How to Create a Unique Brand Identity

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity step-by-step guide

Do you want your business to enter the market and instantly get recognition and captivate consumers’ attention? Nothing can help you more than a strong brand identity.

Having a solid brand identity can be a game-changer for your brand. Whether launching a new brand, wanting to enter a new market, or fostering brand loyalty, you need to work on your brand identity. As a result, you can set your brand apart from your competitors.


However, many don’t know what brand identity is and how it can build a unique one. They waste their time and efforts and gain nothing in return. If you want to create a strong brand identity and leave a lasting impression on consumers, you are in the right place.


This article will answer your questions about brand identity and help you know how you can create it with ease. So, let’s start!


What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a set of multiple elements that collectively participate in building a brand image. The most common brand identity elements are brand name, tagline, logo, colour palate, design, typography, brand voice, etc.


The primary goal of brand identity is to distinguish a brand from its competitors and build brand loyalty. It is one of the most crucial elements for all types of brands, regardless of their size, locality, and industry.


Brands that successfully build a great identity save much of their marketing and advertising budget as their loyal consumers become their brand ambassadors. 


Moreover, they frequently get returning customers, which significantly helps them frequently generate sales and profits.

what is brand identity and how to build an unique one


Why Building a Unique Brand Identity is Important?

Here comes our next question! Everyone agrees that brand identity is essential. Have you ever wondered why it is important? What will happen if you don’t build a unique brand identity? Here is the answer!


Having a solid brand identity is important because;

  • It distinguishes the brand from competitors
  • It helps build trust and loyalty
  • It builds an emotional connection between the brand and its audience
  • It helps in marketing and advertising
  • It assists in getting more recognition in the targeted markets
  • It aids in brand expansion


If a brand doesn’t have a solid identity, it won’t be able to build a connection, enjoy returning customers, or reach new heights. Moreover, it will have to spend a lot on advertising and marketing to get attention and generate leads.


Due to all these reasons, most marketers prefer investing time and money in building a brand identity. Once they build it, the rest of the work becomes much easier. But building an identity isn’t easy at all. It takes time, research, planning, expertise, and consistency. Together all these things can build an identity that pays off.

why building a unique brand identity is important


How to Build a Unique Brand Identity?

You need a strategic approach to build a promising and excellent brand identity. This approach can help you effectively communicate your message to the audience. 


Otherwise, you may not achieve your targeted goals.


Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a brand identity!

how to build a unique brand identity infographic

1. Identify and Research Your Audience

Identifying and researching the audience should always be the first step in building brand identity. The sole purpose of brand identity is to attract an audience and build a solid connection with them. So, you must know them first before anything else.


You should know about their value system, needs, preferences, demographics, and even intellectual level. All these things can help you at every step in brand building. If you ignore them and do whatever you want, you may get a similar response from their side.


So, first of all, identify who your targeted audience is and what is the common element between them. After that, spend some time getting to know them. For that purpose, you can conduct online surveys, start opinion polls, initiate a healthy debate, or use any other feasible method.


This practice can help you design a brand identity that resonates with their interests, pain points, and needs. Consequently, you will get a great response from your targeted audience.

identity your target audience to create an unique brand identity

2. Locate and Analyze Your Competitors

Once you know your audience, the next step is to find your competitors. Identify a few competitors already operating in the same market and targeting the same audience. If you are launching a new brand, you should deeply analyze your competitors to learn about their strengths, weaknesses, and unique value propositions.


Moreover, you should also analyze their message, visuals, marketing strategy, quality of their products, and reviews. Apart from local competitors, it can help if you also analyze other national and international brands. It can support you in understanding the overall niche and consumer behaviour. 


Additionally, it can provide many unique ideas that can assist you in creating a great branding strategy.


Analyzing competitors can help you discover what kind of designs, messages, and content attracts your audience and how to capture their attention and make a place for yourself. 

how to analyze your competitors

3. Find Your Unique Value

After analyzing your competitors, now is the time to focus on your brand. Now you have a broader perspective, more ideas, and enough industry knowledge that can benefit you in analyzing the brand that you are going to build.


It can help if you start with finding your unique value propositions. Every brand has some unique values that make it distinct from the crowd. For example, if we talk about clothing brands, some are known for class, some only focus on affordability, some are popular for comfort, and so on.


Identify the unique value you have to offer to your audience. If you already know it. 

That’s good. Otherwise, take some time and analyze your unique values. Remember, don’t go on to the next step until you know your unique value propositions.

4 steps to define your brand identity

4. Brainstorm Brand Name and Slogan

Here comes the most exciting step. However, brand name and slogan are crucial elements in brand identity. That’s why you must not randomly pick any name or slogan. Instead, analyze multiple things while selecting the brand name and message. The names and messages or slogans leave a more substantial impact on the audience. So, be careful about them.


Try to choose a name that reflects the brand values or industry and is easy to spell and pronounce. If you choose a complex and tricky name, the audience may need to remember your brand name and be able to connect with it. Moreover, the name should be small and attractive, which omits positive vibes.


When it comes to slogans, they should also be easy to remember with a strong message. Like “Just Do It,” it has fewer characters in the slogan than many companies’ full names. Yet, the slogan is compelling and perfectly represents Nike’s values.

5. Design Brand Logos

When it comes to branding, nothing is more important than the brand logo. It is considered as the visual representation of a brand. Your brand logo can make or break your brand identity. That’s why you must be extra cautious when designing logos. 


Before designing logos, you must explore all the logotypes and choose the one that perfectly resonates with your brand values and message. Moreover, you should also be careful about the colour palate, as the colours must complement the design. 


Apart from that, you learn about colour psychology to avoid leaving negative vibes.

Plus, you must maintain the logo design. To get a better idea about your brand logo, you must check out some of the best logos worldwide and analyze why they are considered great. For example, you can check Amazon’s logo, which reflects its top quality. The arrow from A to Z indicates it has everything you want. Similarly, Nike’s logo represents its simplicity and motion.


If you have enough knowledge about logo design, you can create your brand logo yourself. An online logo maker can assist you in creating a striking logo within a few moments. Those logo creators offer royalty-free and unique templates, editing utilities, and tools to assist designers in quickly creating logos. 


So, utilize them, your creativity, and your aesthetic sense to give shape to your thoughts.


However, if you don’t want to create them yourself, hire professional logo designers and communicate everything you want. 


Whether you build yourself with the help of an online logo maker or hire professional logo makers, you must not compromise on anything, including logotype, design, quality, etc. Otherwise, you may need help to build a solid brand identity.

Logo design tips for unique brand identity

6. Gather Feedback

Once everything is done correctly, now is the time to get a second opinion on your work. Usually, many brands don’t get second opinions and start brand promotion without fine-tuning their brand identity-building strategy. It can help if you avoid this mistake.


To get feedback, you can send everything to your business partners, internal or external audiences, or industry experts. They can suggest if you need to make some changes to your branding strategy or if it is ready to rock.

how to build a unique brand identity infographic


Congratulations on gaining valuable insights into the process of building a unique brand identity. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you have the knowledge and tools to create a brand identity that resonates with your audience and sets your brand apart.


And if you want to learn more about the process behind creating a Brand Identity, you can check these other posts that will help you master your skills.


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How to Create a Unique Brand Identity step-by-step guide

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