitors you should get creative with your business logo and use your unique traits to create a good logo that reflects your brand personality and stand out from your competitors that makes your customer get curious about your brand.

Avoid Niche Clichés and Boring Designs Small business logo tips


It’s Easy To Remember

To create a good logo for a small business that will allow your brand to grow it’s important that’s easy to remember, as the customer only will have some seconds to look at your logo, analyze it and decide if he wants to try your products or services, so avoid using too complex designs or saturated logos.

Instead, you want to keep things simple and make it easier for the customer to memorize your logo, this will help your business grow and build brand loyalty as consumers will get used to seeing your logo and relate it with your business making your brand logo memorable in the long-term.

It’s Easy To Remember small business logo tips

Create a Logo That Speaks To Your Audience

If you want to have a successful business you should know who is your target audience and speak to them through your brand identity elements, as this group of people is more likely to convert from one-time customers to loyal customers who will buy your product and support your brand through time. Alternatively, you can also choose to grow your business with NON Agency or similar marketing agencies as they have an expertise in this field.


But how you can target this group of people through your logo design? using shape psychology, font psychology, and color psychology to create a design that appeals to them, and they can feel connected with your brand using unconscious messages that they already associate with some colors, fonts, or shapes.

Create a Logo That Speaks To Your Audience Small Business Logo Tips


Learn From Big Brands

Another great tip for small businesses is to learn from big brands and see how they are doing things, it’s not a secret that brands like Nike, Adidas, or Apple are giants of their industry nowadays, but they also have a beginning, why these brands are recognized in the whole world and another no? why everybody associates the Nike Swoosh with their products and good quality?


By answering these questions you will understand the power of branding on business and what makes a good logo and what not, so you can apply the same techniques in your business logo to create a memorable logo that has meaning and will make people associate your brand with different feelings.

Learn From Big Brands Small business logo tips

Choose Wisely your Brand Colors

If you want to create a good logo for your small business you should use all tools you have, so don’t underestimate the power of color psychology in business, as most of the customer decisions are made through impulsive actions, and the color is the key factor to trigger these actions, as the consumer associate color with different feelings.

As mentioned, people have different feelings associated with color, so think about your brand identity and choose a color palette that better reflects your brand tone and personality, for example, if you want your business to be associated with an energetic brand you should use yellow on your brand color palette.

Choose Wisely your Brand Colors small business logo tips

Choose the Right Font For Your Logo

In brand identity fonts are a visual interpretation of how is your brand talking to your customers, this is called font psychology and it is used in logo design to reflect your brand tone and make it easier to connect with your target audience as some fonts will work better for different purposes.


For example, if you have a mortgage business or you are a lawyer, your customers expect trust and a serious tone, so you will better use a Serif Font to transmit these feelings, by another hand if you use a more decorative or playful font you can make your customer feel confused about your brand and will avoid to hire you, so take time to identify your brand tone and choose the most suited typeface for your business.

Font Psychology in Graphic Design Infographic


Use Symbolism to Tell Your Brand Story

Logos are a visual way to tell the story of your business but you don’t want to add tones of elements to your logo to maintain the simplicity to make it easier to memorize, so you can use symbolism to tell this story through your logo with elements that people already have feelings associated with.

This design tip is better applied on logomarks as they have a symbol to represent their business, also there are different symbols that people already know and have feelings associated with them like animal symbolism, you can use all these elements to create a business logo that reflects the feelings you want the customer to perceive of your brand.

Use Symbolism to Tell Your Brand Story small business logo tips

Don’t Rely on Design Trends

A good logo design is made to be timeless and stand out over time, think about big brands like Apple or Nike, their brand logos are recognized everywhere and over all the years they only have to tweak little details of their logos, but why do these logos are timeless and look good over years?


The answer is really simple, as we saw early a good logo needs to be simple and easy to remember, and by another hand, you can see design trends that are really cool and impressive and be tempted to use them on your brand logo, but don’t rely too much on design trends as they change every year and your logo can feel outdated really fast.

Don’t Rely on Design Trends Small business logo tips

Test Your Brand Logo in Different Media

To have a good brand identity is important that your logo is recognizable in every medium and place where is shown, so before releasing your new brand logo you should think about where you will use it and test it to check if it stays readable and looks good in those placements. 

To avoid having problems with recognizability or readability in your brand logo you should check if it will look good in printed media and digital ones like profile pictures on social media, the best thing you can do is to design a responsive logo design and have different variations of your logo that will suit different sizes and placements.

Test Your Brand Logo in Different Media small business logo tips

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

If you have read my post about why logos are important for small businesses you already know how powerful they can be for your business as they can help you grow and increase sales, and the best tip to create a good logo design for your business is to hire a professional designer with experience who will know how to implement this tips on your brand logo and help your business grow.


If you are looking to create a logo for your business that reflects your brand personality and connects with your target audience you can send me an email and start working on your business logo to create a memorable brand.

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer for your small business logo design


Conclusion + Infographic

Creating a good logo design it’s not an easy task and there is no secret formula that will ensure your brand logo will be as recognizable as Nike Swoosh or Apple’s logo, but there are some proven design tips that will help your business to create a good logo that connects with your audience.


If you want to create a memorable logo for your business and need more help you can send me an email or check my design process and start working on your business logo.

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10 logo design tips for your small business logo infographic

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How to create a Successful logo design for small business

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