How To Create Timeless Logo Design

How To Design Timeless Logo Design Guide

Branding is an important part of every company, being a logo design a key part of it and the central element from where all the brand design system is built. Brand logos have the function to make your company recognizable to the audience and help you differentiate from your competitors.


Some time ago I made a post talking about what makes a good logo design, which you can read here, one of the principles I talk about was to create timeless logos that help your brand stay relevant through years, on this post I will show you how to create a timeless logo for your brand.


Plan and research

Before you start thinking about designing your brand logo the first step and the most important part of the logo design process is the planning and research, to design a timeless logo design you should know what is your value proposition, what makes your brand unique, and who is your target audience.


To know these details you should research and study your competitors and know your target audience traits to create a logo design that will connect with them and differentiate your brand from the others.


Once you have made this research you should plan your logo, and I’m not talking about design, you need to identify your brand voice, brand image, and brand story that later you will transmit through your logo, at the same time you can create a color palette that connects with your audience using color psychology.

Plan and Research How To Design Timeless Logo

Find Inspiration Outside

If you have read my post about the best websites for graphic design inspiration you already know that the internet is a great place to look for design ideas and help you create a moodboard for your future brand logo, but sometimes it’s better to go outside places like Dribble, Instagram or Pinterest and find different sources of inspiration.


When you are many hours in front of the computer sometimes can be hard to be creative and have fresh ideas, that is why to find the inspiration you should go outside and take a walk through your city and get inspired by architecture, nature or visit places like museums to find different types of inspiration and fresh ideas.

Find Inspiration To Make a Timeless Logo Design

Tell A Story Through Your Brand Logo

Think about your brand logo design how a story, what is the story you want to tell your clients through your logo?, people connect colors, shapes, and fonts with some feelings and attributes that you can use in your logo with visual elements, shape psychology and color psychology to transmit these ideas to your customers through a visual story.


Apart from this story, you need to transmit your brand personality and identity through your logo to connect with your clients and make them feel attracted by your brand. To be able to tell a story through your logo design you should answer these questions.


  • What makes your brand unique and different from your competitors?
  • Who is your target audience you want to connect to?
  • What feelings do you want to transmit with your logo?
  • How you would describe your brand to another person?
  • Think about your brand as it is a person, who would be that person?
  • What is the backstory of your brand?


Once you have answered all these questions the next step is to connect your answer with visual elements as images or designs, you can find inspiration from the internet (read best websites for graphic design inspiration) or as I mentioned early find it in your city when you have all these images you will ready to start building your timeless logo design.

Tell A Story Through Your Timeless Brand Logo


Keep Things Simple

Graphic design trends are temporal and some of them can stay for longer but in most cases, they will disappear in some time, this is important to take care of, as timeless logos don’t follow these trends, they are made from 0 and the objective is to stay relevant through years.


Using design trends can be appealing to use in your logo as they look beautiful and fresh, but for the long term it won’t help you to create a timeless logo, that is why the best option for it is to keep things simple and straightforward, by reducing the number of elements in your logo it will be easier to memorize it, use the minimalist graphic design principles to create your brand logo.

Keep Things Simple for timeless logo design

Make a Responsive Logo Design

Nowadays there are plenty of places to place your logo, through printed assets like business cards, posters, or corporate stationery and through digital platforms like social media avatars, posts, or video content, this is important to know when you design your timeless logo and have different versions of it to make sure it will look good in every environment.


To create a timeless logo it should be responsive and versatile, easy to adapt to all platforms that is why you should have different variations of it, horizontal, icon, wordmark, vertical, and one color are the basic variations your logo should have.

Make a Responsive Logo Design For Timeless brand logo


Make Sure Your Logo Will Last For a Long Time

Remember what I said about graphic design trends before?, you should avoid them if you want to create a timeless logo, as if you use a trend in your design you will be forced to redesign your logo every few years because that design trend gets obsoleted.


Think about brands like Apple or Coca-Cola and look at their brand logos, it has been the same through many years just changing little details after multiple decades but maintaining the same essence, that is the goal for a timeless logo.


Talking about brand logos that will stay relevant through years it’s important to have in mind that the first impression matters and people only need 5 seconds to memorize your logo and form an opinion about it, use it to your advantage and create a brand logo that transmits your brand values and story.

How To Make a Timeless Brand Logo Design


Conclusion and Infographic

To end this post I want to remark what is the logo design function and the primary function is to show your customers what is your brand about, your brand personality, how it will interact with them, and what makes you unique, knowing that it will be easier for graphic designers to create timeless logos, working on that feelings, story and personality to build a logo that reflects the essence of your brand.


Don’t forget that once you have finished your brand logo to ask you these questions.


  • Is your logo look interesting and professional?
  • It’s easy to remember?
  • Does it show your brand message and story?
  • It will look good for every marketing medium?
  • It will look good and fresh for years?
  • Does it reflect your brand personality?


If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, congratulations, you have made a timeless logo design.


Hope you find this post useful and learn how to build a timeless logo design that will stay relevant through the years, and if you want to learn more about logo design, you should read these other posts.

How To Make a Timeles Logo Design Infographic

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