10 Font and Typography Design Trends in 2021

TOP 10 Typography Design and Font Trends in 2021

Typography and fonts are a key element for graphic design and brand and identity design, as they can transmit feelings to the viewer at the same time that gives your text a tone which the viewer read it. 2021 will be a year where we will see some trends making a comeback and new ones appearing.


Graphic designers know the importance of a good choice of font style and how typography can affect your design, and this year typography designers will be more experimental and creative in the font choice for websites, poster design, and branding elements, so if you want to take some typographic inspiration for this year let’s see the TOP 10 design trends for typography in 2021.


Distorted Fonts

As we saw in my post about graphic design trends for 2021, one of the biggest trend this year is typography chaos in graphic design, and that is why in 2021 we will see a lot of graphic designers use distorted fonts on their design projects, as it will be a huge design trend for 2021.


When talking about distorted fonts, there aren’t any rules, as you can stretch, twist, contour, or squash typography without any limit and be experimental with typography, this trend will have a huge relation with brutalist design style and for brands that want to be associated with alternative and independent feelings distorted fonts are a great option.

Distorted Fonts Typography Design Trends 2021

Retro Serifs

During the last year, we have seen retro serifs making a comeback, usually influenced by 1970s styles used in poster design and TV titling, the use of retro serifs will be a huge trend during 2021 and we will see many brands using this type of fonts for their brand and identity design.


This retro serif as the name suggests will have a lot of influence on retro design styles and they will be bold and have curvy contours creating a minimalistic style that will be used for a typographic logo design for brands that want to be associated with warm feelings and new age.

Retro Serif Fonts Typography Design Trends 2021


Alternating Baselines

2021 will be a year of experimentation for graphic designers and with this typographic trend, we will see designers get creative with cap letters going outside the box and create more visually interesting design ideas by modifying the intensity or thickness of the letters to create more interesting typography design.


This trend will be significant for titles and brand logo design based on typography as usually cap letters tended to grab the viewer attention but form a boxy shape, in 2021 this will change as typographic designers will use cap letters but they will alternate the baselines of them to create creative typographic ideas maintaining the emphasis on it.

Alternating Baselines Typography Design Trends 2021

Kinetic Type

Kinetic typography is a graphic design resource used for many years and one memorable moment of it was when iconic graphic designer Saul Used used this technique for Alfred Hitchcock movies Vertigo and North by Northwest to animate the title sequence for cinema.


But nowadays graphic designers are experimenting with kinetic typography to reduce the bounce rate on websites and to animate video content, and it’s not a surprise that 2021 kinetic type will be a huge trend in typography and font design, as designers will get more creative with this technique to create strong narratives for brands and products.

Kinetic Type Typography Design Trends 2021


Svelte Serif Fonts

As we saw early on this post, serif fonts are back in trend, and we will see retro-inspired serif fonts, but we also will see a comeback of svelte serif fonts as they will be a huge typographic trend in 2021, and it’s not a surprise as I mention on my post about font psychology this type of fonts are usually associated with elegance.


These classical serif fonts will have slim and bold elements on them creating an elegant typography composition, this trend will be used in logo design for lettermarks for brands that want to give an elegant feeling at the same time that you will see svelte serif fonts used for web design and other graphic design projects usually mixed with minimalist and modern design style to create a clean and elegant design layout.

Svelte Serif Fonts Typography Design Trends 2021

Outline Fonts

We have seen the outline font trend already been used during 2020, but in 2021 outline fonts will be a big thing on typography design as they give you a lot of room to play and experiment creating powerful design composition using transparency and merging the font with other elements of your design layout.


We will see the outline fonts trend usually used in bold San Serif or Serif bold fonts to create a powerful feeling, this trend also will be used mixed with fonts without transparency to create contrast with a modern style to focus the viewer attention to some key part of the text.

Outline Fonts Typography Design Trends 2021


Evolved Brutalism

During the past year we have seen many brands and graphic designers using the brutalist style on their brand identity and poster design projects, and during 2021 brutalism will be a huge trend in typography design, but this design style will evolve into a softer version more visually harmonious.


This design trend will be really important for brands that wants to give disruptive feeling with new ideas that want to change the perception of their sector differentiating from their competitors, and you will see this typographic trend usually used in web design and poster designer.

Evolved Brutalism Typography Design Trends 2021

Standout Letters

As we saw on Logo Design Trends for 2021 divergent Letters and Disappearing Letters will be a huge trend this year and this also can be applied to typography design with the standout letters trend, as usually fonts have been used in uniform style to give more readability this will change in 2021.


Graphic designers will be more creative in 2021 in the use of fonts and they will play with some letters of the typographic design to stand out from the rest giving a more visually interesting composition but at the same time they will not forget about readability, this will create a focal point for the viewer in these letters.

Standout Letters Typography Design Trends 2021


Solid Shadows

One big typography and font design trend in 2021 will be the use of solid shadow in typography, to create third dimension designs that can give you the impression that the letters are flying.


This typographic design trend usually will be paired with the use of bright color schemes and used in hand-lettering design projects to give you a feeling of lightness and optimism and grabbing the viewer’s attention with the creative use of fonts and bright colors.

Solid Shadows Typography Design Trends 2021

Text Layering With Other Design Elements

In 2021 text layering with other design elements and text blending with images will be a huge typographic and font design trends this year, and it’s not a surprise as this design technique has a really cool look, and many brands and graphic designers know it, that is why we will see more websites and brand merging the text with other elements as images or illustrations.


This design trend will help brand and graphic designers to create more immersive storytelling with their designs as the text will blend with the images creating a complete connection with what you are reading and what you see especially for text-image blending design where both elements merge to become one.

Text Layering With Design Elements Typography Design Trends 2021



2021 will be a year of experimentation where graphic designers will explore their creativity on typography and I hope you find this post useful and get typography design inspiration for your next project, and if you want to know more about fonts and how to choose the best one for your design, you can read my post about font psychology, or if you want to take a look on other design trends you can check my post about graphic design trends for 2021.

Typography Design Trends 2021 Infographic

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