Top 8 UI/UX Design Trends in 2021

Top 8 UI UX Design Trends in 2021

UI/UX Design consists of giving the user a unique experience will using an app or website and many times good UI/UX design goes unnoticed thanks to creating intuitive and smooth experiences, but in this post we will see some big UI/UX design trends that will be in 2021.


Every year UI/UX design is getting bigger and more creative thanks to the technological developments giving the designers new techniques and opportunities to create unique experiences for the user, so let’s see the TOP 8 UI/UX Trends for 2021 that will explore these new possibilities.


Advanced Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions in UI/UX Design consist of a page response when the uses take an action in the website as for example clicking on a button, in 2021 we will see UI designers get creative with these micro-interactions to create a satisfying feeling to the user while he is in the website.


These interactions are not new in 2021, but thanks to the advances in UI/UX design and the experimentation of designers these animations will be more creative and the main point of using them will be to connect with the user with dazzling and creative responses of the website to users interaction.

Advanced Micro Interactions UI UX Design Trend 2021


Glassmorphism is a graphic design technique that consists on create a shape using a background blur creating the illusion of glass, and this technique can be used in different ways which graphic designers will experiment during 2021 to create clean and modern UI design projects.


Glasmorphism technique will be a huge UI/UX Trend in 2021 as it a really good looking effect and makes your design project look clean and minimalist style that will be a huge trend in 2021, the glassmorphism technique will be used in different ways but the most popular form of it is to mix it with vivid color gradients.

Glassmorphism UI UX Design Trend 2021



In 2021 we will see a big UI/UX trend on escapism websites creating unique user’s journeys through virtual vacation websites. UI/UX Designers will get more creative in 2021 to transport the user to exotic locations and giving them the wanderlust feeling by creating layouts that offer you an escapism feeling.


Some key elements of this UI/UX design trends are the minimalist style that we will see later in this post, giving the spotlight to images as they will be the element that will transport the user in these experience mixed with organic color schemes, gallery-laden scrolling sites and oversized hero images accompanied with a layered and creative copy to create a unique travel experience using the website.

Escapism UI UX Design Trend 2021

Vivid Color Schemes

As we saw in my post about graphic design trends in 2021, this year will be a big year for colorful and vivid color schemes in graphic design and UI Design, and using color psychology graphic designers will use it to transmit an energetic and magical feel to the viewer by using color as a key element of the design.


This UI design trend will be used in different ways and mixed with different graphic design elements as early mentioned glass morphism, but we will see this trend really powerful on the use of a creative color gradient in websites and in some cases playing with blur and grain to create a modern and fresh look.

Vivid Color Schemes UI UX Design Trend 2021

Brand Transparency

Good UI/UX Design consists of giving the user what he is looking for without them needing to ask about it, making it easy for the viewer to find menus or buttons across the website, at the same time UX is getting more involved in showing what is the brand about through the website showing the viewer the brand’s ethics and brand value.


That is why in 2021 one big UI/UX Design trend will consist in brand transparency showing the viewer how their products are made by highlighting that the materials used for it are sustainable at the same time that these brand will show customers experiences with their products or services to show transparent policies.

Brand Transparency UI UX Design Trend 2021


Big Typography

During the last year, we already can spot some graphic designers start using big and bold typefaces in UI Design and Graphic Design, and with new creative typography designers experimenting with fonts we will see in 2021 a big trend on using big typography on UI Design and in some cases it will be the main element of the website.


As we saw in my post about graphic design trends for 2021, this year we will see many graphic designers using typography chaos style as the main part of their UI design project, also we will see this UI/UX Design Trend using a brutalist design style to create a deconstruction feeling.

Big Typography UI UX Design Trend 2021


One graphic design style that always will look good due to its nature is Minimalism, due to its simplicity of it and search for functionality minimalist design style is always looking clean and functional, that is why in 2021 there will be a big design trend in UI/UX to use this type of design to create simple and eye-pleasing UI.


Minimalist UI design will help to create a clean design and focus the viewer’s attention on products or the really important content giving the viewer directly the information he is looking for without extra elements.

Minimalism UI UX Design Trend 2021


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality exists for some years now, but thanks to the evolution of technology, specially smartphones and their cameras opens a huge amount of possibilities for UI designers to use it as a key element to designing apps centered on augmented reality giving the user a unique experience where the world is part of it.


These technological advances made that augmented reality will be a huge UI/UX design trend in 2021 and we will see it used in different ways as museum tours, nature walks, or help the user to find property rentals by only using his camera, this trend will be used alongside 3D Pathing and dynamic labels to give the user a smooth and clean experience.

Augmented Reality UI UX Design Trend 2021



Hope you find this post useful and get a huge amount of UI/UX Design inspiration for your next project and play and experiment with these design trends to create unique experiences for the users.


On the list, I talked about 8 trends that will be really important in design for 2021 but we will see new trends appearing during this year or already established UI/UX techniques evolving as personalized experiences or individual learning.

Top 8 UI UX Design Trends in 2021 Infographic

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