10 Logo Design Trends for 2021

10 Logo Design Trends for 2021 Graphic Design Inspiration

Logo design is a crucial part of any brand, as they represent what is your business about, and with graphic design techniques evolving and with a new year full of fresh ideas I made this post to show you the new logo design trends for 2021 and how logo design will look this year.


Perspective Drawing

Minimalism and simplification in logo design are a key factor to make it easier to memorize your brand logo easier by reducing the number of elements to look at, in 2021 this way of designing will stay strong but with some changes, as designers will avoid oversimplification and will look to add some magic to their designs.


That is why 2021 will be a huge year for perspective drawing in logo design as they will maintain the minimalist style at the same time that they will add subtle perspective angles to make their brand logo unique and interesting, graphic designers will use different techniques as linear perspective, curvature or foreshortening to create visual illusions without adding too much elements to the design.

Minimalism and Simplification

One of the key elements of a good logo design is to make it memorable and simple to help the viewer to easily memorize it by reducing the number of elements of a logo design, that is why during 2021 we will see a big amount of companies rebranding their logo design to a more simplified version by reducing useless elements of their logo.


In 2021 there will be also a big design trend by using minimalist logo designs as if they are well done they can represent the brand values at the same time that they convey the essential message of their logo using simple elements making it easier to use in different platforms and helps the viewer to memorize their logo faster.

Logo Design Trends 2021 Simplification Nissan Rebrand
Logo Design Trends 2021 Simplification Intel Rebrand

Intel Logo


Simple Geometry

In graphic design shapes have meaning and are used to communicate different feelings at the same time that they work as building blocks for any image, the primitive shapes as triangles, squares, and circles will be a huge trend in 2021 as the power of these shapes is the simplicity.


2021 will be a big year for minimalist logo design and graphic designers will take advantage of the simplicity of primitive shapes to create clean and minimalist logo designs using simple lines and shapes, this will allow designers to focus more on saturated colors for their brand logo.

Divergent Letters and Disappearing letters

For many years typeface-based logo design has been seen as boring or straightforward, but typography design has been evolving and many graphic designers want to experiment with typography creating creative and modern typefaces creating a unique feeling to logo design by experimenting with fonts.


That is why in 2021 we will see much more logo design using divergent letters to create an exaggeration of one letter in a wordmark logo to make it more noticeable for the viewer and making the logo more memorable, regarding typography-based logo design we also will see them incorporate disappearing letters using fading colors or negative space.

Modernized Symbolism

As we saw in my article about graphic design trends 2021 will be a huge year for symbol revival, and if we are talking about logo design trends then we can see modernized symbolism during this year as logos have their roots in the old symbols and as it happens with hieroglyphs and pictograms the main purpose of a good logo design is to communicate messages through simplified iconography. 


Commonly graphic designers were trying to create a unique symbolic language for their logos but in 2021 there will be a change in that and designers will use the associated messages of ancient symbols and relate these feelings with new brands and charge their logo design with classical virtues and feelings.



Gradients are a smooth transition from one shade of the same color to another, there is a while that color gradients are trendy in graphic design and it’s not a surprise as with them there a plenty of options we can play to create amazing logo design or graphic design projects with unique color schemes.


2021 will not be an exception as during this year gradients in logo design will be a huge trend and you will see a lot of brands incorporating these design techniques to their brand logos to create a dynamic, energetic, and modern feel to their logos.

Negative Space

As we saw early in this post, 2021 will be a huge year for minimalist logo designs and rebranding projects looking to simplify current logos, one of the key elements of minimalist graphic design is the use of negative space or blank space in your design project to make your logo look modern and clean.


One of the key points in minimalism is to reduce the number of design elements if your project and only stay with fundamentals, that is why graphic designers will use negative space as a graphic design element to create hidden shapes or letters inside their logo to convey the brand message.

Logo Design Trends 2021 Negative Space Moka Logo

Moka Logo

Logo Design Trends 2021 Negative Space Fedex Logo

FedEx Logo


Artistic Chaos

2021 will be a year to break the rules and if we are talking about logo design this means that graphic designers will be allowed to experiment with shapes and letters to showcase their creativity in a memorable and unique logo design.


One of the biggest trends in 2021 will be artistic chaos in logo design where designers will have no rules to design a brand logo, but it’s important that the logo remains easy-to-read to help the viewer to memorize your brand.

Nature Inspired Logo Design

As we saw in my post about graphic design trends for 2021, nature will be a big element this year for graphic designers, and it also will be a huge trend in 2021 for logo design. and you will see many brands using nature-inspired elements in their logos to transmit a sense of harmony and calm.


Nature elements in graphic design are a great way to transmit feelings of fresh air, sense of growth and new beginnings, and those brand who wants to be associated with these feelings will use natural elements in their brand logo.

Wordmark Logo Design

As we saw early in this post, graphic designers are getting more creative and inventive with typography design and this will be reflected in logo design, these new creative ideas will affect directly to this trends, as 2021 will be a big year for wordmark logo design, and many brands will use only their brand name as a logo with stylized fonts.


Wordmark logo designs are a great way to connect with your audience and make them easy to memorize your brand name as it is your logo, with creative typography techniques, negative space, and innovative fonts we will see more brand using this type of logos.



I hope you find this post useful and discover logo design inspiration for your next branding project or an opportunity to rebrand your company with fresh ideas or revitalize it with a minimalist look and if you want to know what are the qualities every logo design should have you should read this post about what makes a good logo design or you can read these articles about graphic design trends in 2021.

Logo Design Trends For 2021 Graphic Design Guide

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