9 Logo Design Trends 2023

9 Logo Design Trends in 2023 Brand and identity design inspiration

It’s been a while since brands are looking to simplify their logos into more minimalist styles, incorporate gradients into their brand color schemes, and use negative space to convey unconscious messages, and are not logo design trends anymore and are already established styles or processes.


Instead, this article is focused to analyze how logo design is evolving and seeing what new styles or art directions are appearing in brand identity from reimagining old styles like art deco or traditional symbols to new interpretations of monograms, so if you want to get inspired by these new styles let’s start with the new logo design trends in 2023.


Ornamental Monograms

In 2023 we will see an evolution in letter marks, also known as monograms, consisting of logos made up of one to three letters that usually refer to the brand’s initials. To avoid making this type of logo boring some brands will add some ornamentation to them playing with colors, shapes, contrast, and negative space.


To give this logo a more eye-catching look brands will play with different fonts, evolving some letters into shapes and also a big trend related to this one will be the use of symbols or icons in letter marks, this trend will help brands connect better with their brand systems as they will use it on their branding as a design element.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Ornamental Monograms

Layered Logos

If you saw my post about logo design trends in 2022, you might feel that this trend is already familiar to you, as in 2022 layered logos were a big trend in logo design, but in 2023 it will stay relevant as designers will get creative and this trend gives them a huge room to play and create eye-catching logos.


In 2023 layered logos will be a big trend they are usually composed of different elements connected, but at the same time they can stand alone, these elements layered creates a dynamic feeling and it’s usually effective from illustration logos, geometric shapes, and color transparency effect. This way of designing a logo is really effective for the brand identity as brands can separate the different elements of their logo and use them as branding elements.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Layered Logos

Glitch Effect

With the rise of the popular social media app Tik Tok, many brands take a look at Tik Tok’s branding and more importantly their logo as it automatically grabs the viewer’s attention with its bright color palette and glitch effect that seems futuristic and appealing to younger viewers.


This growth in popularity of Tik Tok will make many brands and new startups would want to follow the same steps, that is why in 2023 we will see more brands who want to target young audiences using glitch effects in different ways to grab the viewer attention and connect with the idea of future, this trend will be really present in companies related with music, entertainment or advertising.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Glitch Effect


Playful Line doodles

Some brands want to get perceived as playful and funny and avoid looking too serious, that is why in 2023 we will see a big trend in logo design with playful line doodles, as this style of illustration makes the viewer connect with doodles you drew in school creating this playful feeling.


This visual style will be paired with casual humor and a bright color palette to create funny and positive logos, also the simple illustration style will make it easier for the customers to memorize these types of logos as they will not include many details or decorations due to their nature.

Logo Design Trends Playful Line doodles

Traditional Designs

If you saw my post about graphic design trends 2023, traditional designs are making a comeback, and this trend is related to the modern art-deco as designers are getting inspiration from traditional designs and past styles reimagining those designs and adapting to modern days.


That is why in 2023 we will see many brands giving a twist on traditional designs using the old-school sticker layout merged with a pastel color palette or bringing back old emblems or imagery removing extra elements and simplifying these emblems to create a more minimalist version of it.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Traditional Designs

Art Deco-inspired logos

It has been already some time since we see art-deco making a comeback with a twist, and in 2023 we will see brands getting inspired by art deco fonts and shapes and adapting them to modern days and designers will get creative to reimagine and reinvent these art-deco style merging past into new.


Usually, we associate art-deco style with elegance and finesse, which is why brands who want to give this feeling will use this trend in their brand logos but they will play with letter anatomy and weight of letters to create a minimalist, elegant and modern logo.

Logo Design Trends Art Deco-inspired logos

Disappearing Letters

With the rise in popularity of motion design in logo design and color schemes with gradients, brands and logo designers are always looking for new creative ways to incorporate it into their logos, that is why in 2023 we will see more brands using disappearing letters or shapes in their logos.


This effect helps to create an eye-catching design that creates interest among the viewers, this effect can be applied as a gradient fading from the brand color to disappearing or as a part of motion design animating the logo that uses this effect. This logo design trend will be really visible in fields like gaming, entertainment, or tech.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Disappearing Letters

Controlled Chaos

The brutalist movement and anti-design style are growing each year and gaining more popularity in graphic design, as they want to break the rules of design and avoid strict and programmed visual styles, and some brands want to create to connect with the feeling of disruption and breaking the rules.


That is why in 2023 a big trend in logo design will be controlled chaos, as brands that want to connect with young, active, and progressive audiences will reflect it into their brand logos by relocating letters, asymmetric shapes, unusual forms, experimental shapes, and chaotic letter placement to create a logo design that relates with this disruptive feeling and grabs the viewer attention as these logos stand out from the crowd as they don’t follow design rules.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Controlled Chaos

Distorted Geometry

The use of geometry in logo design is not a new thing, as it makes for a brand really easy to transmit different feelings using shape psychology, and usually, we associate geometry logos with rigid shapes and calculated silhouettes using grids, but in 2023 we will see a change on this as designers will get creative with geometry and break rules.


In 2023 a big logo design trend will be the use of distorted geometry in brand logos breaking, twisting, and cutting these rigid geometric silhouettes, designers will get inspired by organic shapes that are more unpredictable and they will translate them into geometric patterns and shapes.

Logo Design Trends 2023 Distorted Geometry



As a graphic designer, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends. However, it’s important to remember that trends come and go, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of relying too heavily on them. While it’s tempting to incorporate the latest design trends into your work, it’s crucial to ensure that your design choices align with your client’s brand and values.


In the ever-evolving world of design, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding the latest trends. But when it comes to creating a lasting brand identity, relying solely on design trends can do more harm than good. Instead, focus on developing a unique and timeless design that effectively communicates your client’s message.


Don’t get me wrong, incorporating design trends into your work can be a great way to stay relevant and appeal to modern audiences. However, it’s crucial to approach design trends with caution and not let them overshadow the core principles of design.

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