Create a Video Marketing Strategy with Easy Steps

Create a Video Marketing Strategy with Easy Steps

In this fast-paced world, the internet has the upper hand. The best way to interact with your client or audience over the internet is by creating videos. The audience may forget about your company if they read it in an article, but they won’t forget if they see a video.


So how do you launch a video to promote your products and get more engagement and results? Read on to find out!


7 Easy Steps to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Strive For Set Goals

At the beginning of any new marketing strategy, you need to set goals; What do you want your promo videos to accomplish?


If you are new to this, we recommend getting help with Shout digital marketing in Melbourne for creating only a few objectives, so you stay calm. Creating a campaign that aligns with your goals is necessary. It must try and target those audiences with which the content of the video must resonate.


A good video with no one to watch is fruitless. The goals must be distinct, like creating awareness, sales-driven or traffic generation, etc. Gathering insight into your potential customers is also an important task.

Increase Your Brand Engagement

Consistency in digital branding is a must, irrespective of the nature of the videos. You can make well-scripted and planned videos or go live streaming.


Viewers should know what your brand is. The brand showcases your core values and builds trust with your target audience.

video marketing tips Increase Your Brand Engagement

Let Your Content Put The Messages Across

Creating videos and sending a clear message is very crucial. Viewers must understand the messages clearly while being amazed by the content of the video. The content must be original, and the frequency of the videos must be persistent and cater to what the audience resonates with.


Diversifying the contents of the videos will help retain the viewers; there are many ways to diversify the types of videos you might make for your audience. Such as:


  • Educational videos
  • Entertaining or humorous videos
  • Practical or how-to videos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Tips and tricks videos
  • Interview videos
  • Recorded webinar videos
  • Product explainer videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Case study videos
video marketing tips Let Your Content Put The Messages Across


Budgeting Is Key

Most marketing strategists often think that investing a lot of money in making a video promo might directly achieve their goals or grant them huge success.


Unfortunately, this is not the case, and spending less money on making a video promo might also hurt your brand.


If your target audience is millennials, short videos might be more productive and would not require; a large amount of money for video production. These short videos can be trendy on various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


But if you have a big budget for videos, consider making videos and hiring some celebrities. This method can strategically give you some boost.

Content Outlining Is Crucial



The first and foremost task is writing down all the talking points and maintaining time. A script is the blueprint of the video. All that is to be shown in the video is to be written down first and then recorded accordingly.

The content of the scripts should be simple yet distinct. A good script will help shape the video.


Shoot location


The background of the video determines the amount of work required after recording the video. If the place is inside a studio with green screens, the editing work starts to build, but the conveyance cost reduces.


This mostly depends on the content of the video that you are creating. For example, if you want to shoot a video to promote a car, it can be recorded on the road, but if it is a T-Shirt, it can be inside a studio.


Audio Quality


The audio quality of the video plays an essential role in its success of the video. The better the quality and clear the sound, the more captivating it is to the viewer.


No one wants to watch a video with static noise. Video editing platforms can help fix your videos and make them more intriguing for the viewers.




Uploading your video on various social platforms at any given time can affect the number of viewers. The viewers might expect your videos to be uploaded regularly, within a week or a month. Uploading videos consistently can help you grow.


Influencer MarketingHub stated that engagement on YouTube is at the highest level from Fridays to Sundays and Wednesdays.

video marketing tips Content Outlining Is Crucial

Optimizing and Targeting Channel

Optimized video promo gets the maximum engagement from the campaigns. This can be done by keeping the title short and crisp and keeping the length of the video from 3 to 5 minutes, inserting organic backlinks to your videos, etc.


An example, uploading a video on YouTube requires a catchy title and description. Videos uploaded on YouTube must include CTAs (Call-To-Action), which could persuade the viewers to engage as much as possible.


CTAs can be as follows:

  • Ask the viewers questions they can answer in the comments.
  • Ask the viewers their opinion about the video and to like and share the video.
  • Ask the viewers to follow your brand on other social media platforms.
  • Ask for feedback.


Fun Fact – A view on YouTube is taken into account after 30 seconds, and a view on Facebook and Instagram is taken into account after 3 seconds.

Analyze Metrics

Now that you have successfully uploaded a great video and have enough views, it is time to analyze the metrics. You need to see the statistics to know how your promo videos have performed.


Each platform has native analytics that will tell you how your video content performed. Analyze these metrics and check if they match your goals or not.


If your goal was brand awareness, then the metrics should show an increase in the number of impressions. If your goal was to generate traffic, then the metrics should show an increase in CTR (Click Through Rate).


Remember that audiences will even watch your older videos. With the right combination of keywords and an evergreen topic, a three-year-old video is still relevant to your users today.

video marketing tips Analyze Metrics


The End Note

The immense benefits of video marketing strategy allow all kinds of organizations to use it. This form for inbound marketing is not only captivating and intriguing but also helps in growth. Video marketing strategy aids businesses of all sizes in engaging with their existing customers and potential customers.


So now you know what the steps are, follow them to achieve all your campaign goals and grow your company!

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best tips to create a video marketing strategy

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